Honeymoon time-final days

Our last full day in Atlantis we mainly visited the pools and slides, we watched a shark feeding, rode the slides a few more time, took another looong nap by the pool, and then wandered over to the beach for a while. 


 Luckily, the weather had been great all week!  I think it rained for few hours one morning earlier in the week, but we slept in and didn’t notice.  Only on our last full day did we have to deal with an afternoon shower.  And I feel like we got the best experience out of it.  We were just chilling on the beach and noticed some dark clouds rolling in from the ocean.  We sat and watched the storm roll in for almost an hour as it got closer and closer, and lightning stuck out over the ocean.  It was actually really cool!  I don’t know what the official weather term is for this, but a little tornado even developed over the water!  Eventually, it got close enough that we made a run for cover before the bottom dropped!  But even then we just hung out in the casino for a bit and then headed back to the room to relax before dinner.


 For our last honeymoon dinner we walked back to the marina and ate at a restaurant called Carmine’s.  All of their meals are family style.  Thank goodness the guy sitting next to us at the bar (who’s wife actually used to be the manager of Carmine’s in NYC) told us this because we were prepared to order our own meals.  That would have been a huge (costly) mistake!  This was our 1 plate between the two of us.  It was HUGE, and we ate leftovers from it the next day for lunch, and still threw some of it away!


This guy was the shuttle bus driver that takes you back and forth between the Haborside condo’s (where we stayed) and the main Atlantis resort.  He was crazy!  Ok, ya know the monkey Rafiki in The Lion King?  You know how he acts at the end of the movie, kinda crazy, when he meets grown up Simba?  THAT WAS THIS GUY!  Literally, every time we rode the bus with him he sang these Jamaican/Bohemian songs the whole time.  He was so hyper no matter what time of day it was, and it cracked us up.  We had to get a picture with him.

On our departure day we just had time to get up, get checked out, wander around the marina a bit, then head out to the airport.  There was a giant boat in the marina that Greg was intrigued by.  This thing was HUGE!  Enough so that he made me take several pictures next to it.


 At the airport, Greg bought a hand-rolled cigar from this guy.  And of course we had to keep ourselves entertained in the airport since we actually got there very early!  Then it was time to say goodbye to Nassau, Bahamas.  We had such a great trip!  I wouldn’t change a thing about it.  I would love to take a trip back one day, and I hope we do!

Honeymoon time- Day 4

Our fourth day we mostly just wandered around the Atlantis property, going back to eat at one of our favorite places from earlier in the week, revisiting some of the aquariums, and just exploring the area.  No agendas, just taking it easy.  Greg took some time taking pictures of some architectural details of the resort.


 We went back to the lagoon restaurant, and I got the fettuccine alfredo, AGAIN. I so wish I could eat this stuff every week.  How strange is it that an island is the Bahama’s is where I have found the best chicken alfredo ever??  The restaurant was really cool too.  It sat in the middle of the lagoon, had an aquarium below it, and some cool murals painted on the dome ceiling.

 The biggest aquarium is right in the center of the Royal Tower, next to the casino.  This is where the manta rays live!
 We walked to the dolphin cay to watch them do some shows.
For dinner that night we decided to take a taxi into town and eat at a local place called The Poop Deck.  Greg has eaten here many times with his family on vacation, and it’s one of his favorite places to eat in Nassau.  After dinner, we walked through the marina and stopped for ice cream!

Honeymoon time – Day 3

Day 3 of our honeymoon began with a trip to the Nassau Straw Market.  It’s a street market (picture the scene from the Disney movie Aladin where Jasmine walks through the market in disguise…”purses for the pretty lady…jewelry, bags, hats….come take a look pretty lady.”)  Yep,it’s just like that.  It was fun, and I walked away with a straw hat (of course!) and a fake Coach duffel bag. hehe

Oh, and we stopped at Senior Frog for lunch…

 We took a ferry ride from the Straw Market back across to the Atlantis property.
I just couldn’t get enough of that awesome resort. It looked so cool every time I saw it!
 The rest of the afternoon was super chill.  After the market we just went to the pools and relaxed. I got my pina colada by the pool, and I was set 🙂
 Greg wanted to enjoy his strawberry daiquiri on the lazy river…
 We decided to stay at the pool till sunset which was nice cause the pool decks cleared out early and we were the only ones left.  We had nowhere to be, so why not 🙂  I think we just went back to the casino lounge again for dinner that night.  Like I said, this was our slow chill day.

