Little Henry- 35 weeks

Sunday we celebrated Easter!  I was scheduled to work all weekend, including Easter (since it’s my holiday this year), until another nurse at work on Saturday offered to work my shift for me.  She wanted to pick up an extra shift on Sunday and I was happy to have the opportunity to be off for the holiday.  Unfortunately, since I originally was working, my sister Emily was going to TN with her fiance to spend time with his family, and my other sister had plans to do lunch with her in-laws, we had already decided among my family that everyone would just do their own thing.  So my mom and step dad made plans to go to the lake for the weekend (also in celebration of his birthday, which was Wednesday).  So when my plans suddenly changed, I decided to join Greg and his family for the day.  We went to our church service that morning and then to his aunt Kim’s house for lunch.  It was such a pretty day on Sunday.  Easter is sometimes hit or miss with the weather here in Alabama. Some Easters are still a little cool, but the sun came out and it warmed up as the morning went by and turned out to be a really beautiful day.  Flowers are all starting to bloom around town….and yes, that means pollen is out and covering everything.  I don’t usually welcome rain, but thankfully, it is raining all day today and hopefully washing all the pollen away!

Apr5-Easter (6) Apr5-Easter (4) Apr5-Easter (5) Apr5-Easter (7) Apr5-Easter (1)Then Greg and I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and re-organizing from all the construction chaos that has been going on at the house over the past month.  Our front den had become a dumping zone for all things construction related like tools, paint cans, drop-cloths, trim, bead board…you name it, it was in our front den.  We moved back into the master bedroom a few nights ago, but the guest room was left in shambles.  Half my clothes had migrated to the guest room, and the bed linens needed to be stripped and washed.  And the porch was still set-up with Greg’s table saw and all the left over bead board and trim pieces from the project.  So we spent almost a good 4 hours cleaning, putting everything away and a little re-organizing to get the house back in order.  It’s so nice to have things back in order.  I know I’m OCD and crazy when it comes to stuff like that, but I get stressed when things are not organized and in place.  Order keeps me sane 😉  In the bathroom, everything is done and functional, except that once we started trying to hang the shower curtain rod I realized since we had heightened the door-frame and also removed the tub (which resulted in a lower threshold for the shower), a standard shower curtain was going to be way too short.  In order for it to hang low enough to keep water from spraying over the threshold, Greg would almost be able to peer over the top of it.  And it just looked silly with such a tall ceiling height to work with.  So, I got online and found some taller options, but we have to wait on them to ship.  They don’t seem to carry these other sizes in stores.  And since we already bought and cut tags off the rug for the bathroom, I’ll have to keep looking for a tall curtain that will still match.  But as long as we have the liner, the shower will be functional.  And at least we can use the toilet and sink already.  That has become much easier with my nightly trips to the bathroom.  I no longer have to crawl over Greg and walk down the hall to go pee at night. I just roll out of my side and take 3 steps into the new bathroom. 😉  Much better.

Pregnancy symptoms this week….swelling.  My feet and ankles are generally swollen all the time now.  My work shoes the other day felt a good bit tighter than usual, and my fat feet were poking up out of my heels at church Sunday morning.  So far the swelling is still contained to the knees down.  Fingers and face are still doing good.  The other typical symptoms of back pain and just general uncomfortableness are still going on, but that’s been going on for weeks.  Some nights I sleep alright.  And then some nights I toss and turn trying to find that spot where my stomach and ribs are in just the right synchrony that I can sleep comfortably.  I’m getting excited about some more baby stuff that should deliver soon.  I’ve gotten emails that our car-seat and crib have shipped now, so any day they should be arriving on our doorstep.  My mom was so sweet to buy us our crib when we went shopping last week!!  Our parents are awesome 🙂  Then today, I ordered our pack n’ play.  That pretty much finishes all the true necessities we need in order for Henry to arrive.  Granted we need to stock up on a few more packs of diapers, wipes, and little things here and there. But once those items get here and get setup, we’re pretty much ready for him. 🙂  That is really exciting!  It’s crazy to look at the calendar and think we’re in the home stretch.  Next Monday will be exactly 1 month from our due date!  And of course, he could easily come before then….orrrrr after.  But hopefully not too much after 😉  I take my final exam April 23rd, so anytime after that, I say “come on!”  🙂

