Henry Harper Boggs

Let me start by saying this blog might become known as the Everyday Henry blog, because I can’t stop taking pictures of this little guy!  🙂  Henry Harper Boggs is finally here!  And this is his birth story…  (and sorry, it ain’t short!)

We had our 39 week appointment on Thursday May 7.  I was still showing 2cm dilation and about the same effacement as I’d been the previous 2 weeks.  We had talked about stripping my membranes (although my mom was hesitant because my youngest sister graduated from college on Sunday May 10, and she was paranoid that we’d go into labor over the weekend).  So on one hand I was hesitant to strip my membranes, but on the other hand I was so ready to meet our little boy soon.  Well, it turned out, his head was too far down and posterior for our doctor to be able to strip our membranes. So we couldn’t do it anyways.  We ended up setting an induction date for the following Friday (May 15).  So unless Henry arrived on his own, he’d have to come on the 15th 🙂

Friday evening (May 8), we all had dinner with the Boggs’ family at Callen and Houston’s new house. We ordered pizza and sat out in their back yard all evening.  The kids enjoyed a slip and slide and all our dogs ran around all night.  It was the perfect Friday night to kickoff the summertime.  They kept asking me how I felt and I would say “I feel great, too great!”  Cause I did. I kept thinking this dude is just gonna take his sweet time.

May 8

Around 3am Saturday morning May 9th, I got up to pee, as per my usual routine.  I crawled back in bed and started feeling some cramps. They were coming and going, which was new. I’ve never felt any Braxton Hick’s contractions during this pregnancy, so to be able to actually time something was new.  With one contraction, I felt some fluid leak and jumped up to the bathroom.  I wasn’t convinced though because it was a pretty small amount.  I got back in bed and after a few more contractions, I felt another leak but this time I didn’t make it to the toilet.  And as I wiped up the puddle I had just created on the floor, I turned on the light and hollered Greg’s name and told him I was pretty sure that was for real!  The few contractions I had tracked on my phone had been ranging 7-10 mins apart.  I called the hospital to see if I still needed to wait for them to be 2-3 mins apart (which is what they had told me a few weeks ago) or if I should come on in since I was pretty sure my water had broken. They advised me to come on in.  I decided to shower first. Greg gathered our things and made us some scrambled eggs.  By 4:30am we were walking out the door to the hospital. At this point my contractions were getting closer. I kept stopping in the hallway while I was getting ready or as we were gathering our things. Greg even noticed they were coming closer at this point.

May 9- Henry Harper (118) May 9- Henry Harper (117)

We got to the hospital, and it wasn’t until then that I was convinced this was the real deal. My contractions were starting to get more and more uncomfortable, and I’d continued to leak water the more I moved.  I got hooked up to the monitors and my contractions were 2-3 mins apart and I was 4cm dilated, so they admitted me and wheeled me down to the labor and delivery unit.  Once in L&D, the pain of contractions was really starting to kick in. I asked if I could get the epidural yet and luckily I could.  The anesthesiologist came and started my epidural around 0630.  When he did it he told me it technically wasn’t in the epidural space but in the intrathecal space.  Now I don’t know these specifics, but I do know it took forever for the epidural to kick in.  I was in pretty awful pain with the contractions until about 0830. He kept coming back and giving me additional boluses of sedation until finally I was unable to feel the contractions.  I just remember keeping my eyes closed, and not being able to control the moans and groans with each contraction.  I kept gripping the side-rails and burying my head into the sheets and pillows. Greg just held my hand and stayed by my side.  He was great.

Our family started arriving and Greg just made sure everyone waited until my pain was under control before they started coming into our room.  Once I was comfortable, it was a totally different experience. I was able to sit up and talk and laugh and enjoy everyone’s conversations.  I even asked the nurse if I was still having contractions just to make sure, and of course I was.  Thank you for epidurals!  My family and Greg’s family all came and hung out in our room for a bit.  I think around 0830, when my epidural started working, the doctor checked me and I was about 5cm dilated.  She didn’t check me again until 1100 and when she did, I was already 10cm and fully effaced. I was ready to push!  But Henry’s head was still kinda high, so the doctor decided to let me hang out for another hour to see if he’d drop a little more before pushing.  Speaking of our doctor…since it was the weekend, we didn’t end up delivering with our regular doctor (Dr. Hoover).  During the week they can usually make it to all their own patient’s deliveries, but on weekends you just deliver with whoever is on-call.  So Dr. Dunn was our OB for the day.  And funny story, she is married to a fraternity brother of Greg’s AND she is a former Miss America.  That’s right, Deidra (Downs) Dunn delivered our baby boy 🙂

