Sunday Showers

It’s been a wet, rainy, weekend, but we had the best kind of showers today.  A baby shower 🙂  Our friends and family gathered to celebrate baby Henry and it was a great afternoon.  Greg’s aunt Kim hosted the shower, and my sister Katie worked hard to plan all the little details.  We had food and drinks, some fun games, and we got lots of great gifts for our little man.  The decor was perfect.  Kim’s house decor worked perfectly with the nursery items I brought and the little details Katie put together.  Everything had that perfect vintage touch that I love so much.

Mar22-babyshower (72) Mar22-babyshower (81) Mar22-babyshower (82) Mar22-babyshower (83) Mar22-babyshower (84) Mar22-babyshower (85)We started off just mingling and eating some delicious snacks and desserts.  Then we had a fun game for the guys to play.  They divided up into two teams and each guy had to diaper a baby-doll blindfolded.  First team to complete the task won a prize!  It was fun cause only 2 guys actually have kids yet. So it was funny watching all the newbies try to change a diaper.  They didn’t do too bad though!!  Then we opened gifts and played another question/answer game with everyone.  Katie had written questions for Greg and me to answer and everyone had to guess whether each answer was mine or Greg’s.  The funny part is we answered the questions independently of one another ahead of time and when we were asked “how much do you think will Henry weigh” and “what date do you think Henry will be born,” Greg and I both answered 7 lbs 4 oz on May 6th.  WHAT?!  We were cracking up this morning when we figured out we had given Katie the exact same answers on those.

Mar22-babyshower (3) Mar22-babyshower (9) Mar22-babyshower (13) Mar22-babyshower (15) Mar22-babyshower (20) Mar22-babyshower (22) Mar22-babyshower (30) Mar22-babyshower (68)Mar22-babyshower (33)Mar22-babyshower (40)Mar22-babyshower (48)Mar22-babyshower (49)Mar22-babyshower (53)Mar22-babyshower (57)Mar22-babyshower (61)Mar22-babyshower (63)Mar22-babyshower (64)Mar22-babyshower (65)Mar22-babyshower (71)Mar22-babyshower (73)Mar22-babyshower (74)Mar22-babyshower (76)Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. We are so blessed to have friends and family that love us so much. An Henry, we can’t wait to meet you 🙂

Weekend in Nashville- 19 weeks

Ok, we’re slowly getting caught up.  After the birthday celebrations Thursday night, we headed out of town Friday morning for a weekend in Nashville.  My anniversary gift from Greg this year was a trip to Nashville to see the Radio City Rockettes at the Grand Ole Opry.  We got into town thinking the show was at 5pm, but once we got here and looked at the tickets, we realized the show wasn’t until 8pm. So we had a few hours that we spent doing some Christmas shopping at Opry Mills mall, then had dinner at Dave and Busters.  I always enjoy one-on-one time with Greg, and Friday night was a lot of fun.  The show was amazing!  I don’t think Greg really knew what he was about to see, but he really enjoyed the show too!  The Rockettes are crazy impressive.  The music, the dancing, the costumes, the living nativity story at the end….soooo good!  I loved it!  And sadly, this season is the last year the Rockettes will be performing in Nashville. After that, you have to travel to New York City to see them.

Dec19-Rockettes (1) Dec19-Rockettes (2) Dec19-Rockettes (3)

We always stay with our friends Steven and Mallorie when we visit Nashville, and this trip was no different.  Mallorie and I did a little shopping together Saturday.  I needed to get one more Christmas gift, so Mallorie and I headed to Lebanon’s downtown square.  Steven had to work most of the day, but Greg got to go with him on a few house farm calls. Steve is a large-animal vet here in Lebanon, TN, and they had some horses they needed to tend to this afternoon.  Then Saturday night the boys headed to Nashville for one of Steven’s co-workers’ birthday celebration. Mallorie and I were pretty tired (we’re both pregnant), so we just stayed at the house and watched Christmas movies 🙂

So as we finish up week 19, we are pretty ecstatic that in a few days we finally find out the gender of baby Boggs!  It’s finally here.  We cannot wait!

