love birds

One of my favorite keepsakes from our wedding day was our bride and groom bird cake toppers.  We (well actually, mostly my friend and bridesmaid Dana) made them and they turned out so cute.  I got all the materials from Hobby Lobby, and here’s how they looked on our big day.

 I had plans to keep them and display them since the moment we made them, but I actually sorta lost them for a few months.  Somehow in all the craziness of packing all my wedding decor up that night after our wedding reception, my mom accidentally placed them in a random box of non-wedding items at her house.  So for months we couldn’t find them, and I was convinced they must have gotten left behind at our wedding venue.  In the meantime, I made this wedding shadow box, but desperately wished my little love birds could be included.  Then one day this summer my mom found the box which I had labeled “Graves/Boggs wedding topper.”  Yay!! They weren’t lost after all.

Well, I quickly figured out they were actually bigger than I had pictured them before, and would not fit in my other wedding box.  So, today I decided to just make them their own box 🙂

Here’s what I did.  I got another small shadow box (5″x7″) from HobLob (and they were 50% off, whoop whoop!).  I cut off a small piece of burlap (from our stock of leftover wedding burlap) to make a backdrop for my box.  I just used some E6000 glue to stick it to the back board of the shadow box.

 Then I thought about getting some twig-like stuff from Hobby Lobby to make them a nest of some sort they could sit on, but then I remembered I had a lot of this peat moss leftover from my “mossy B” wedding project, so I decided that would do just fine.  I just tore off a little strip and glued it to the bottom inside of the frame.

The next several steps just involved a lot of trial and error gluing to make the birds stand upright, make the heart sign stick to the backdrop, and just make everything stay where it should.  I would have taken pics, but my fingers were caked with glue at this point.  Here’s the final product though!  Oh, and I made the paper banner with our wedding date on it to add a little more significance to the piece.  I love it!

Mr. and Mrs. Chesley Vague

Dana and Chesley tied the knot on Saturday, June 2nd.  The whole wedding was picture perfect!  It was a beautiful garden wedding at the groom’s family home and thanks to a nice thunderstorm Thursday night, the weather was a cool 75 degrees.  It was such a unique wedding day.  We started the morning with a 1030 ceremony followed by a brunch reception in the backyard.  Then a family friend of the Vagues hosted all the wedding party to their home on the lake for the afternoon.  And if that wasn’t enough fun, after our time at the lake, we all went back to the groom’s home for a fun evening reception party!

We woke up bright and early, 630am to be exact.  We had to be at the Vague’s home at 730 to start getting ready.  Thankfully, Chesley’s sisters Amie and Lillie greeted us with some mimosas!  And as we finished getting ready, the guys started arriving for their pictures. Dana and Chesley didn’t see each other before the ceremony, so we did most group pictures after the ceremony.  It was actually kinda nice because we had plenty of time before the ceremony without feeling rushed all morning.

 Here are some other newlyweds…Leah and John.  And my wedding party escort, Ike!
 It was such a wonderful day!!  I loved hanging out with these girls all weekend
Dana and Chesley with their new extended families…
and this guy was looking handsome
 and I could not get enough of the flower arrangements everywhere!
 I’m so glad I could be a part of Dana and Chesley’s special day!!  Wishing them all the happiness in the world!  

Dana and Chesley’s wedding weekend begins

Last weekend we celebrated our last wedding of the season!!  We had 6 weddings this spring, and Dana and Chesley finished us off at #6!  These two actually met and knew each other when we were all in school at Samford University (unlike the rest of us, who didn’t know any of these boys during our times at Samford).  Dana and Chesley had some art classes together and both graduated in Graphic Design.  A few years later they reconnected, and through them I met Greg and Leah met John.  And now we are all married, and the circle is complete 🙂

The weekend kicked off Friday morning with Dana’s bridesmaids luncheon at Oscar’s at the Birmingham Museum of Art.  All her bridesmaids, her mother and mother-in-law, sister-in-laws and grandmothers where able to make it.

 the bridesmaids (minus Lauren, who had already left)
 Dana and the Vague ladies (her almost in-laws!)
 Friday evening we all met at the Vague home for rehearsal and then dinner followed at Musgrove Country Club.  And of course you can always count on us girls to have fun just killing time…

We got a sneak preview of what to expect Saturday morning when we walked into the foyer/living room.  There were flowers EVERYWHERE!!  So many beautiful pink, white, and blue garden flowers.  And Saturday’s decor did NOT disappoint.  Dana is so creative and the whole atmosphere reflected that.