Sorry, no bump pic today. I’ve been home all day doing some house-work and school-work, and while I did shower, I’m in sweats and a tshirt.  I’ll be sure to snap one later this week 😉

Little Henry- 34 weeks

We had our OB appointment this morning.  Everything is still looks good.  He measured right at 34 weeks.  Greg and I both agreed the whole measuring the belly thing is probably a little subjective.  I mean, they just feel for my pelvic bone and the top of the uterus.  So if different people measure from week to week, it’s probably slightly different.  Either way,  the bump measured right at 34 inches today.  My blood pressure was 118/71 and my weight….wellllll, we had another growth spurt apparently.  I jumped up another whopping 8 lbs!  That’s a total of 29 lbs now.  Wow.  She told us that was normal though. She said they usually have a growth spurt around 28 weeks and another about now.  And I definitely feel like the bump is growing significantly week to week.  And my lower legs and ankles are swollen most days now.  But I’m not having any swelling anywhere else, and my blood pressure is good, so all is well.  Henry’s heart beat was in the 130s and he was squirming as usual.  She said at the next visit (in 2 weeks), she could check to see if I was progressing at all if I wanted.  Honestly, this little booger has not dropped at all.  He’s still alllll up in my ribs.  And I haven’t felt any contractions of any sort. So unless that changes in the next 2 weeks, I don’t really see any reason for checking for progress. This little guy is happy right were he is 😉

This afternoon, Katie came over and helped me organize the nursery.  We put drawer liners in the dresser, organized the clothes and blankets, rearranged some furniture, put together a floor lamp, and re-organized the bookshelves.  Now we just need to work on the wall decor and get the crib set up (once it gets delivered).  I have some prints I’d like to order from Etsy.  I was going to post a few pics, but I’d rather just wait for the final reveal 😉  ahhh, the suspense.

But here’s a bump picture for the week!

April 3-34 weeks (12)

A Very Busy Productive Week

This has been a busy productive week.  I worked Sunday and don’t work again until this weekend.  I squeezed in two clinicals last week so that I could take a break this week and have several days to study for my test.  Originally, I was going to take it Thursday, but by Wednesday, I was ready to get it over with.  It worked out with my proctor, and I’m really glad I went ahead and took it.  I’ve spent a lot of time doing other things this week too.  We are SO close to finishing the master bathroom. Last weekend Greg hung all the bead-board on the ceiling.  I had to work so he was totally on his own, and although he said it was a very frustrating job, it turned out GREAT!  I thought it would be too busy with bead-board on the ceiling and the walls, but now that we went for it, I think it looks amazing.  This week Greg keeps running into issues with the plumbing, but hopefully one more evening of working on it and it’ll be finished.  I spent a few afternoons touching up paint, cleaning up from the plumbers’ mess, and cleaning the master bedroom.  We cleared the bedroom out for the most part since we knew it would be getting dirty with sheetrock dust and construction mess.  So, I’ve spent the past two nights deep cleaning the bedroom from top to bottom.  Everything had to be dusted. EVERY. SINGLE. SURFACE.  And since I’m notorious for starting a project and taking it to extremes, I went ahead and made some changes to prep for baby time 😉  I switched our nightstands so I can be on the side with more room for a bassinet.  I relocated the dogs’ sleeping area from next to the bed to the corner (cause Henry will get to have the bedside now).  Jack will have to get over it. 😉  I took down some curtains that were super dirty and dusty and washed all the bed linens.  We’ve been sleeping in the guest room for the past month during the renovation, so I’m excited to get back to our normal routine.  And it’ll be nice to get the guest room put back in order.

