fun filled wedding parties-Part 1

Man, there is so much to write about, I don’t even know what to start.  And I’ve been itching to do this post for weeks, but I just got the pics from my mom’s camera.  So, with all the craziness that has gone on in the last month or two, between everyone else’s weddings, and school starting back for some people, and football season, we decided to do our big wedding shower and my bridal tea all in one weekend.  That way people who were coming into town for the festivities could just knock it all out at once. 

So, a few Saturdays ago, my dear friend Christine and her mother hosted my bridal tea.  It was wonderful!  Christine is my oldest friend. I met her in the 2nd grade and I’m so glad that we have remained friends for all these years.  The tea was a success. Her and her mother are amazing cooks and whipped up a delicious brunch of cinnamon rolls and orange rolls, fruit kabobs, breakfast quiches, and blueberry muffins! Yumm!!!  Seriously, everyone was raving over the food.  And, if you would like to taste some of this goodness, you should go check out her mother’s booth at the Farmer’s Market at Pepper Place, Saturday mornings from 7am-noon.  Just look for “Darlene’s Kitchen.”  Ok, back to the tea.  It was so nice to see friends and family all together on a beautiful Saturday morning.  And it may sound strange, but the location was perfect.  Christine and her husband and kids rent the house that my Grandaddy and Nana lived in ever since my mom was a baby. My Grandaddy built the house, and after my Nana died 2 years ago, we have not wanted to sell it. So, we offered Christine and her sweet family to rent it.  And I love being able to keep going back to that house.  I have so many family memories in that house and it was nice to add this special day to that list.  Ok, so let’s show some pictures!

Here is me, mom, and our lovely hostesses.

And with the in-laws. Look how wonderfully coordinated we are! None of that was planned, if you can believe it.

Sorry, the lighting on this photo is so awful. But, it’s a cute pic!

  Here’s me and my sweet friends. By the way girls, I keep meaning to tell yall what Katie said to me that morning. She leaned over and said, “man, you have such cute stylish friends!  🙂

 Pretty sure this was during a “why am I so tall??” conversation, followed by a squat 😉  Which is funny, cause in my family, I’m NOT the overly tall one
Me and my sisters, and mom and her sister. Only thing missing in this picture is my dear sweet Nana.
 Love you friend!

And we got some great gifts too!  Check out that copper pot! My in-laws brought that back from their recent trip to Italy a few weeks ago. And I heard they actually got to meet the guy who crafts each pot.  He hammers it out of one giant sheet of copper. So cool!

Moving forward

This is definitely the year of weddings! One year ago, my mom bumped into an old friend and over time they rekindled their friendship. That friendship more deeply developed and love blossomed. In July, on a lovely dinner date, he got down on one knee and asked for my mom’s hand in marriage. And last night, my mom and Dwayne tied the knot at a beautiful little private ceremony with family and a few of my mom’s closest girl friends. Me, Katie and Emily stood by our mom’s side, and Greg and Chuck stood with Dwayne…all one big happy new family. A friend of mine came and took some family pictures and pictures during the ceremony, but until I get that disc I don’t have pictures to show you. So, I will be posting again later with wedding pictures, but I wanted to at least give a little shout out to congratulate the happy couple 🙂

In other wedding news, this morning, Greg took me along with Katie and Chuck out to Odenville to show us the options him and my mom had narrowed down on Friday. I don’t know what I would do without them. My mom, Dwayne and Greg spent several hours Friday morning driving all over Leeds, Odenville and Springville on a hunt for pretty white churches. Such troopers! So today he took me to see them. Well, 2 of the church they were not able to get into on Friday, they just knew the outsides where pretty. We got inside today (since it’s Sunday morning), but those 2 were way too small. We would have to uninvite half of our guests! And we certainly wouldn’t want to do that 🙂 But, the third church he showed us was a winner. And get this….that orange carpet? It’s not actually orange at all! The picture Greg sent me from his phone made it look pumpkin orange. But, it’s actually dark crimson red, and it’s not bad!