May 9- Henry Harper (1) May 9- Henry Harper (147) May 9- Henry Harper (151) May 9- Henry Harper (149) May 9- Henry Harper (143) May 9- Henry Harper (152) May 9- Henry Harper (139) May 9- Henry Harper (138) May 9- Henry Harper (137)

We sent our family out to the waiting room so I could get a little rest before we started pushing.  At noon, it was go time.  I pushed for a good 1.5 hrs initially.  The doctor said I was doing great but Henry wasn’t dropping much.  The hardest part was I started having horrible straining pain in the muscles between my scapulae and in my neck.  I got to where I couldn’t hold the pushes for the full 10 seconds because of my back pain.  So she let me take about a 45 min rest/nap and then we tried again.  I pushed for another 1.5 hours with still little progress and the word c-section was starting to come up.  Henry just wouldn’t come out.  I was getting tired, my back was killing me at this point, and after 3pm, it was decided to go ahead with the section.  Greg was geared up and sent to the waiting room and I was rolled into the OR.

May 9- Henry Harper (134)

Once in the OR, it took a long time again to get my epidural working correctly.  They kept poking my sides with a toothpick asking me what I could feel and it kept being too low.  So just like that morning, the anesthesiologist kept giving me more and more boluses until it finally was numbing me high enough to begin the surgery.  Poor Greg had to wait in the waiting room for a good 45 mins until they finally brought him back.  I was so relieved once he was finally at my side again.  The surgery itself went as expected. Having attended a lot of c-sections as a nurse practitioner student and stood on the procedure side of the drape, I tried not to think about what they were doing with each and every tug….but I knew.  Luckily it was pretty quick.  And then we heard that precious little cry!  At 4:32pm, Henry Harper was finally here!!  Greg and I started to cry and they came and got Greg and took him to the warmer with Henry.  I remember wishing I could see them.  But I could hear his little cry.  I also remember the nurse saying “where did you hide this big boy!?”  Apparently he was big 🙂  Greg was finally able to bring Henry over to see me and I just melted.  Tears were streaming down both our faces (mine and Greg’s…Henry was chill as a cucumber!)  He was so cute. I kissed his little cheeks and wished I could wrap my arms around him.  After a few minutes, they took Greg and Henry out to the PACU while they finished my surgery.  That was another long, LONG 45 mins.  I just wanted it to be done so I could see my sweet baby. At one point, a nurse came back to tell me his weight.  She told me he was 8 lbs. 11.9 oz. I couldn’t believe it!  He WAS a big boy!  I had no idea I was carrying such a big fella 🙂May 9- Henry Harper (131) May 9- Henry Harper (130) May 9- Henry Harper (127) May 9- Henry Harper (123) May 9- Henry Harper (121) May 9- Henry Harper (119)

Finally, I got to go to PACU and see Greg and Henry. I did skin-to-skin with him and just fell in love.  I couldn’t stop looking at him.  Greg started bringing our family back one by one to meet him.  I wanted to make sure I got to see him and love on him before they all got to see him.  Greg’s niece, Evey, was so excited she got to stay at the hospital with his parents and could come back and meet Henry.

May 9- Henry Harper (36)May 10 (14)May 9- Henry Harper (37)May 9- Henry Harper (115) May 9- Henry Harper (112) May 9- Henry Harper (106) May 9- Henry Harper (99) May 9- Henry Harper (96) May 9- Henry Harper (93) May 9- Henry Harper (90) May 9- Henry Harper (88) May 9- Henry Harper (83)May 9- Henry Harper (78) May 9- Henry Harper (75) May 9- Henry Harper (62)  May 9- Henry Harper (52) May 9- Henry Harper (49)May 9- Henry Harper (54)   May 9- Henry Harper (31) May 9- Henry Harper (23) May 9- Henry Harper (19) May 9- Henry Harper (18) May 9- Henry Harper (16)May 9- Henry Harper (15)  May 9- Henry Harper (14)So I guess in total, from when my water broke to his delivery, I labored for approx 13 hours.  It was a long day, but it flew by at the same time.  We’re so glad you’re finally here, Henry!  Mommy and daddy love you to pieces!! 🙂