After dinner all of us bridesmaids slept at a home hosted by some Jasper friends of the Vagues.  We had an early morning awaiting us, so we pretty much did the basics…painted toes, ironed dresses, then went on to bed!

a perfect match

I want to take a break from beach posts to write about my dear friends John and Leah.  May 6th was a beautiful Sunday, perfect for a quiet garden wedding.  Leah and John’s relationship started out similar to mine and Greg’s.  John instantly fell for Leah, but she needed some convincing.  But these two could not be more perfect for each other, and it didn’t take long for them to figure that out.  They are both very outgoing, fun-loving, outdoorsy, family-devoted people, and I’m so happy I could be part of their special day.  And they stood right by our side for our wedding day as well!

Oh, and at our wedding, Leah caught my bouquet and John caught the garter!!  AND THEY GOT ENGAGED THE NEXT WEEKEND!  We love them so much and could not be happier for them 🙂

The weekend started out wonderfully with a bridesmaids luncheon at Nabeel’s in Homewood.  Ever since college, it’s been one of our favorite spots to eat when our girlfriends all get together.  And it was so nice having ALL our girls together in one city again.  We figured out we had not all been together since college graduation day 4 years ago!  Saturday evening’s rehearsal went smoothly, and the rehearsal dinner was right next to the Alabama Theatre downtown.  They even got the theatre to put their names on the marquee!  (Photo courtesy of 205 Photography.)

 Then Sunday was the big day!  John and Leah didn’t see each other at all that day.  And it was so sweet when they finally met eyes as she walked down the aisle.  I couldn’t see Leah from where I stood, so I watched John.  And he was so sweet!  He kept having to look down to hold back a tear, which of course got me and Dana tearing up.  The weather was beautiful, and Leah was stunning!

She picked out these beautiful pinkish/purple dresses.  It was so fun that the whole bridal party was made up of our closest girlfriends.  These girls mean the world to me!
 The day was perfect!  Congrats John and Leah!!

it’s wedding season again!

Last weekend we hosted a wedding shower for our dear friends John and Leah.  Have I mentioned that starting in April we have 6 weddings this spring?  John and Leah are getting married May 6th.


Her sister Kaylee and their mom found an awesome location for the shower.  It took place at the Clubhouse on Highlands. It’s a beautiful home that was built in 1910 and then later used as a clubhouse.  The house is gorgeous inside and out, and sits right on Highland Avenue across from RoHo and Rushton Park.

Our group of girlfriends (Leah’s bridesmaids) and Kaylee planned the shower. Kaylee wanted to use lace and burlap and lots of bright colors as the decorative theme.  Luckily, I had lots of burlap, white serving dishes, and mason jars from our wedding that we could use.  As for food, we had fruit kabobs, cupcakes, veggies and dips, baked brie, chicken salad croissants, bacon-poppers and pimento cheese sandwiches.  It was all so delicious!


 I wanna brag for a minute. Kaylee asked me to do the flower arrangements, and luckily because of my own wedding experience I knew where to go for wholesale flowers.  Kaylee went with me to pick out what colors she wanted to use, and I made the arrangements once we got to the clubhouse.  The other girls worked on setting up food tables and we put pictures of John and Leah all around the clubhouse. Dana made a Wish Tree, in which people write their wishes to the bride and groom and hang it on a tree for display.  She also made a cute banner for the mantle where we set all the gifts.


It could not have been a more beautiful day either.  The weather was sunny and warm, and there was a great porch on the front of the house where people ate and mingled.