IMG_4416 IMG_4418 IMG_4417

The other time consuming (but fun!) part of my week has been the nursery prep I’ve been working on.  I went shopping at another consignment market last weekend and racked up on lots of goodies like clothes, bath towels, toys, a precious rocking horse, some linens, bottles, and a few other odds and ends.  Last night I did a few loads of baby laundry and started sorting through everything.  And then this morning, my mom, sister and I went to Buy Buy Baby and bought a few necessities that we still had not purchased yet.  The main thing was the crib and car-seat.  I can’t wait for those two things to get delivered.  🙂  Then I hopped over to World Market and got a laundry basket and some other storage items for the nursery.  Tomorrow will be fun cause my sister Katie is coming over and we’ll really start organizing all the stuff that’s just been thrown into the nursery.  It’s pretty chaotic right now, but tomorrow we’ll start putting things in their place and really getting the room set-up.

Mar28-KidsMarket (1) Mar28-KidsMarket (2)So yeah, it’s been a busy busy week.  Today I may have actually over-done it a little. Oops. I basically was on my feet non-stop from 10am to 9pm.  And now my back and feet are throbbing!!!  My ankles have definitely gotten swollen most nights this week.  I might need to slow it down a little.

Oh, totally off subject, but these little beauties popped up over the past week.  For some reason, last year they came up back from the previous year, but only one or two of them actually bloomed. I was happy to see a lot more blooms this year. 🙂

Mar31-tulips (1) Mar31-tulips (2) Mar31-tulips (3) Mar31-tulips (4) Mar31-tulips (7) Mar31-tulips (8)

We have another OB appointment tomorrow morning.  Nothing special- just checking vitals, measuring my belly, and listen for the heartbeat. Pretty simple.  Greg’s pretty bummed we don’t have anymore ultrasounds scheduled.  I’ve been measuring a week to a week and a half ahead of schedule the past two appointments, so we’ll see if that trend is continuing.  I’ll be sure to update with a bump picture and hopefully some good nursery pics tomorrow 🙂

Little Henry- 33 weeks

This week was pretty busy! I didn’t think I was actually going to get a chance to blog this week, to be honest.  It’s spring break for me (with school), but I certainly didn’t spend it taking time off and going to the beach. Oh how I wish I could be sitting on a beach right about now!  Instead, I packed in 2 days of clinicals (instead of my typical 1).  And with my normal work schedule on top of that, I have seriously been dreading the four days of 12-hr shifts.  But thankfully, I was able to get canceled from work today.  Hallelujah!  So today I slept in a little and caught up on some school work.  It was a much needed catch-up day.

Not much new in the pregnancy department.  Henry keeps growing and the bump is definitely growing.  Sleep is hit or miss these days.  Two nights earlier this week I kept waking up in the middle of the night for no reason and spent about 2-3 hours each night trying to get back to sleep.  Then other nights, I seem to sleep ok.  I’m not having to get up to pee every night, but occasionally.  Flipping from side to side is getting really difficult.  I noticed on days that I work, my legs are starting to get a little swollen.  When I took my socks off at the end of the day, I had a pretty good little indention in my calf where the elastic had been.  Thankfully, I haven’t had any recent light-headedness like I was having.

I’ve noticed Henry seems to move just a little less these days than he has been.  I knew he would slow down as he got bigger, and while he still moves a good bit, it’s definitely less that it was in the previous several weeks.  Now he seems to do more stretching-type movements rather than the more active squirming movements.  He still gets the hiccups a lot!