May 9- Henry Harper (46)May 9- Henry Harper (41)May 9- Henry Harper (12)May 9- Henry Harper (10)May 9- Henry Harper (8)May 9- Henry Harper (6)

Henry Harper Boggs

Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 4:32pm

8 pounds 11.9 ounces

21 inches

Little Henry- 39 weeks

We are less than a week from our due date!  I can’t believe our baby could potentially be here any day. I sure wish he’d hurry! 😉  Greg and I were so convinced May 6 was going to be our magic day, but it’s not looking hopeful at this point.  Not really feeling many contractions these days. Just a few here and there, but nothing consistent or strong.  I was scheduled to work Monday, Wednesday, Friday this week.  Greg and I had already talked and decided Friday was probably pushing it, and then when I was at work on Monday I asked him what he thought about that day being my last day.  His response was “well, he’s gonna be born on Wednesday anyways, so you’re not going to be working.”  haha.  See?  We’ve been hoping for May 6th.  I don’t know why, it’s just a date we both picked out of the blue (without each other’s input) as our predicted date of arrival.  So at work on Monday I got the charge nurse to make sure they would be ok with staffing on Wednesday if I were to come off the schedule.  It was fine, so Monday was my last day at work.  Good thing too, cause I already couldn’t wear my work shoes anymore.  My last two shifts I had to improvise with my tennis shoes cause my feet and ankles are so swollen these days.

May 4So since Monday, I’ve gotten all mine and Henry’s stuff totally packed and ready to leave for the hospital. I had most of it together last week, but there were still a few things here and there that needed gathering.  So now, besides packing the few things I use day-to-day, we’re really ready.

I also completely finished the nursery.  Again, it’s been ready (as far as functional) for him for several weeks now, but I had some artwork I wanted to get hung on the walls.  Katie came over last week and helped me get a gallery wall done, and then this week I got some frames I needed to complete another wall above his crib.  I’m so happy with how it all came together.  We decided to go with a vintage airplane/toys theme.  Of course, thanks Pinterest for the inspiration.  What did we ever do without Pinterest??  I had originally planned to order some watercolor airplane prints off Etsy for one art wall, but then one day I found an airplane book in some stacks of children’s books that came from the Boggs’ that had been sitting on our bookshelves. I looked through it and it was filled with some cute airplane artwork that all coordinated really well, so I ended up just making copies of those prints instead.  So instead of the $60+ I was gonna spend on 4 prints off Etsy, I got 6 prints copied for $6 at Kinkos.  Heck yeah!  And I love that it’s unique for his nursery.  No one else will have these prints. So here’s a look at our precious boy’s nursery. It’s all ready and waiting on him 🙂

May 6-nursery (38) May 6-nursery (10) May 6-nursery (9) May 6-nursery (11) May 6-nursery (14) May 6-nursery (24) May 6-nursery (28) May 6-nursery (29) May 6-nursery (30) May 6-nursery (31) May 6-nursery (33) May 6-nursery (21) May 6-nursery (39)May 6- nursery

We have our next appointment tomorrow.  Hopefully there will be some progress this time.  Thankfully my back pain has eased up over the past week.  Some days I still take Tylenol, but it’s not around the clock like I was having to do. And I haven’t had to add the Benadryl to it for about a week now.  I do however pee around the clock!  I was doing good only having to get up once a night for weeks, but as of this week, I’m up at least 2-3 times a night.  So that’s been fun.

The summer term for school started back up this week.  Thankfully, all our tests are cumulative now since it is my last semester. So from what I can tell, there’s not any new reading. I just need to re-read and study all the material I’ve learned up until now (which is still pretty intimidating).  We have a few assignments I’ll need to keep up with over the next month or so. But thankfully, I won’t start doing clinicals again until sometime in June.  I’m so thankful for the timing of all this.  I would not be able to survive school and a new baby if this semester was anything like the ones leading up until now.  Luckily, this one seems a little less stressful.  And my teacher was very understanding about me taking some time off.  So for now, I’ll try to knock out a few assignments to stay on track and then I’ll ease into clinicals once we get a little more settled into our new life with a newborn 😉  But until then, we just keep on waiting…