So, now we just have to deal with notifying everyone of the change. But, the time will stay the same. It’s been a crazy few days, and I’m ready to get back to other plans. Oh, and other great news. I got to see the bridesmaids dresses last night and they look great!! It’s all coming together 🙂

the hunt continues

Well, I wish I could write that everything has been worked out with the church these past few days, and first-come, first-serve prevailed, but unfortunately that is just not the case.  It’s been such a mess. We have argued every point we could think of, but nothing has worked.  We’re just beating a dead horse at this point.  The church gave us some options, but they aren’t really that great. So yesterday Greg, my mom and my (almost) step-dad (wow, that’s so weird to say, but weird in a really-great-I’m-so-happy-for-my-mom sort of way!) went scouting out churches in the Leeds/Moody/Odenville area with same similar architectural style as our original church….which I will show you again, because I really LOVE it…

And I haven’t shown you the inside before because I wanted to save some things for surprises. But, now I will show you because I want everyone to see how beautiful it is, and why I’ve been so upset to lose it….

Sigh.  Moving on.  One church they found yesterday is almost as pretty on the outside, but the inside is a bit of a different story.  Let’s just say I’m pretty sure it was last remodeled in the 1970’s when orange and brown were in style.  And ironically, if there’s one color I have wanted to avoid for our October wedding, it’s orange.  But here’s the outside…

There’s another church in Odenville that is in the running for it’s pretty exterior, but unfortunately there was no one present yesterday for Greg and my mom to talk to, nor could they get inside the church to check things out. Here is that church…

So, we don’t have any answers yet, and I keep wishing it’s all just been a bad dream. Working all night and sleeping all day for 3 straight days kinda makes me feel like I’m temporarily separated from the world.  But, reality will kick on today, and I’ll have to really sit down and contemplate our options.  Greg has been so wonderful through all this. He and my mom have been my heros these past few days. They totally took control and have done everything in their power to try to make things right.  And if that wasn’t enough, I got the sweetest text message from Greg while I was at work tonight.  He told me how he couldn’t wait to see me walk down the aisle, and that I would be beautiful no matter where it was.  🙂  Orange carpet or not, I’ll be walking to meet my perfect husband who loves and supports me no matter what!  I’m a lucky girl.  And I’ll have another very special wedding today to brighten my spirits!  My dear sweet mother will marry her sweetheart today, and we couldn’t be more excited for the two of them. She deserves every bit of happiness!  So stay tuned!

where are the words?!?!?

I really don’t want my blog to become a source of venting and complaining, but I gotta get this out.  And in all fairness, I keep meaning to blog about our beach trip last weekend, but I haven’t gotten the pictures uploaded yet.  And what’s a good blog post without pictures?  I promise that will come soon.

But for now, I need to vent.  Many of you have probably not had the chance to see my wedding binder.  It is my lifeline through this wedding process. It has a tab for each section: venues, attire, photography, flowers, decor, and honeymoon.  I also have the guest list printed out, all of their addresses, and even a chart for recording attendances when guests start sending in RSVPs.  I have also made a copy of every check I wrote for various deposits that had to be made, and notes I have made when talking to vendors about various details.  I have a timeline of when things need to be done and a budget planner.  So, needless to say, I’m incredibly organized.  I’m a Type-A. It’s just what I do.

So take a minute to imagine the utter shock and complete panic/freak-out I had when I got a response email last night from the wedding coordinator at the church saying she never received any confirmation or deposit for our wedding, and did not have our wedding booked, and another bride is now already booked for Oct 8th. After that I was on the phone with my mom in about 3 seconds, and through the tears I was able to explain the situation.  We checked the bank statement online, and sure enough the deposit check had cleared just a week or so after I had mailed it.  My mom, being the calm voice of reason, got on the phone with the church to speak her mind, something I am incapable of doing in a case like this, because I turn into a blubbering idiot. I hate it, but it just happens, and I can’t stop it.  Unfortunately, I also had to work last night (Wed night), so I had to get out the door while she hashed out the situation.

And still unfortunately, it has not been resolved.  The church claims I was supposed to email them a confirmation of the date (which was never communicated to me in mine and Greg’s meeting with the wedding coordinator back on Jan 31st).  Yep, I can tell you exactly what day we went to see the church, what day I mailed the check and what day it cleared the bank.  Type-A.  That day I wrote down in my notes that all I needed to do from there was mail in a deposit check.  And because of my Type-A’ness, I even wrote “deposit for Amy Graves and Greg Boggs’ wedding- Oct 8th, 2011” on the memo line of the check and put “Attn: Sally Doe” on the envelope to ensure it was delivered to her at the church.  (No, she is not really named Sally Doe, but I don’t want to completely bash anyone).  But, with AAAALL of that, they are still saying that I had to call/email to confirm.  NOW they are saying that.  No one said that 7 months ago.