It’s also been an exciting week cause we’ve received several packages of baby gifts in the mail since our shower.  We’ve gotten books, bottles, our baby monitor, the jogging stroller (heck yeah!!), clothes and blankets!  It’s been so much fun opening each and every package.  I’m so thankful for friends and family who have sent us things!  The nursery is begging for me to organize it, but it’s still full of our master bedroom stuff while we finish up the bathroom renovation.  Greg got all the bead-board up last week and has been working on pulling the wallpaper off the ceiling this week.  Yeah, there was wall paper on the ceiling.  And it’s been a pain to get it off.  We’re seriously contemplating putting bead-board on the ceiling as well because we’re not sure we can smooth out where the wallpaper came off.  More to come on that.  The good news is the plumbers are coming next Tuesday!  So either way, at least we’ll get the shower fixtures, sink and toilet back up and running 🙂  Once I know there’s not more sanding involved, I’ll do some deep cleaning in the bedroom and hopefully we’ll get moved back in by next weekend.  We’ve been sleeping in the guest room for the past few weeks, which is fine, but I’m ready to get things back in order.

That about wraps it up for the week!  I’ve got another exam next week so I’ll be spending part of my weekend studying.  Then I work again on Sunday.  Another week down, and another week closer to the end of this semester!!!  It cannot get here fast enough 😉

Mar27-33weeks (10)

Sunday Showers

It’s been a wet, rainy, weekend, but we had the best kind of showers today.  A baby shower 🙂  Our friends and family gathered to celebrate baby Henry and it was a great afternoon.  Greg’s aunt Kim hosted the shower, and my sister Katie worked hard to plan all the little details.  We had food and drinks, some fun games, and we got lots of great gifts for our little man.  The decor was perfect.  Kim’s house decor worked perfectly with the nursery items I brought and the little details Katie put together.  Everything had that perfect vintage touch that I love so much.

Mar22-babyshower (72) Mar22-babyshower (81) Mar22-babyshower (82) Mar22-babyshower (83) Mar22-babyshower (84) Mar22-babyshower (85)We started off just mingling and eating some delicious snacks and desserts.  Then we had a fun game for the guys to play.  They divided up into two teams and each guy had to diaper a baby-doll blindfolded.  First team to complete the task won a prize!  It was fun cause only 2 guys actually have kids yet. So it was funny watching all the newbies try to change a diaper.  They didn’t do too bad though!!  Then we opened gifts and played another question/answer game with everyone.  Katie had written questions for Greg and me to answer and everyone had to guess whether each answer was mine or Greg’s.  The funny part is we answered the questions independently of one another ahead of time and when we were asked “how much do you think will Henry weigh” and “what date do you think Henry will be born,” Greg and I both answered 7 lbs 4 oz on May 6th.  WHAT?!  We were cracking up this morning when we figured out we had given Katie the exact same answers on those.

Mar22-babyshower (3) Mar22-babyshower (9) Mar22-babyshower (13) Mar22-babyshower (15) Mar22-babyshower (20) Mar22-babyshower (22) Mar22-babyshower (30) Mar22-babyshower (68)Mar22-babyshower (33)Mar22-babyshower (40)Mar22-babyshower (48)Mar22-babyshower (49)Mar22-babyshower (53)Mar22-babyshower (57)Mar22-babyshower (61)Mar22-babyshower (63)Mar22-babyshower (64)Mar22-babyshower (65)Mar22-babyshower (71)Mar22-babyshower (73)Mar22-babyshower (74)Mar22-babyshower (76)Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. We are so blessed to have friends and family that love us so much. An Henry, we can’t wait to meet you 🙂

Little Henry- 32 weeks

We are getting to the end of 32 weeks this week, and with that we had another OB appt this morning.  Henry continues to measure great on his growth.  Our doctor just measured my belly today, no ultrasound measurements. But based on that she said he was actually measuring close to 34 weeks!  Yikes! 🙂  I told her that seemed strange to me because so many people still tell me “you’re so small” or “gosh, you don’t look that far along.”  But she said it’s probably because of my height.  I’m about 5′ 6″, and she said my taller torso makes my bump look smaller.  But my fundal height, which is the measurement they take from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus, measures about a week to a week and a half ahead.  So while overall the bump looks small to most people, we are actually measuring ahead of schedule.  Greg of course asked if that meant we would go into labor ahead of schedule, and she said not necessarily.  Since his weight is right at 50%ile, it may just mean he’s going to be bigger lengthwise.  Who knows.