May 6- 39weeks (7)

Little Henry- 38 weeks

Another week is going by and we’re just hanging in there.  I’m seriously ready to be done with this whole pregnancy thing.  Ever since last week I’ve pretty much taken Tylenol around the clock or Tylenol with Benadryl on some days when my back really starts to hurt.  My feet stay swollen all the time.  I’m seriously worried one of these days I’m gonna get ready for work and not be able to put my shoes on that morning.  I don’t really know what my back-up plan is if that actually happens, but I guess I would have to call-in at work at that point.  I have to wear closed-toe shoes to work, so I have a pair of tennis shoes that I might could loosen the laces on and try that instead, but if that doesn’t work, I’m out of luck.  As of this week, I dropped from my normal 12-hour shifts to 8-hour ones and that has been nice.  Usually by lunchtime my back starts to hurt.  I take my Tylenol and luckily just have a few hours to go at that point.  Right now I’m scheduled to keep working through next week, but I may have to stop before then. For now, I’m sticking it out.

I got all of Henry’s things packed into his diaper bag this week.  Outfits, blankets, pacifiers, boppy, and nursing cover are all ready to go.  I have a list made out for my hospital bag that I plan to start packing tomorrow (I keep putting it off. Ooops!).  We had another appointment this morning. BP is still good despite the swelling (126/83) and I actually didn’t gain any weight this week!  I was hoping to be more dilated though because I definitely feel more pressure in my pelvis than I did last week.  But I didn’t really show much progress when she checked me.  Still hanging out at about 2 cm, but we are at a -1 station which is good.  That means he’s dropped pretty low, but he was low last week as well so I’m not sure that’s much different.  We talked about stripping my membranes, which is a procedure they can do that sometimes will get the contractions going.  They won’t do it until 39 weeks though, so not until next week.  Basically she just runs her finger along the uterus to start loosening it around the cervix.  If the procedure works, she said typically contractions would start within about 24 hours.  If not, then nothing happens and we just keep waiting.  I think it’s worth a shot.  At my appointment next week I’ll be 39.3 weeks.  I’m ready to get this little pumpkin out! 🙂  We haven’t talked about any dates for inducing yet cause I’m really hoping I don’t have to be.  But if we start getting several days past my due date, then I’d seriously consider it.  We have an appointment at 40.3 weeks, so if I make it that far, I’ll definitely be discussing it.

After our appointment, I spent the afternoon hanging out with my mom.  I had lunch with her and my sister Katie.  Then I went by her house for a bit.  She asked if we’d gotten our car seat bases installed yet and when I told her they were out of the box but sitting in our den, she insisted we go take her base to the fire station and get them to show us how to install it.  She’ll be keeping Henry in the evenings after daycare on days I have to work, so we just had them install the base she had bought into my car.  It’s super easy to do, but I was glad we had someone show us so I’d know we were doing it right.  And of course once I got home I wanted to get the car seat in there ready to go.  It’s crazy that I have a car seat in my car. haha.  Now, we are ready to have a baby 😉


In other news, Greg will be working from home these next few weeks.  Good timing, huh?  Turns out the office space he and some other guys have been renting has mold in the air ducts. Like bad mold. Enough that one guy got pretty sick and was hospitalized because of it.  So, they have spent the week searching for new office space and as of today, Greg went ahead and brought most of his stuff home.  They probably can’t move into the new space they found for another few weeks.  But Greg was planning to take some paternity leave when Henry arrives anyways, so in a way, it could be pretty good timing.  And honestly, it works out pretty great because the new office they found is closer to home and between our house and my mom’s (where Greg will need to pick Henry up on days that I work).  So, God has worked it out for the better in the end.  Don’t you love how He can turn a bad situation into a blessing? 🙂

So, for now, we keep on waiting.  It’s a weird feeling to think any day now our lives could change.  It could be tomorrow, next week, or (sigh) a little longer.  But still.  We are in the home stretch.  Soon we will be a family of 3.  I can’t wait to meet our precious boy!

Apr30-38 weeks (8)

Little Henry- 37 weeks

Holy crap, 37 weeks is kicking my a**.  What the heck happened to my smooth sailing pregnancy?  I guess I had to suffer at some point.  I cannot handle the horrible back pain I’ve been experiencing the past few days.  There is a muscle on the lower left side of my spine that will tighten up and spasm, and when that happens, I am crippled with pain.  I’ve had several people ask me if I think it’s back labor.  Um, well, having never done this before, I honestly don’t know! But it comes and goes, which makes me think no.  But again, first-time mom here.  What do I know?!