Week 19 stats- Baby is 6 inches and now 8.5 ounces.  We have grown almost 2 ounces from last week and can now be compared to an heirloom tomato.  Senses are continuing to develop- hearing, smell, taste, vision and touch, although obviously not all will be used for a while.  Motor neurons are continuing to develop allowing for more controlled and conscious movements.  And I can definitely feel those little movements now.  They come and go throughout the day, especially after a meal or when I’m relaxed hanging out on the couch or bed. Greg has only felt it move one time. I don’t think he’d be able to feel most of these movements lately. But just a few days after I first started feeling movements (2 weeks ago), Greg got lucky one time.  I had just crawled into bed one night and it started to move again. I told Greg to give me his hand, and as soon as I placed it on my belly, the baby gave us a good strong kick. That’s the strongest one either of us has experienced in the last two weeks, so I’m glad Greg got to feel it. 🙂

A Tacky Christmas Birthday Bash

This past week Greg turned the big 3-0.  Oh yes, we have a 30 year old in the house now.  In honor of this big celebration, the Christmas season, and his love for all things Christmas Vacation related, we threw a big tacky Christmas (Vacation-themed) birthday party for him at our house Thursday night.  It took a ton of planning, from cleaning the house, to decorating, to food prep, but it was all worth it.  We had a bonfire for roasting hotdogs and s’mores, plus a hot chocolate bar, wine, and other treats.  Greg setup a burnt Christmas tree in the front den, had Clark Griswold’s legs hanging from our ceiling, and we had enough lights on the front of the house to light up the whole cul-de-sac. Many of our closest friends came by to join the fun.  Jordan and the kids came by for a bit and they enjoyed making s’mores at the bonfire.  Everyone wore their tacky gear, which was great!  It was such a fun night!  Enjoy the pics 😉  (thanks Leah Brandon for capturing a lot of these shots!)

dec18Dec 18-Gregbday (7)Dec 18-Gregbday (8)Dec 18-Gregbday (14)Dec 18-Gregbday (11)Dec 18-Gregbday (26)Dec18-GregBday (7)Dec 18-Gregbday (34)Dec18-GregBday (11)Dec18-GregBday (15)Dec18-GregBday (16)Dec18-GregBday (14)Dec18-GregBday (38)Dec18-GregBday (13)Dec18-GregBday (21)Dec18-GregBday (41)Dec18-GregBday (2)Dec18-GregBday (39)Dec18-GregBday (37)

I should probably explain these next few pics. The guys all have a tradition they started in college that they give each other the most random assortment of stuff for birthday gifts. Like, random crap from around the house, or super odd things that they purchase, etc.  For Greg’s 30th, they decided to go big. So this giant cardboard Santa was constructed and every body part of him had some sort of gift wrapped inside of it.  So his arms, legs, and body were all filled with little gifts….and in typical “boys will be boys” fashion, they were all poop/fart/body odor related gifts.  If anyone is curious, our baby now owns a copy of Everyone Poops.   Dec 18-Gregbday (39)Dec18-GregBday (25)Dec18-GregBday (27)Dec18-GregBday (29)Dec18-GregBday (33)Dec 18-Gregbday (56)Dec 18-Gregbday (82)Dec18-bdayDec 18-Gregbday (72)Dec 18-Gregbday (75)Dec 18-Gregbday (80)


Weddings and Week 18

Week of December 7-13

December has been crazy busy and flown by!  I mean, Christmas is next week! Whaaaaat?  I had finals, then one of my best friend’s wedding, then Greg turned 30, and now boom…it’s practically Christmas.  All that to say, blogging has dropped down the totem pole of priorities.  But stick with me and I’ll get us caught up!

My final exam of this semester was on Thurs. December 11.  It was all about the immune system.  Luckily, I had a pretty safe grade going into the exam.  Even if I’d made a 100%, I couldn’t make an A in the class, but I would have had to totally bomb the final to lose my B.  It didn’t help with my motivation to study, but thankfully there seemed to be less reading material this time.  And either I actually absorbed it better than usual (ha, not likely!), or this test wasn’t as bad as the others, but I did best on my final.  So shew, another semester down.  I was sooooo ready for a break!!

December 12th and 13th we celebrated the wedding weekend of my good friend Caroline and her fiance’, Paul. caroline

Friday morning she had her bridal luncheon at one of our favorite restaurants, Nabeel’s, in Homewood.  It’s this little Greek/Mediterranean cafe where our group of girlfriends spent many many meals together during our college years.dec12

Saturday during the day, Greg and I did some MAJOR yard work.  We raked and raked and raked some more to get all the leaves up out of our yard. You couldn’t even see our grass or driveway. It was just solid brown with leaves.  We also spent a lot of time prepping the outside of the house for our tacky Christmas birthday party for Greg later the next week.  Greg put tons of lights on the house and I cleaned out and cleaned up the back porch and hung string lights,  I don’t think the outside of our house has looked this good in a long time. It was well worth the work!  The wedding was at 4, so we got cleaned up and headed out for a night of celebrations.  Caroline and Paul were married at Avondale United Methodist church.  That is a gorgeous church!  The sanctuary is filled with beautiful woodwork and wood beams in it’s high ceilings, and stained glass windows all around.