John and Leah with each of their future mother-in-laws.
 Leah and her bridesmaids/hostesses
(oh yeah, that’s her aunt Jan in the middle, hehe)
It really was a wonderful day!  We had such a great time with our friends!

shadow boxes

I love shadow boxes.  They provide such a neat way to display memories.  Pictures are great, but some things don’t work in plain ole’ 2D form.  So, shadow box to the rescue!  I made a wedding one, and I’m already a little obsessed with it…

 I’ve got my birdcage veil, our ceremony program….
 Greg’s boutonniere…
 our guestbook pen (made by Greg’s mom), my garter…
 and these are pictures of other memorable details like our reception centerpieces that I designed, the church, and our rings
 and there ya have it. The finished product!

it’s official, I’m a Boggs!

A lot of these details are for my own personal journaling, so if you get tired of them…well, I’m sorry. It’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to! hehe 😉   Our wedding day began with a 9am hair appointment for me.  Our photographer had suggested Raemi Spencer over at Lady Fingers in the Colonade (don’t judge them based on their website. The website could use some Greg Boggs Vehicle Media love…).  Anyways, ladies, she is awesome!  I actually went for 2 trail runs the week leading up to the wedding because I didn’t love the first “do,” but not because of anything Raemi did.  I just realized after having it done, a full up-do was not the look I wanted.  She listened to all my ideas and paid close attention to the pictures I had clipped from magazines, and after the 2nd trail, I loved my hair.  So, I highly recommend her!

After hair, mom, Katie, Emily and I grabbed some quick breakfast then headed back home to gather up the rest of our gear and head out to Odenville.  Of course we were supposed to be at the Newton-Davis House by noon to begin getting ready, and the 4 of us didn’t make it until 1230.  I swear, Graves girls cannot get anywhere on time. It’s a terrible flaw in our gene pool. Maybe I’ll do better as a Boggs.  Anyways, so we get to the reception house and my other bridesmaids are all there getting ready. Our photographer, Graham Yelton, was also there setting up.  The one thing that did stress me out about our wedding day is this… because I had done so much of the planning myself and brought so much of the decor with me instead of just using the caterer’s supplies, I felt like I was also doing a lot of running around telling people what goes where and people kept asking me, “where’s this” “where’s that”…so yes, I love that it made for a very personal wedding reception…but my wedding day was certainly not stress-free.  We also got very behind schedule with our picture taking.  I love our photographer, but I think her creativity got a little carried away and we took WAAAAY too long doing wedding party pictures.  I haven’t seen the pictures yet, so I’m hoping we have tons of good ones considering how long we spent on them.  But I’m sad that we literally had about 15 mins for all of our family shots back at the church, which meant we didn’t even get all the shots we wanted.  One of my absolutely favorite aspects of our wedding was the historic country white church, and I would have loved to have gotten some bridal pics with just me in my dress in front of the church.  But we were standing outside the church trying to hurry through as many family pictures as possible when guests started arriving. So of course I had to rush inside and go into hiding for the ceremony to begin.

People always told me once the wedding day got here, I wouldn’t care about little details, I would just enjoy the day.  Well, that was sorta true.  Despite the stress of the afternoon, I breezed through the ceremony.  I was so nervous during the rehearsal the night before that my knees were literally shaking, but somehow I was calm and collected during the actual ceremony.  Even when our flower girl pitched a minor fit during the ceremony and had to be taken outside, I honestly didn’t care.  I’m just proud she made it down the aisle 🙂  Ok, I am going to complain about 1 other thing.  We decided not to get a videographer for our wedding, because first of all, they are so expensive.  Secondly, I didn’t figure we’d ever watch the video besides maybe the 1 time.  But, I really wish now that we had gotten one just to film the ceremony, or at least had a family member with a video camera record the ceremony.  I say this because, 1) I didn’t even get to hear much of our soloist sing, and she’s one of my dear co-workers who has a beautiful voice. 2) I don’t know what it looked like to see our friends walking down the aisle, and I wish I could have seen that, and 3) I want to see our kiss!  I know that will be in a photo obviously, but I still wish I could see it in action.  So, brides-to-be…if you think it’s too expensive to get a videographer, at least just have one for your ceremony, cause as the bride… you don’t even get to see it all taking place, and what you do see flashes by so quickly you won’t hardly remember it.  It’s sad, but true.