I’m devastated, honestly.  It’s the most beautiful little white country church and the 1st thing I wanted when I began this whole wedding process.  Yes, no matter what, the day will still be beautiful and I’ll still get my husband in the end.  But, does it make me a bad person to want it all to be perfect?  I don’t understand why God has done this.  I have worked so hard to make sure all my ducks were in a line.  And now it’s all a mess.

So, if you are a wedding guest reading this, this is your heads up that there will have to be some changes to our wedding day.  I don’t know yet if it is simply the time, or the time and the place.  I don’t know what we will work out yet.  But you will all be notified one way or another. In the meantime, please say a little prayer for me.  I don’t know how much more wedding woes I can handle.  I just want to get to the other side with Greg by my side, lounging in the sun at the Bahamas, and be able to look back and still love everything about our wedding day. 

Busy is an understatement

It’s amazing what all you can accomplish when the roommate has moved out and your fiance` goes out of town for the weekend.  I had a lot of time to myself, which was kinda nice, but it also allowed me to knock off a LOT of wedding tasks.  Let’s see, in the short 55 hours between when I got home from work 8am Friday morning until I layed down to nap at 3pm for work again Sunday evening, here’s what I accomplished:

  • cleaned the house (vacuumed and steam mopped the floors, and dusted)
  • received my bridesmaids’ gifts in the mail (which are absolutely adorable, and I can’t wait to show everyone!)
  • received some of the suspenders I ordered for the groomsmen, and then bought the other 2 at a local Belk store
  • picked up the envelopes for our wedding invitations and RSVP cards
  • got the envelopes to our dear family friend who is addressing them this week (yay!)
  • attended 2 precious birthday parties for my sweet little future neice and nephew (check back on the next post for those pics).
  • attended the farmer’s market at Pepper Place Saturday morning to discuss details of wedding flowers which will be provided by a local(ish) farmer….yeah, how fun is that? 🙂
  • bought some jewelry to wear on the wedding day, and then took that along with the shoes I had bought home to my mom’s to try on with my wedding dress….unfortunately, heels are too tall, and jewelry is too busy.  Both will get returned and will have to keep shopping.
  • went to Hancock Fabrics to look into buying burlap to make table toppers, and discovered I may be in over my head on that one.  Need to keep researching that idea.
  • did 3 loads of laundry (although I still have one more waiting for me)
  • stuffed all the RSVP cards into their envelopes

Now is that unbelievable, or what?!  I can’t believe I got all that done in just over 48 hours time.  It helped that I didn’t go to sleep Friday morning after work.  I snuck in an hour nap before baby B’s birthday party, but that’s about it.  Then of course I CRASHED at 9:15 that night, but luckily I had no trouble getting back up at 8am for the Farmer’s Market.

And thank goodness I got all that done this weekend, because this week is basically already gone. I have to work another mandatory overtime shift this week, so I’ll be working Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night.  Then Greg and I leave Friday to head to Nashville for his high-school’s opening football game.  His old coach called some of the older alumni to come home for the 1st game, so that should be fun.  I love me some football 🙂

Until then, it’s work and sleep, work and sleep, work………

wedding projects- cake toppers

How much do I LOVE Pinterest?!?!  I could not have gotten hooked to this site at a better time. It has been so unbelievably helpful in my wedding planning. I’ve been able to create a wedding style board and search for all kinds of ideas for crafts, table decor, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, cakes….seriously, it has been an incredible asset.  Along with  I designed and ordered my bridesmaids gifts off of Etsy, my flowergirl dress is from Etsy, and am planning to get my garter from there as well.  The world wide web is an amazing thing.

So, speaking of wedding crafts, 2 of my dear friends and fellow bridesmaids helped me with a few things Friday night.  I have some great friends 🙂  Here’s what we made…

Ok first, here’s the inspiration.
These little bird cake toppers are $75 on Etsy!! Outrageous, and although VERY cute, not worth that kind of price. However, I knew I had seen these exact birds at Hobby Lobby for $2.99.  And the veil and top hat are merely made of tulle and felt, so I knew I could totally make these for WAAAAY cheaper.  And we did. Actually, my sweet friend Dana did. She sewed together a little top hat and bow-tie and made a veil for my bride bird and here’s the final result….