On Monday, my back pain was pretty bad, but thankfully I got to leave work early.  Tues was worse. I kept going back and forth between the sofa, the chair, sitting up, laying down, heating pad, ice…nothing was working. Greg came home and at one point asked me if I was ok and I just lost it. Tears started streaming cause I was so frustrated that nothing was working to relieve my pain.  I just laid in Greg’s lap while he rubbed my back and finally we just went to bed. Then Wednesday was my last 12-hr shift at work, and somehow that day was fine. Yeah, I was a little sore and tired when I got home, but nothing crazy.

Then yesterday, it was pretty awful again.  We had an appt yesterday morning (I’ll get to that shortly), and during the appt I told the nurse the pain was a 4/10, but by the time I got home it had gotten worse again.  I laid on the couch for a bit and tried to do some last minute studying.  Around 1:30 I headed to the library to take my final exam (halleluiah!).  During the 2 hours it took me to take my final, my back was fine.  But then on the ride home from the library, it got significantly worse again.  I swear, I think my seat in the car does something to my back.  By the time I got home I was in so much pain again.  I took some more Tylenol, laid down on the couch again, but over the next few hours it was not getting better. That muscle was SO tight I felt like I couldn’t take in a deep breath without being in horrible pain. I was even starting to get nauseous it was so bad.   I talked to Greg and told him about it. I knew there wasn’t anything he could do about it, and he felt bad that I was so miserable.  He was about to head to rugby practice for the evening, but said to call if it kept getting worse.  He had someone designated to hold his phone if I needed to reach him.  About 30 mins later I sent him a text saying I was starting to get worried and thinking maybe we should just go to the hospital and let them check me.  He started heading home while I called the nurse and told her about my pain. She suggested adding Benadryl and try to time my contractions.  The trouble is I couldn’t distinguish specific contractions. I told her it was just constant back pain that seemed to be creeping around to my sides at this point.  She told me to try eating something and if I felt like I was having contractions 3-5 mins apart for 2 hours then to come in.

Greg came home with Benadryl and some ice-cream 🙂  He stayed home with me for a little bit, did some house cleaning, and once I could tell the Benadryl was kicking in, I knew it was ok for him to leave again.  His rugby playoff game is this weekend and on Thursday nights the team meets up to make selections for who will start for the weekend’s game.  I assured him I was feeling much better and I’d call if things got bad again.  I spent the rest of the evening laying on the couch.  The stiffness of the couch seemed to help too when I was lying on my side.  I even decided to try sleeping on the couch last night to see if that would make things better today. I’m not sure it was any better or worse than the bed though.  Hopefully today will be a better day.

Ok, so back to our appt yesterday.  I’m up another 6 lbs (holy crap!) this week.  I’m pretty sure most of that is in my ankles and feet.  They stay pretty swollen most days now.  My BP was really good though, 117/71, so no worries of pre-eclampsia.  My GBS screen from last week was negative, so that’s good.  I asked her about all the back pain and she said unfortunately there’s not much else to be done for it.  Henry has probably dropped at this point which is why there’s more pain.  I’m beginning to wonder if he’s turned the wrong way. Babies are supposed to come out facing the floor, but sometimes they are flipped where they come out facing up.  This means the back of his head could be pressing against my sacrum causing the pain.  But there’s no way to know that right now.  We asked her to check me since I was in so much more pain this week than I have been.  I’m now 1-2 cm dilated, 75% effaced and his head is really low.  GOOD! Maybe that means he’s coming sooner than later after all.  Come on, Henry! Mommy and daddy are ready for you now 😉

I’m off work until Monday and when I do go back, I’ll just be doing 8 hr shifts.  School is done for now.  The summer term starts back May 5th, so I may work on a few assignments/reading if Henry isn’t here yet, but I won’t be doing anymore clinicals until sometime in June.  Right now, I’m just chillin,’ making packing lists for our hospital bags, finishing up some minor nursery decor and waiting on Henry to arrive. 🙂  And probably taking Benadryl and Tylenol around the clock.  I’ll try to get a bump picture to post later today….