The little details I do remember is I almost cried as I walked down the aisle, cause my eyes met with my mom’s and she was crying…so of course I quickly had to gain my composure so we wouldn’t both be blubbering at the alter.  I remember my communion bread piece was a bit too big and I had to give some of it back to Jamie.  Both Greg’s and my hands were so sweaty during the ceremony!  I didn’t feel nervous, but maybe subconsciously we both were.  Greg and I had our own little chat during the communion song in which he asked me if he could dip me when he kissed me, and I told him yes, as long as he did it gently.  He also asked if he could do a fist pump into the air, and I agreed to that as well. haha.  I also remember feeling the urge to turn and see who all was out sitting in the church, and Greg even commented the same thing during our little chat. But we both agreed, we probably weren’t supposed to do that!

After the ceremony, Graham (and her assistant, Hillary) whisked us away to get some really neat sunset shots of Greg and I before we headed to the reception.  I really hope these turned out great.  I always feel awkward doing serious poses. Ya know, like the ones you’re not supposed to smile in.  The “smeyes” pose, as Graham would call it.  Smile with your eyes…Tyra Banks, anyone?  Anyways, I don’t think I’m good at these…but we will find out I suppose.

Here are a few shots of the day that my mom snapped…

 If you look closely in the above pic, my mom happened to catch the guys in the background.  The groomsmen and the father of the groom were all Sigma Nu’s at Samford University. So they decided it would be funny to blindfold all the groomsmen (with their ties), line-up, and Mr. Boggs is railing them like a senior frat boy would do…  lol
Ok, this picture cracks me up and I have to post it. During the reception, I asked Emily (my 18 year old sister) to hold my 1 beer that I drank.  She probably had it in her hands for maybe 5 mins, and of course, she got busted!  haha

Next up…reception!

Friday night fun

Friday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  The rehearsal went as most rehearsals do. Everyone figured out their spot, we ran through it all a few times, and then if we still didn’t know what to do, we just winged it the next day if need be. haha.  This is me and my uncle Jamie. He performed our ceremony 🙂

 G-man got some Bennett love

After the rehearsal, we headed back for dinner at Outtakes in the downtown Homewood area.  We had the whole diner to ourselves for the event, and it was great!  It was the perfect size for our dinner party, and my mother-in-law Kendall did a great job decorating the place!  She made these beautiful centerpeices from rectangular vases with a burlap sash tied around them, and lovely green and white flowers to fill them. 

We had friends and family there from both in town and out of town, and it was so nice mingling amongst one another.  Dinner was Italian themed with lasagna, salad, garlic bread and tiramasu for dessert!  Yumm, yumm.  And we also had a slideshow playing with fun pictures of Greg and I together, and of course the all-too favorite baby pics 🙂 


After dinner, Greg’s dad gave a lovely toast, and then the floor was opened up to our friends, who also had many kind words to say.  Everyone was so nice!  Even Greg gave a small speech and it warmed my heart with the sweet things he said.  I’m a lucky girl to have such a caring and compassionate husband, and I couldn’t be happier!

After the rehearsal dinner, Greg and all his buddies went out to their favorite little Homewood bar, while I of course still had way too much to do.  Believe it or not, wedding programs had still not been printed at that point.  Thank goodness for my dear friend Dana, because without her there would be no programs at all.  She designed them, and although I proofed them earlier that day, I realized at the rehearsal there were a few changes that still needed to be made.  So of course we were working on that at 10pm the night before the wedding.  But, again, props to Dana cause she pulled it all together and printed them the wedding day morning. She’s a lifesaver.  What else did I wait until the last minute to do?  Oh yeah, pack for the honeymoon.  Burn the CD with our ceremony music which inlcuded our communion song and the processional song.  Which by the way, I LOVE the music choices I ended up with for our ceremony.  I debated music for so long, but I’m so happy with the final decisions.  I chose a few favorite hymns to be played during the prelude of the ceremony, and the attendants all walked down to “Winter” from The Four Seasons. I walked in to “Butterfly Waltz” by Brian Crain (it’s not a well known song, but I was so pleased when our pianist actually knew it! Look it up, you’ll love it!).  We played “The Prayer” during our communion, and the whole wedding party walked out to Handel’s “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.” Oh, and Monica, my dear friend from work, sang Stephen Curtis Chapman’s I Will Be Here at the beginning of the ceremony.  I wished I could have heard more of her singing, but I did get to sneak up to the door of the church for just a minute to try and listen.