Greg made the comment on our way out that it’s weird to think that while we’ve had May 11th in our minds all this time, he could come at the end of April. or the first week of May, or even after that!  And it’s true.  May 11th is just a suggestion 🙂  I will say, while I’m not really ready for him to get here (we have a lot of things to check-off on our to-list before he arrives), I’m getting more and more ready to not be pregnant! Each week gets a bit more uncomfortable.  But besides that, I am definitely grateful for an otherwise smooth pregnancy.  I have had no health issues to speak of, blood pressures have always been normal, no complications of any sort…so I really can’t complain!  And honestly, the more uncomfortable I get just means he’s continuing to grow, which is what we want.

At our appointment today my blood pressure was 118/71, heart rate 81, and my weight actually didn’t change from our appt 2 weeks ago.  So I’m still at 22 pounds so far for total weight gain.  I’m not having any swelling, but my varicose veins are definitely getting worse.  (But I had those prior to getting pregnant, thanks to genetics, so I figured they’d get worse).  I haven’t been getting light-headed as much this week as I did last week.  I asked our doctor about it, and she said I just needed to eat something of more substance in the mornings before I get going at work.  My breakfast bar doesn’t cut it.  I’ve never really been a big breakfast eater.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE breakfast food!!  I just don’t wake up hungry.  It takes me a little while to want to eat something in the morning, which isn’t a problem when I’m home.  But when I get up and going at work, and suddenly it’s been 3 hours and all I’ve eaten is a breakfast bar….well, then it’s no wonder I get light-headed.  So, I’ve got to do better at eating before work.

In other news, I’m excited about this weekend!  We’ll have our baby shower and I cannot wait!!  I’m so ready to get the nursery organized and really ready for bringing a baby home.  I’m excited about getting a crib soon.  I feel like right now it all still seems a little surreal because the nursery mostly just has an empty dresser, an empty armoir, and a few odds and ends just sitting around.  I did purchase a rug and crib mattress off the Facebook trading sites recently.  So the nursery is slowly coming along.  The real fun will begin when I start organizing and added the decorative touches. I can’t wait 🙂

Mar20-32 weeks (6)

Little Henry- 31 weeks

Not much to update on this week.  A few new symptoms are starting to evolve.  I’ve been feeling more tired lately. Well, not sleepy tired, but easily winded.  I catch myself needing to sit down and take some deep breaths more in the last few days, otherwise I start feeling light-headed. I haven’t passed out or anything (eh, well I did come close one time), but overall I just feel like I’ve run up a flight of stairs and can’t catch my breath.  It comes and goes at random times.  If it gets worse, or if I do pass out at some point, I’ll call my doctor. Otherwise, I just plan to ask her about it at our appointment next week.  And same goes for my legs.  If I’m walking for any length of time, my legs will start getting really hot and almost numb-feeling.  You know when you’ve been running for a really long time and your legs start burning but you just push through it? That’s what mine will do sometimes.  But I haven’t been running.  And there’s one more new symptom (hello third trimester!!!).  I’ve managed to go my whole pregnancy without getting up in the middle of the night to pee…until this week. Just in the last few days, there’s been two nights where I woke up needing to pee.  So, I guess that’s a thing now.