In recent years I have seen a trend in what is called the “babymoon.”  It is the sister concept of a honeymoon but for parents-to-be.  That’s right. Just like you take a little vacation after your wedding to enjoy one-on-one time with your new honey, a babymoon is meant to be one-on-one time with your partner before the new baby arrives.  Earlier this year I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to get away and do maybe a little beach trip just for the two of us before Henry is born. But when I decided to keep going on my journey through grad school, I knew that opportunity was going to be unlikely.  With clinicals and exams and squeezing in baby-prepping, the plans for a vacation get-away kept slipping away from us.

Then last week Greg came home one night and told me his business partner and good friend Paul had planned a get-away for us at the Ross Bridge Resort and Spa here in town.  I was SO excited!!  Not only did we get to stay at a fancy resort for a night, but we had massages and dinner booked as well.  Well done, Paul and Leah, well done!!  This mama and daddy-to-be were pumped!

Saturday morning we actually already had a big garage sale planned with my mom and sister.  We desperately needed to get a bunch of stuff cleaned out of the house and so did my mom and sister. So we planned to have a garage sale before Henry’s delivery.  I spent a good portion of the week prepping for that and then bright and early yesterday morning we did the sale.  It was pretty successful. Greg and I had some big ticket items that sold, and then a good bit of little stuff here and there throughout the day.  There’s still a lot left over that I need to sift through and either haul off to the thrift store or try to sell online.  Our front room though is finally cleared out!  It’s so spacious now that it doesn’t have a giant pile of garage sale items stored up in the corner.

As the sale died down, Greg and I headed out to make our way to Ross Bridge for the evening.  It was actually really nice to just drive down the street and not have to actually go somewhere far for our little mini-vaca.  We were able to just leave the dogs at home (and Greg’s dad came by to feed and let them out that evening).  We packed a small bag and headed out.  We had massages booked at 4pm and dinner reservations that evening.  Let me tell you, if you have never gotten a massage at Ross Bridge you are missing out!!!  We even have Massage Envy memberships and I have gotten several prenatal massages over the past few months.  I just thought I was getting good massages.  The massage at Ross Bridge was hands down one of the best massages I’ve ever gotten.  And Greg’s experience was no different.  We were so relaxed for the evening 🙂

Apr18- babymoon (1) Apr18- babymoon (3)

We sat out on the patio for a bit sipping on strawberry daquiris then got ready for dinner.  Dinner was delicious!  We enjoyed an appetizer, dinner and dessert.  We even felt like we were in a honeymoon booth of some sort. It was a little half-circle booth, and while we always joke about couples who go to dinner and sit side by side in booths, it was actually kinda nice 🙂  (not that we had a choice in this one, haha).  There was an interesting older couple right next to us that insisted on taking our picture and kept offering parental advice. (luckily they were finishing up their dinner when we arrived 😉 ).

Apr18- babymoon (4) Apr18- babymoon (5)

After dinner we enjoyed some time around the pool and the hot tub (don’t worry, I kept my hot tub time to a minimum).  It seriously was such a great evening!  I mean, once you get onto the resort property, you don’t even feel like you’re in Birmingham anymore.  We could have been anywhere at that point.  It was such a stress-free relaxing evening enjoying one-on-one time with my favorite person 🙂  And the resort was not crowded at all.  So our pool time and dinner time felt very private.  If anyone in the Birmingham area is looking for a simple get-away, I highly recommend this option.  Hopefully we’ll be back to do it again one day 🙂

Little Henry- 36 weeks

We have now entered the last month of pregnancy!  These next few weeks are going to be about list-making and preparations for Henry’s arrival.  I take my final exam 1 week from today and then after that, I’m in full final baby prep mode 🙂  I need to make packing lists for hospital bags and get those going, get our car seat bases installed, do a last check on essential inventory like diapers, wipes, and coming home gear for those first few days, and then we just sit back and wait!  I did my last clinical for this semester this week.  It felt good to wrap those up for the time being.  I had originally thought I would get a head start on clinical hours for the summer term, but each week gets more and more exhausting doing those 12-hour shifts.  So I think I’m done for now.  I’ll pick back up with clinicals in June.  If anything, I’d rather pick up an extra day of work these last few weeks to earn a little extra cash before Henry arrives.