Back to my late Friday night. I believe it was about 3am before I went to bed that night. Katie and Emily spent the night with me, which was nice to have their company!  We all piled into my queen bed and slept together one last time.  It was like Christmas Eve, and Greg was my long awaited gift from Santa 🙂  And this Christmas morning started bright and early with a 9am hair appointment.  But, I’ll tell you all about that on the next post!

Post wedding catch up!

My oh my, where do I even begin?!?  Since my last post I had my bridesmaids luncheon, rehearsal dinner, wedding, honeymoon, moved (partially) into Greg’s OUR house, and have completed my first week back at work  Each one of those tasks deserves it’s own blog entirely…actually, the honeymoon deserves 3 considering how many pictures we took!  And to avoid a total computer system meltdown with the amount of pictures I would love to share with you all, I will definitely need to divide my updates into multiple posts.

So, to start us off, let’s go back to the beginning of “the wedding week.”  Sunday afternoon kicked off the week with my beautiful bridesmaids luncheon hosted by my good friend and fellow co-worker, Becky.  She did such a great job decorating the table settings, and the location was perfect. I had picked out Another Broken Egg Cafe in Mountain Brook months ago because I absolutely fell in love with it the first time I ate there, and it did not dissappoint!  We picked out a menu of choices including cinnamon roll french toast, banana’s foster, breakfast croissant, and chicken salad.  Word around the table was it was all delicious!

Here’s some pics of the fun afternoon…

pretty table settings made by Becky
all my beautiful bridesmaids
my mother-in-law Kendall, and new sister in-laws Jordan and Callen
the lovely host!

and this is why I love Becky…she always makes me laugh!

me and the mom’s and host

my dear friends, Dana and Leah

the whole gang

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon with some very lovely ladies.  One week and counting to wedding day!

fun filled wedding parties- Part 2

I had to separate the wedding parties into 2 posts.  There was just too much going on that weekend!  After my bridal tea on Saturday, we had our big couples shower on Sunday.  This one was hosted by Greg’s family.  His parents, aunt Kim, Jordan and Eric, and Callen all helped throw a great party!  Kim was so kind to host everyone at her house, and the weather was great and perfect for an outside lunch party.  They cooked all of my favorite things!  Greg teased me a few days before that he knew what we’d be eating at the party and I didn’t.  But, I convinced him to tell me, and he said Jordan had called him and asked him what some of my favorite foods were.  And that’s just what we had!  We ate chicken, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and had chocolate cake and caramel cake for dessert (the caramel cake was for Greg!).  It was all so yummy!  Man, we ate good ALL WEEKEND LONG!

So many of our friends came to the shower! Almost all my girls were here!  (Liz and Elissa, you were greatly missed!!!)  Brit and Sara even came up from Orange Beach!  Of course they did also go to Bama game Saturday, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with it 😉 

And of course Greg had several of his old fraternity brothers there.  And some friends and family of the Boggs were all there.  So it made for a great mix of all our favorite people 🙂

 oh hey Leah! haha
LOVE my sisters
 Hey Mr. and Mrs. Abbey 😉
and future Mr. and Mrs. Lemley!
no matter who we marry, we will always be Graves girls 🙂
mom and her new hubs
ya think mom’s itching for some grandbabies??  haha

all my sisters

Towards the end of the party, a few people (Katie and Mrs. Boggs, in particular) really wanted us to open their gifts. So, since most everyone had left besides family, we decided to sit and open all of our gifts.  We have such wonderful friends and family, and they treated us well.

We were really excited about the 75 piece tool set that Dwaye, mom and Emily gave us! House projects here we come!
I got lots of cake stands which I will use on my bridal cake table.
Yep, it’s a Shake Weight. Thanks Dana and Chesley 😉

All in all, it was a great weekend!  And as of today we are officially 1 week away from our big day. OH. MY. GOODNESS!