 I still need to either get some legs for them, or I may just find a nest for them to sit in. And the bride will get a pearl necklace too.  How cute are they?! I LOVE them. Granted they did take a while to make, so I can see where the Etsy lady is clearly charging for time, not supplies. But still.  Our price:  $2.99 for the birds, $0.87 for felt, $0.27 for tulle giving me a grand total of $4.13!  So worth it.
The other project of the night was making the 2nd mossy “B” to match the first one I made several months ago.  Here’s those final projects together…
These will hopefully display behind the cake tables somehow.
I’m excited that some of these little details are coming together.  I’m also excited about a change in the groomsmen attire that we came up with Friday night as well.  I wanted the groomsmen to stand out at the reception, and since I figured they would all take their jackets off since most the reception will be outside, I had originally considered doing vests under their jackets.  Then my friend asked me what I thought about suspenders, and after seeing this picture, I was sold!
How great would that look with chocolate brown suits?!  I think it’s great for the rustic/country look we are going for and for a fall wedding.  So, I’m off to shop around town for suspenders today!

Small Panic = Need another To-Do list

I’m going to vent. Bear with me.  I had a small a few meltdowns yesterday. Actually, more like last evening and it continued on and off throughout the night at work when I got to thinking about wedding plans. For some reason when it was still July, October seemed so far away. Literally, as soon as August 1st hit, I’ve been panicking about wedding plans and there just doesn’t seem to be enough days on the calendar to fit everything in, especially when I sleep A LOT of days because I work a night shift. (Not to mention the mandatory overtime that I’ve had to work lately.) And so, you just can’t get much of anything done at 3am in the morning when the rest of the world is not functioning.  Thus, the panic sets in.

We decided to wait and do any showers/bridal teas/luncheons etc until after my sister’s wedding (which was July 16th), since she expressed wanting to have “her time” to celebrate, and so we gave her that. My only frustration now is that not only did we wait to have these events, but most of them were not even planned up until now.  So suddenly it’s August, and we have events to plan, but you have to allow time for invitations to get sent out, so basically everything is going to happen in the last 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding.  Somehow 9 weeks filled up REEEALLY FAST!!!  We have a wedding to attend, in which Greg is a groomsman, in Kentucky the 2nd weekend of September.  Greg is taking a bachelor weekend sometime in September.  I am, of course, required to work some weekends. Emily moves to college this weekend. How many weekends left does that leave us?

It also doesn’t help that all of my mom’s efforts have been on my sister’s wedding up until July 16th.  With Emily moving away to college this Sunday, the past 2 weeks have been devoted to taking care of that.  And as excited as I am and truly happy for my mom’s recent engagement, it’s a little bittersweet in that we are also now trying to squeeze in her vows ceremony with Dwayne in the next few weeks.  Not to mention, my in-laws have been consumed in wedding plans for Greg’s sister over the past 3 months. And maybe it’s just me, and my sensitive girl feelings, but it feels like mine and Greg’s wedding keeps getting pushed to the backburner.  As a result, I have pretty much done all the wedding planning on my own (with some help from Greg).  And it’s catching up to me. I NEED HELP!!!!! 

See where the meltdown came from?  Am I just being selfish?  If so, someone PLEASE call me out on it, and slap me back into reality or something.  But I didn’t expect to do all this on my own, but here I am freaking out over things not done, things that I though were done that I find out are not, and running out of time.

So, here’s my new to-do list for the next 3 days:

  • make sure bridesmaids dresses have ACTUALLY been ordered….again.
  • decide on grooms/groomsmen attire and set that up so guys can begin ordering their suits
  • find and order new envelopes (to replace the cheap ones) to match invitations from VistaPrint
  • decide on a date for bridal tea and bridesmaids’ luncheon
  • call Another Broken Egg to discuss details of a bridesmaids’ luncheon
  • fax form to Mortgage Banc to finalize home refinancing process
  • purchase plane tickets for honeymoon (?)….not sure how urgent that is, but I’m pretty sure prices are going UP
  • BUY GROCERIES….literally, I’m down to cereal and pasta
  • Go to Auburn on Sunday to help move Emily into college…and try not to cry.