I’ve spent a good portion of the week prepping for a big garage sale we are doing this weekend. We have SO MUCH STUFF we needed to get out of the house and the storage unit. So we’ll be combining things with my mom and sister and do a big family garage sale at Katie’s house on Saturday.  Our front room is finally cleared of all the “sale stuff” that’s been piling up over the past few months as I’ve cleaned things out at the house.  We sold our front sofa (which never got used) to my youngest sister and her fiance, and will be making that front area a play area for Henry instead of the sitting area it used to be.  Instead, I’ve bought a piece of furniture from Katie to replace the sofa and will fill it with bins for toys, books, etc.  Henry’s swing and bouncer will be set up in that space as well.  And hopefully all our stuff will sell in the garage sale because it’s not coming back into this house! 😉  It’ll go to the thrift store before it comes back through these doors.

We had another OB appt this morning. Now we are at the point of having weekly appointments.  Everything is still looking good.  BP was 126/78 and I was up 1 pound from our last visit (now 30 lbs total weight gain).  Feet, ankles and legs are still swollen most of the time, but everything else is good. I can still wear my wedding rings.  They did my Group B strep test today, and we’ll get those results in the next few days.  GBS is a bacteria that women can get just from the environment. It’s not really harmful to the general population, but it can be harmful to a newborn who can contract it during the labor process if mom is not adequately treated.  If I test positive, then during labor they will administer antibiotics to me which will protect Henry.  If I’m negative, then we’re all good.

They also did my first vaginal exam at this appointment.  She checked to see if I had started to dilate at all.  I didn’t think I had because I don’t think Henry has dropped much.  He’s still pretty high up, although my ribs have been feeling a tiny bit better the past few days. So maybe he’s beginning his descent.  But sure enough, when she checked, I was not dilated at all yet.  He is just happy and comfy right where he is with no plans of exiting quite yet.  And typically with first pregnancies, babies come later rather than early.  So more than likely, he won’t be making his appearance in April (if I had to guess). I think it’s safe to say he’s going to be a May baby.  She did say that if I do not go into labor by 41 weeks, they would likely consider inducing me.  She didn’t like to go much past 41 weeks, and I don’t want to either.  I know what meconium aspiration can do to a newborn (although it’s not just with post-term babies), and I definitely don’t want to risk that.  Hopefully Henry behaves and comes without needing to be coerced. But we’ll see.

So for 36 weeks, my bump was measuring right on track.  Everything looks good, and Henry’s heart beat was in the 130s, which is normal.  My main focus for the next week is studying for my final exam, knocking out a garage sale, and enjoying a little babymoon retreat (courtesy of Greg’s business partner and sweet friend!) at Ross Bridge resort and spa 🙂  I can’t wait!

Apr16- 36 weeks (8)

Little Henry- 35 week updates

So it’s been a busy week as far as baby prep has gone!  Our car seat, crib, pack n’ play and crib sheets were all delivered this week.  Besides installing the car seat bases into our cars, we are literally ready for this little guy to get here. 🙂

35 weeks

Ok, so there’s still some artwork and decor I’d like to hang on the nursery walls, and his crib mobile hasn’t delivered yet, along with our glider…but all the necessities are here.  So IF he were to show up soon, we’d be set.  Not that I want him coming this soon, but it’s nice to know we’re ready for him.  The nursery is looking good these days. We put the crib together Wednesday night.  That was WAY easier than I expected. It was like a 20 minute project.  I’m washing the last bit of baby laundry (I think) now.  There’s more prepping I’d love to do, like the wall decor and making packing lists for hospital bags, but I have 2 weeks of school left this semester.  So I had to stop and focus on schoolwork the past two days.  It’s going to be so hard to get through this last semester this summer once this little guy gets here.  It’s going to take A LOT of determination, that’s for sure.