For exciting news, we have our baby shower coming up in a few weeks!!  I cannot wait! I have done really good about not buying a lot of baby items, so I’m excited to actually start filling the nursery with baby gear. 🙂  Also, I went shopping for a glider for the room over the weekend and Greg’s parents ended up purchasing it for us as their baby gift to Henry.  It won’t be delivered for another 6-8 weeks, but I’m so excited about it. It’s super comfy. I know we will get a lot of use out of it over the next few years.  Heck, my mom still uses her “nursery” recliner in her den from when I was a baby!  So we may have just gotten our forever recliner 😉  You know you have a trusty piece of furniture when it lasts you 30 years!!

Another fun thing this week is tonight we did our hospital tour.  Granted I work at our hospital, sometimes even on the postpartum unit, but I’ve never been to labor and delivery.  Plus, I wanted to make sure we knew what was expected of us when the big day arrives (like who to call, where to report to, etc).  And obviously, I wanted Greg to be familiar with the units.  So we toured the MEU (which is where we’d go first for evaluation), and then L&D (which is where all the fun takes place 😉 ), and then ended in postpartum.  2 more months and we’ll be back again!

Henry’s 31 week stats- So I’ve learned that the measurements don’t seem to be totally accurate on these baby bump apps.  We got another ultrasound last week and know what his actual measurements are, and they don’t line up with the apps’ prediction.  The app says he’s about 16 inches long (which that may still be accurate) and just over 3 pounds.  Well we know from last week our little guy is really closer to 4 pounds. He’s right at the 51%ile though, so he’s not exceptionally large for his age. He’s right where he needs to be 🙂  He just keep growing, which is exactly what he should do.  He’s still tumbling like crazy, but he’s already facing head-down and our doctor said it’s unlikely that he’d flip at this point.  He mostly will just rotate around, but not flip from head-down to head-up.  He seems to get the hiccups a lot lately.  It just feels like little rhythmic spasms in my belly, and yesterday I actually looked down and could see my stomach twitching with each hiccup.

Mar10-31weeks (3)

Little Henry- in 4D!

Today we had our 30 week appointment.  We had an ultrasound scheduled and then an appointment with our doctor.  We’ve had 3 ultrasounds so far, one at 8 weeks, 20 weeks and 25 weeks.  We haven’t gotten the best pictures at these appointments because Henry keeps facing towards the camera, so we have some kinda creepy “alien” looking pictures.  No good profile pictures and no full body shots.  Just pictures of an arm, a face, a leg, etc.  So when we got into the ultrasound room we told the tech we were hoping for a good profile shot.  She said she’d try her best, but when she started the ultrasound, we weren’t seeing much.  He still keeps facing forward and for a second we had a good profile shot, but it didn’t last long.

She took her measurements of his head circumference, abdominal circumference and femur length.  Then she said, “ok, let’s see if we can move this little guy around.”  Then she flipped a switch on the ultrasound machine, and bam!!  Everything switched to 4D mode and there he was.  His precious little face!!!!!!!  Greg and I were in total shock. We never thought we’d get to see him in 4D (cause honestly, I didn’t want to pay extra for it, and I feel like sometimes they still aren’t that great of images).  But there he was, crystal clear on the screen.  It was amazing. Greg and I just couldn’t stop gawking at the screen and “ooo-ing and ahh-ing” over him! 🙂  He is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE.  And the best part is, we didn’t have to pay extra after all.  The tech said at UAB they don’t charge for the 4D images (I guess just for that last ultrasound).  Oh, and at one point we could see him opening his mouth and smacking his little lips.  He’d pucker them out too!  I’m so obsessed with these images! 🙂

Today he measured at 4 pounds.  Our doctor told us to expect about 1/4 pound each week from now until our due date. So if we go all the way to term, we could probably expect him to weight somewhere between 6 and 7 pounds.  Perfect!!!  I would love that.  I know it sounds crazy, but a 9 lb baby is just not a little newborn.  I know I’m used to the super teeny-tiny babies, and I certainly want him to be healthy and go to term.  But I would be thrilled with a perfect little 6 pound newborn 🙂  He’s right at 51%ile.  Oh, and after my shocking 8 pound weight gain at my last appointment, I was pretty excited to just see 1 additional pound this time.  My BP is still normal at 131/75.  So all is good.