Katie and Chuck- the wedding day

**Warning: LOTS OF PHOTOS 🙂  Page may take a moment to load, but I promise, it’s worth it!**

Our Saturday morning began with most of us girls all waking up together in Katie’s townhome.  First on the list- hair appointments.  We all traveled down to this tiny little hole in the wall (seriously, y’all) place downtown in the Highlands area. I couldn’t even tell you the name of the place, and if I hadn’t followed my mom, I probably couldn’t even tell you how to get there! Anyways, Katie was up first. She had decided on a simple elegant up-do. 


2 of her bridesmaids were there to join us for the fun 🙂

Then next was mom, then Emily, then myself.  Like my look?  I opted for a curly side-ponytail. I think they are sweet but still elegant looking. And I was pleased with the result.

 By 3pm all the wedding party had arrived at Matthews Manor to begin getting ready.  Girls in one building, boys in another.  It was so fun being together with Katie’s closest friends, helping one another get ready while Katie soaked up every moment of excitement waiting till she could go see Chuck.

 Finally, it came time for their “first look.”  It was a special time between Katie and Chuck where they saw one another for the first time that day, in their wedding attire, sharing a few minutes of one-on-one time together.  Here’s a shot their photographers (shout-out to Gresham Photography-Simple Color!) snapped when Katie and Chuck first saw one another.  So sweet!

Once they visited for a bit, it was time to begin our wedding party photoshoot.  I was pleasantly surprised how quickly we got all the photographs taken!  The bridesmaids and groomsmen (along with the bride and groom) all went across the street to take some pictures out in the meadow (where Katie and Chuck were actually supposed to get married, until one of those crazy summer storms a few weeks ago blew over the giant 100 yr. old tree…yep).  The ceremony had to be relocated to the gazeebo instead (which was still a very beautiful setting!) 
Our adorable bride and groom

Chuck with his groomsmen and ushers
Katie with her bridesmaids
More pictures with all the family were taken in the reception hall. Then we had to head back to our private little rooms where we awaited for instructions on when to begin the ceremony.  We were so fortunate to go all day with not a drop of rain….until, however, it was time for the ceremony.  The ceremony was scheduled to start at 6:30pm.  Just after 6pm, a few clouds started rolling, but all the guests continued to be seated and the ceremony was set to begin. The grandmothers and mothers were seated, and about that time it began to sprinkle rain.  Not pouring, and not for long (maybe just a minute or two), but just enough that everyone had to get up from their seats and take cover under the pavilion.  We had to repeat this step twice actually, delaying for 10-15mins each time.  Luckily for us bridesmaids, we never got far enough into the processional to ever get wet  😉 And Katie never even made it out of the building.  Her and Greg just had to wait.  That’s right. Greg got to escort Katie to the end of the aisle, where she then walked herself down and met my mom at the end, who gave her away.  Despite the rain delays, Katie was actually very calm about it all.  She just sighed, and made a joke or two about it all, and then we just laughed it off and said “it’ll be fine.”  And it was. We eventually proceeded with the ceremony, it was beautiful, and Katie and Chuck were as happy as could be 🙂  Like I said before, there wasn’t much that could spoil their day.  They have been together for 8 years!!!  What’s a little rain, right?
The reception took place in a beautiful banquet hall.  It was so much fun getting to see and talk to all our friends and family that had come into town for the wedding!  Feel the Beat provided music, and they even did a special birthday shout-out to our good friend Renee!!

We danced, ate cake, and had a ton of fun in the photobooth.  I’ve never actually been to a wedding yet that uses these photobooths, but all the photographers are doing them now.  And I see why! It was SO MUCH FUN!!  Greg even commented, “we have this for our wedding, right?!”  I guess I better add a few extra pennies to the budget 😉

The whole day turned out wonderfully!  We all had a great time, and I can’t wait to get more pictures back from their photographers.  But, I’ll leave you with a few more fun pics to sum up the day!

Renee and Stephen, I LOVE this picture!! It cracks me up!
The whole gang!
**Professional photos courtesy of Brandon and Stacey of Gresham Photography**

Katie and Chuck wedding weekend- Part 1

Well, we did it. We got through a whole wedding weekend without any major disasters!  The weather was wonderful with the drop in temperatures Friday and Saturday. I don’t think it got hotter than 85 degrees all weekend, which was such a blessing.  The humidity was still a little rough, with the rain passing through here and there, but at least we weren’t getting scorched by the sun!  Friday morning we had Katie’s bridesmaids luncheon at the botanical garden’s cafe.  It was nice to have that time just with the girls, sipping on tea, eating a delicious brunch.  Chuck’s aunt and one of her church friends hosted the brunch, and they did a great job.