Honeymoon time- Day 2 (dolphin pics!)

So, I forgot to post a few awesome pics in the last post.  We got a waterproof camera to take with us when we did the dolphin encounters, and I was actually surprised they turned out!

We got to feed them…
and hug and kiss them… (and after some splashing around, the camera lens started getting a little wet…)
 and we danced with them!! 🙂
Dolphin kisses!
We had so much fun with the dolphins!

Honeymoon time- Day 2

Our second day began bright and early with a dolphin swim! It was so much fun!!  We took a boat ride over to another island and got waist deep in the water with a dolphin. The dolphin hugged us, gave us a kiss on the cheek, danced with us, and did some tricks. We also fed it a fish!  I loved it!

“Dolphin Encounters”…. some people have no photography skills. I asked the ferry guy to take our picture in front of the sign.  Is it too much to ask that you actually get the whole sign in the picture???

 This is their pregnant dolphin
 After our dolphin encounter we walked over to the beach area to sit for a few minutes until our ferry boat came back to get us.  Greg enjoyed a dip in the water while I obviously tried to get some sun 🙂
 That tan triangle shape in the water is a wild stingray that was swimming around in the water right along the beach.  It was so weird seeing wildlife so closely mixed in with humans.  He could have just swam right past you!
 The boat ride back to Paradise Island. Could the water and sky be any bluer?? Gorgeous! And there’s NO editing done to these 2 pictures below! Straight off my camera.
 Oh hey rings, aren’t you beautiful 🙂

lunch out at the Harborside pier by our condos

After lunch, we decided to hang out at the Harborside pool, since it was quieter and less crowded.  Well, both Greg and I literally fell asleep for about 2 hours.  And I’m talking deep sleep, like you would have thought we were in our beds!  Thank goodness we had lathered up on sunscreen prior or we would have been lobsters! When we woke up, we headed back over to the Royal Towers to do some more exploring.

This is Bobby Flay’s restaurant.  Unfortunately, the cheapest meal on the menu is roughly $65, and honeymoon or not, that was a bit out of our price range.

But we had our own nice dinner that night without Bobby Flay.  We freshened up and went to an awesome buffet at the Royal Towers called Marketplace.  And what did we do after dinner?? Yep, explored the aquariums again (and the casino).  Can you tell I love aquariums?  Oh, and you can’t go to Atlantis and not get this shot… (tourist alert!)


You can’t tell by this picture, but this manta ray is HUGE!! I mean really, really huge! He has a wingspan of probably 12 feet.  Yeah, he’s a big guy.

Honeymoon time- Arrival and Day 1

We had such a great honeymoon! The weather was wonderful.  It was sunny with a high of 85-90 degrees and 60s in the evenings. Perfect weather.  We had a ground floor condo separate from the main resort. So, we didn’t feel like we were in a huge hotel and that was nice.  We ate delicious food all week, rode on some awesome water slides and not-so-lazy rivers with rapids.  We played a little in the casino, found lots of aquariums, got massages, and swam with a dolphin!  That pretty much sums up the week.

But, you know I can’t do a honeymoon post without some a ton of pictures. And believe me, we have tons.  So, to make this easier, I’ll divide it up like the wedding posts.

The night of the wedding, the best man’s parents drove us to Atlanta to stay at the Boggs’ condo since we were catching out flight out of ATL Sunday morning. Here we are about to crash for the night, and boy were we tired…

Bahamas bound!
Sunday afternoon we basically just wandered around Atlantis checking out some cool stuff…like this guy…
 and this guy…
We slept in Monday…actually, we pretty much slept in every day.  Clocks, phones, schedules…none of that matters on your honeymoon 🙂  But, by noonish we were finally up and ready for some pools and slides at the Atlantis resort.
Here we are at the Royal Towers, and behind us across the marina are our Harborside condos.  Aren’t the cute?!
 After some lazy river and water slides, we ate lunch out by the lagoon, which was delicious. This was honestly my favorite meal of the trip. Delicious chicken fettucine alfredo. And Greg had an awesome shrimp pizza.

 beautiful sunset by the dolphin cay

  We ended our first day with massages, which were AMAZING!  And wandered through some more aquariums before heading back to get ready for dinner.

 We went out to dinner at Bimini Road in the marina.  It was yummy!