Ok, now for the best part.  Pictures!! 🙂  The blurry squiggly stuff in front of his face is umbilical cord.  And he doesn’t have a short nubby arm (which is how it looks in some pics!) 😉

Mar6-30weeks (1) Mar6-30weeks (2) Mar6-30weeks (3) Mar6-30weeks (4) Mar6-30weeks (5)

Little Henry- 30 weeks

These weeks are flying by.  I’m getting more and more excited as we count them down.  I feel like hitting 30 weeks was a wake-up call and I’m ready to get into super baby mode.  Too bad school is still a priority (ish) 😉  right now.  Still gotta go to clinicals.  Still have a few more tests to endure.  I’m in survival mode with school right now.  It’s sad, but I literally do what I can to get by and pass.  It’s so hard to focus on school right now, but I can’t slack up.  I’m too close to quit now!

Bathroom renovations are still going smooth. All the tile work is done.  Last night Greg mentioned the idea of putting beadboard on the walls, so that’s our next step.  Then we’ll paint and get the plumber back out to finish up.  So progress is at a halt at the moment until Greg can get the beadboard work done.

In other baby news, I’ve been researching photographers over the past several weeks trying to decide if I want some maternity photos, newborn photos, birth session photos, etc.  There’s several photographers I’ve liked, but dang, photography is expensive!  I decided I wasn’t going to hang a bunch of maternity photos of myself around the house, so I’ll probably just get my sister to take some shots of me one day next month.  And one night while out on a dinner date, I was discussing these options with Greg and I mentioned that some people have the photographer come take pics in the hospital when the infant is a “fresh” newborn and he brought up about having someone do an actual birthing session.  I never mentioned it before because a) those tend to be particularly expensive and b) I didn’t think he’d ever go for it.  I was surprised that he was super pumped about that option!  I was telling him that they usually get shots of the baby fresh out from delivery, dad cutting the cord, the first bath, dad telling the rest of the family, etc. He was like “yes, yes, I want that!”  haha.  Thankfully he knows a friend from his networking group who is a photographer and does these sessions, and he was totally on board with having her in the room during the delivery.  So hopefully we will meet with her next week and get that lined up 🙂   I’m really excited because I think those will be such special photographs.  And I can’t guarantee that Greg won’t be passing out during certain parts of the delivery, so this ensures we will have those photographs and Greg won’t have to be responsible for taking them 😉

My pregnancy symptoms are getting a little more annoying these days. Back pain is still an on-going issue (and I’m pretty sure it won’t go away until this baby is OUT).  But also now my lower abdominal muscles get tight and strained, mostly when I’m laying in bed trying to flip from side to side.  I can tell the weight of my belly pulls on those muscles and causes them to cramp up.  And then early this morning I woke up having some pretty uncomfortable cramping.  I don’t know if it was the Braxton hicks contractions that people talk about or what.  It only lasted about 30 minutes and just felt like menstrual cramping over and over.  Then it went away.  Oh, and I still get short of breath sometimes.  Not even after doing anything in particular.  Like yesterday, I came home from clinical and brought in my stuff from the car and I guess because I was talking on the phone at the same time, I could tell I was trying to catch my breath.  But yet I came home from the grocery store last night and unloaded a trunk full of groceries and it didn’t bother me.  So who knows.  The weather is REALLY nice today (like in the 70s!), so I’m probably going to take a walk around the neighborhood for a little exercise and see if that helps.  Tomorrow it may snow again so I want to take advantage of this warm weather while I can 🙂