 Katie and her bridesmaids (minus Whitney…you were missed!)

After lunch, we had a few hours of downtime before heading over to the rehearsal out at Matthew’s Manor.  The rehearsal went well, with just a little bit of sprinkling rain.  Katie was so calm all weekend.  She and Chuck have waited a long time for this day to come.  There wasn’t much that could spoil their fun 🙂

The rehearsal dinner was at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.  The Abbey’s had it all decorated like a tailgate with Alabama football decor on the tables and we all ate BBQ.  Katie had a slideshow of pics of her and Chuck…and considering they have been together for 8 years, there were lots of funny older pictures from high school!  Katie also made a special slideshow in honor of our mom, and of course, put us all in tears with her beautiful speech.  We truly are blessed with a wonderful mother. She is the rock of our family, and I don’t know what we would do without her.  I hope she knows how much we love and appreciate her!


After the rehearsal dinner the guys all went out for a little bachelor celebration for Chuck, and the girls all headed over to Katie and Chuck’s town-home to spend the night together.  We stayed up way too late of course chatting as always.  But it was nice waking up the next morning all together and ready to begin the big day! 

Update: the pics are here! 🙂
Pictures would really make this post so much better!  But again, the pics are mostly on my mom or Katie’s camera (since they have the fancy shmancy one).  I really need to start claiming Greg’s fancy camera as half mine and use it more.  That’s what marriage is all about right? “What’s mine is yours, what’s yours is mine…..the more we share, the more the sun will shine!”   hahaha, ok please tell me at least one person knows that lyric reference.  No?  It’s from a song in All Dogs Go to Heaven. Childhood classic.  lol.

Aaaaand with that, I’ll be back later with all the fun details of Katie and Chuck’s day! (and more pictures!)

mani/pedis and a DIY rehearsal bouquet

The wedding weekend festivities began today around 4pm with manicures and pedicures with my mom and sisters.  We just went to this little oriental place by TJMaxx in Hoover, and the ladies there were all so nice. In their sweet oriental English they were asking Katie about her wedding and they did GREAT work.  We got pampered and it was so nice. 

Katie (the bride) and Emily

Mom and I waiting our turn. And no, we did not opt for the waxing 😉

Afterwards we helped Katie with some last minute shopping and then she headed home to pack for the honeymoon.

Tonight, as part of my maid of honor duty, I had to figure out how to make a bow/ribbon rehearsal bouquet.  I’ve never made one of these before, and it was a little bit harder than I expected.  I had a hard time figuring out how I was going to actually assemble it.  I did some poking around on the internet and read a few tips, and just went from there.

In short, this is basically what I did.

  • ribbons and bows from various wedding showers
  • 2 paper plates (or 1 decently sturdy one)
  • scissors
  • duct tape (luckily mine was white)
  • a large safety pin

I started out by cutting a scalloped edge around the two paper plates, just to give them a more “elegant” appearance. Then I cut an “x” shape hole in the middle of the plates.  As you’ll see, Katie had a TON of purple satin ribbon, and not so many bows.  This is because they only registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond, who only uses….you guessed it, purple ribbon for gift wrapping.  So, to create a large bow effect, I took strands of purple ribbons cut roughly 10″ long and looped several of them in a circular shape to create the look of a large purple bow as my main background.  Here’s the final product so you can see what I mean…

The purple “bow” is just individual strands fastened together in the middle with a safety pin.  After that I added the large tulle bow and ran a loop through the center of the paper plate to create the handle in the back.  I secured it with duct tape just so it wouldn’t get pulled back through.

Then beyond that I just taped on some extra white and silver bows to fill in some gaps, and I tied the little flower detail to the center knot of ribbon.  Sorry that’s probably the worst explanation of how I did this, but I seriously was just winging it the whole time.  You really can’t mess this up. Just try to keep things centered when needed and balanced.  Oh, and I stapled some extra strands of ribbon and tulle to the bottom of the plate so that they hung down a bit at the bottom.  I was pleasantly surprised with how cute the final product turned out.  I might have given myself a little pat on the back  🙂  Hope the bride likes it!