And as promised, here’s my 35-week bump update.  He still hasn’t dropped at all.  He’s still kicking and pressing against my ribs all the time.  Sleep is getting harder and harder.  But I was telling Greg the other night, as uncomfortable as it is having him pressed against my ribs all the time, the alternative might be worse.  He’s not resting on my bladder or pelvis at this point.  So I might should still be grateful. 😉

April 10-35 weeks (7)

Little Henry- 35 weeks

Sunday we celebrated Easter!  I was scheduled to work all weekend, including Easter (since it’s my holiday this year), until another nurse at work on Saturday offered to work my shift for me.  She wanted to pick up an extra shift on Sunday and I was happy to have the opportunity to be off for the holiday.  Unfortunately, since I originally was working, my sister Emily was going to TN with her fiance to spend time with his family, and my other sister had plans to do lunch with her in-laws, we had already decided among my family that everyone would just do their own thing.  So my mom and step dad made plans to go to the lake for the weekend (also in celebration of his birthday, which was Wednesday).  So when my plans suddenly changed, I decided to join Greg and his family for the day.  We went to our church service that morning and then to his aunt Kim’s house for lunch.  It was such a pretty day on Sunday.  Easter is sometimes hit or miss with the weather here in Alabama. Some Easters are still a little cool, but the sun came out and it warmed up as the morning went by and turned out to be a really beautiful day.  Flowers are all starting to bloom around town….and yes, that means pollen is out and covering everything.  I don’t usually welcome rain, but thankfully, it is raining all day today and hopefully washing all the pollen away!

Apr5-Easter (6) Apr5-Easter (4) Apr5-Easter (5) Apr5-Easter (7) Apr5-Easter (1)Then Greg and I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and re-organizing from all the construction chaos that has been going on at the house over the past month.  Our front den had become a dumping zone for all things construction related like tools, paint cans, drop-cloths, trim, bead board…you name it, it was in our front den.  We moved back into the master bedroom a few nights ago, but the guest room was left in shambles.  Half my clothes had migrated to the guest room, and the bed linens needed to be stripped and washed.  And the porch was still set-up with Greg’s table saw and all the left over bead board and trim pieces from the project.  So we spent almost a good 4 hours cleaning, putting everything away and a little re-organizing to get the house back in order.  It’s so nice to have things back in order.  I know I’m OCD and crazy when it comes to stuff like that, but I get stressed when things are not organized and in place.  Order keeps me sane 😉  In the bathroom, everything is done and functional, except that once we started trying to hang the shower curtain rod I realized since we had heightened the door-frame and also removed the tub (which resulted in a lower threshold for the shower), a standard shower curtain was going to be way too short.  In order for it to hang low enough to keep water from spraying over the threshold, Greg would almost be able to peer over the top of it.  And it just looked silly with such a tall ceiling height to work with.  So, I got online and found some taller options, but we have to wait on them to ship.  They don’t seem to carry these other sizes in stores.  And since we already bought and cut tags off the rug for the bathroom, I’ll have to keep looking for a tall curtain that will still match.  But as long as we have the liner, the shower will be functional.  And at least we can use the toilet and sink already.  That has become much easier with my nightly trips to the bathroom.  I no longer have to crawl over Greg and walk down the hall to go pee at night. I just roll out of my side and take 3 steps into the new bathroom. 😉  Much better.

Pregnancy symptoms this week….swelling.  My feet and ankles are generally swollen all the time now.  My work shoes the other day felt a good bit tighter than usual, and my fat feet were poking up out of my heels at church Sunday morning.  So far the swelling is still contained to the knees down.  Fingers and face are still doing good.  The other typical symptoms of back pain and just general uncomfortableness are still going on, but that’s been going on for weeks.  Some nights I sleep alright.  And then some nights I toss and turn trying to find that spot where my stomach and ribs are in just the right synchrony that I can sleep comfortably.  I’m getting excited about some more baby stuff that should deliver soon.  I’ve gotten emails that our car-seat and crib have shipped now, so any day they should be arriving on our doorstep.  My mom was so sweet to buy us our crib when we went shopping last week!!  Our parents are awesome 🙂  Then today, I ordered our pack n’ play.  That pretty much finishes all the true necessities we need in order for Henry to arrive.  Granted we need to stock up on a few more packs of diapers, wipes, and little things here and there. But once those items get here and get setup, we’re pretty much ready for him. 🙂  That is really exciting!  It’s crazy to look at the calendar and think we’re in the home stretch.  Next Monday will be exactly 1 month from our due date!  And of course, he could easily come before then….orrrrr after.  But hopefully not too much after 😉  I take my final exam April 23rd, so anytime after that, I say “come on!”  🙂

Sorry, no bump pic today. I’ve been home all day doing some house-work and school-work, and while I did shower, I’m in sweats and a tshirt.  I’ll be sure to snap one later this week 😉