Henry’s 30 week stats-  He is probably about 2.75 lbs and almost 16 inches in length from head to toe.  Everything continues to mature and grow and he will start packing on weight over the next several weeks.  Greg asked what he looks like and I said he looks like a normal baby, just only about 2 pounds.  He couldn’t quite picture that so we did a quick Google search of 30 week premies, and sure enough, they look just like a term baby just much smaller and skinnier. I told him most 30 weekers only require minimal oxygen or sometimes even breath on their own after delivery. They cry and open their eyes like term babies.  They can’t bottle feed yet or maintain their body temperatures, but overall, they do really well at this point.  They just need to grow 🙂  I think he thought maybe certain things still weren’t developed at this point, but really everything just continues to mature.  All the pieces are already in place.  I had a set of 30-week twins at work this week, so I have a pretty solid picture of what our baby looks like from here on out (as far as development and size goes).  We have another OB appointment on Friday with an ultrasound, so I’ll be sure to do another update after that.  They will measure him and tell us his current weight, and also give us a prediction of what his weight may be at delivery.  At this point in the pregnancy, doctors can somewhat predict this based on average weight gain per week that is typical for infants.  It seems a little early to me to be making these predictions, but we’ll see what they say. 🙂

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Little Henry- 29 weeks

We are cruising through our last week in the 20s!  I think Henry is definitely going through a growth spurt. My back is constantly hurting these days, which has to mean he’s getting bigger.  I got a massage on Monday, and while it was wonderful, it didn’t do much for the back pain.  The muscles along my right scapula and down the right side of my back constantly feel tight and sore. 🙁  He’s still squirming a lot, and sometimes I actually feel him pushing on my right rib.  I knew he had to be close the way it’s been hurting the past two weeks.  But now I actually feel a more distinct jab at my ribcage sometimes.  Hopefully he starts his movement downward over the next few weeks.  We actually get another ultrasound next week to check his placement. So we’ll see exactly where the little booger is. 😉

No other symptoms to report these days.  No weird cravings.  Although, I have noticed I crave sweets more than I usually do.  Typically, I don’t buy a lot of sweets to have in the house.  I’ll buy the little Debbie Christmas trees during December, and for Valentine’s day I bought some of the pink hearts.  But in general, I don’t keep cookies or such in the house.  I’ve actually held off on buying Girl Scout cookies so far this year only because I’m afraid I’d lose my self-control.  BUT, that being said, when we had our Valentine’s dinner with Greg’s family a few weeks ago, I bought a chocolate mousse pie and a cheesecake, both of which ended up staying at our house once everyone left. So we’ve been enjoying those over the past 2 weeks.  🙂

Nothing new in the nursery.  It’s actually a temporary storage room while this bathroom renovation is going on.  Since the bathroom is directly off the master bedroom, we moved out of the master and have been sleeping in the guest room the past few days.  We knew sheet-rock dust would get everywhere, so we tried to clear as much out of the master bedroom as possible (minus the dresser and bed).  So most of it is dumped in the nursery right now.


Honestly, until we have a baby shower there’s not much progress to be made in the nursery.  So it’s been fairly untouched for the past month.  Eventually I need to go shopping for a large area rug and a glider.  But I haven’t felt in a rush to do that yet.  Probably next month.

29 week stats- Baby boy should be reaching about 2 1/2 pounds and approximately 15 inches from head to toe this week.  Muscles and lungs continue to mature, and his head is growing as his brain matures.  His bones are hardening which means I need lots of calcium intake this trimester.  No worries there. I drink LOTS of milk. MMmmm 🙂  As he continues to grow, he presses up against my diaphragm, which could cause some shortness of breath at times (yes, I can attest to this!).  I feel like I breath really heavily at times.  And when I walk up the stairs at clinicals (between our unit and the ICU), I definitely get winded.  I probably should do some low-impact cardio to help with that.  Maybe when the weather gets nice I’ll take some brisk walks around the neighborhood. I actually kinda miss what little workouts I used to do (mainly Pure Barre).  But with clinicals and school, ain’t nobody got time for that. :/   Hopefully I can get back into it post grad-school!

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