Our good friend Lauren led the ceremony. She completed seminary school at Samford a few years ago.  It was a sweet, intimate, friend-filled wedding ceremony.  The reception was at Saw’s Juke Joint, this awesome southern bbq joint in Mountain Brook.  Originally the reception was to be held at Sloss Furnaces- a historic landmark for the iron-works industry here in Birmingham, AL.  However, poor Caroline had a similar wedding debacle as we did because the reception venue has been under renovations for the past 6 months, and although they assured her the would be complete well before wedding time….they were not.  So about 3 weeks before the wedding date, Caroline was on a mad hunt for a new venue.  But honestly, Saw’s was a perfect location. They were able to rent out the whole restaurant, had a vinyl record DJ do all the music, and the food was phenomenal!! I mean, seriously…good, home-style, southern food.  Delicious!  We all had a great time. (excuse the terrible quality pics. We just use our phones these days, and I’m still rocking an iPhone 4 at the moment….so yeah.)  New phone and new camera are hopefully both in the near future.

Dec13- Caroline wedding (1) Dec13- Caroline wedding (8) Dec13- Caroline wedding (7) Dec13- Caroline wedding (2) Dec13- Caroline wedding (6)It’s always great having all our friends in town together.  Most of us live in Birmingham, but a few are scattered around the country.  Another wedding in the books, and another great night shared with these lovely ladies.

That pretty much wrapped up week 18.  The bump is still quite small. Sorry, no pic again.  December has been a whirlwind. I notice the bump, and Greg notices it, but honestly, people still look at me and go, “where’s the bump?” or “eh, it’s kinda there!”  I can still easily get away with not even looking pregnant in some of my tops.  And I’m still not needing maternity pants or anything. I just stick with corduroy pants or leggings 😉

18 week baby stats- Baby is now the size of a sweet potato measuring about 5.5 inches long and almost 7 ounces.  Bones continue to develop and harden throughout it’s body, but in particular this week the bones of the inner ear are beginning to develop. This means he/she may start to hear sounds soon, such as my heartbeat and eventually sounds from the outside world.

Welcome Home St. Paul

Last week we had the pleasure of enjoying another fantastic show by St. Paul and the Broken Bones.  As usual, they did not disappoint.  This time the show was at Birmingham’s very own Alabama Theatre.  It’s this gorgeous theatre downtown built in 1927.  It has been beautifully maintained for all these years, and I’ve loved getting to attend various shows there including ballet performances, movie-showings, my high school beauty pageant, and now a concert.  I don’t have any pictures to show off the beautiful interior, but I did some google searching and found some great shots from over the years.  Here she is in her opening day glory, December 26, 1927…


One of the things that has also been wonderfully maintained/restored is this old Wurlitzer pipe organ.  It still works to this day, and I’ve heard it played many times at various events at the Alabama Theatre.  As you can see in one of the pictures above, there was another theatre right across from the Alabama Theatre called the Lyric.  It was built in 1914 and at that time you could attend a show for 25-75 cents.  The Lyric was built as a live performing arts theatre, whereas the Alabama Theatre originally opened as a movie theatre.  The Lyric has been out of business since the 1970s, but it is currently being restored to it’s former 1920’s glory 🙂  And it looks great so far from the outside!! The lights are bright and beautiful!


Anyways, back to St. Paul and the Broken Bones. The show was fantastic!  We grabbed dinner with John, Leah, Chesley & Dana before the show at J. Clyde, then hopped a taxi to the theatre.  If you like a mix of jazz, gospel, and soul music then you’ll love St. Paul.  He is an entertainer who truly loves what he does and you can tell when you see him on stage.  His band is also so talented. The brass horns make their music one-of-a-kind.  It was a great night!

Nov13-St.Paul (4) Nov13-St.Paul (6) Nov13-St.Paul (1) Nov13-St.Paul (7)

the Girls Do NYC-Monday

We weren’t flying out to return home until late Monday afternoon, so we had one more morning in NYC to enjoy.  We all decided to go explore Central Park for the morning.  While most of us got ready and packed up our bags, Elissa decided she wanted to walk through Rockefeller Plaza to the park, so she headed out early.  The rest of us traveled by subway and we decided to find a good breakfast shop near the park for coffee and food while we waited for Elissa to arrive.  Next we explored into the park for a while.  The weather was amazing that morning.  It wasn’t hot, maybe mid 70s.  Perfect day for Central Park adventures.  We walked to see the boathouse and the fountain and then towards the southern portion of the park to head out. I wanted to see The Plaza Hotel, so Dana and Leah walked with me to go do that.  We also got to walk all along 5th Avenue to catch the subway back to the hotel.  We grabbed some lunch in the hotel diner, then everyone loaded up in taxis to head to the airport.  The whole weekend was so much fun!!  Such a great time to spend with my best friends.  I’m so thankful for these ladies in my life.  We have almost 10 years of friendships between us all, and I love them dearly.  🙂

Elissa-Rockefella (1) Elissa-Rockefella (2) Elissa-Rockefella (3) Elissa-Rockefella (4) Elissa-Rockefella (6) Elissa-Rockefella (7) Elissa-Rockefella (8) Elissa-Rockefella (9) Mon-CentralPark (1) Mon-CentralPark (4)

Mon-CentralPark (6) Mon-CentralPark (14)Mon-CentralPark (13)   Mon-CentralPark (60)  Mon-CentralPark (68)Mon-CentralPark (65) Mon-CentralPark (69)  Mon-CentralPark (73)Mon-CentralPark (67)Mon-CentralPark (71) Mon-CentralPark (70) Mon-CentralPark (25) Mon-CentralPark (26) Mon-CentralPark (29) Mon-CentralPark (32) Mon-CentralPark (30) Mon-CentralPark (31) Mon-CentralPark (39) Mon-CentralPark (41) Mon-CentralPark (93) Mon-CentralPark (46) Mon-CentralPark (47) Mon-CentralPark (92) Mon-CentralPark (97) Mon-CentralPark (95)Elissa-Rockefella (12)Mon-CentralPark (98) Mon-CentralPark (54) Mon-CentralPark (51) Mon-CentralPark (52) Mon-CentralPark (99) Mon-CentralPark (109)Mon-CentralPark (66) Mon-CentralPark (111) Mon-CentralPark (113) Mon-CentralPark (112) Mon-CentralPark (114) Mon-CentralPark (117)  Mon-CentralPark (120) Mon-CentralPark (125)


NYC with St. Paul and the Broken Bones

After our city adventures during the day, it was time to head over to the Lincoln Center to enjoy Paul’s show.  Paul is engaged to our friend, Caroline.  I’ve talked about his band before (you can read more about it here: St. Paul and the Broken Bones).  They continue to do well, and part of the reason this trip was planned in the first place was to make a girls’ trip out of going to NYC to watch his show.  So Sunday evening, all the girls re-grouped to enjoy the show.  Thanks to Paul, we got to enjoy it from the awesome VIP tent.  He did great, as usual. He’s such an entertaining performer and we love going to support him!  And we are so happy for him and Caroline. They make a great team 🙂  It was an awesome way to spend our last evening in New York City.

Concert (41) Concert (2) Concert (3)  Concert (11)Concert (10)  Concert (23)Concert (12)  Concert (32) Concert (33) Concert (36) Concert (38)

the Girls Do NYC- Sunday

Sunday morning started out with breakfast and coffee for the early risers…

Sunday (1) Sunday (14) Sunday (18) Sunday (8) Sunday (9) Sunday (13)Sunday (10)

Then we all went in different directions again, and I embarked on another adventure to catch up with Leah and Dana who were exploring on bikes again through the city.  Our hotel was about 6 blocks south of Times Square and Bryant Park, so I headed that way to find them.  And in true New York fashion, it wasn’t a simple quick ride as I thought it would be when I set off on the bike.  First of all, Midtown (where out hotel was), is not nearly as bike friendly as the other parts of New York that we had explored the day before.  Bike lanes run right alongside busy New York Streets, but “Midtown” busy was much different than “lower Manhattan” busy.  I’m pretty sure I walked my bike more than I rode it.  And then about 3 blocks from our hotel, I found myself deep into total crowd chaos of some sort of Spanish heritage parade. Yeah.  Streets were blocked off, I was maneuvering around crowds and crowds of people (with bike, mind you) trying to cross streets before parade horses made their way towards me.  It was a frikkin’ nightmare.  So, about an hour later I finally reached Bryant Park, caught up with Leah and Dana, ditched the bike, and then the three of us explored Times Square.  Oh Times Square, you never cease to amaze me.  It’s certainly a sight to see.

Sunday (16)Sunday (20)

Sunday (23) Sunday (31) Sunday (28) Sunday (33) Sunday (37)  Sunday (39) Sunday (43) Sunday (51) Sunday (47) Sunday (55) Sunday (58)From Times Square we walked back by our hotel to change shoes (our feet were dying!), and then walked to Highline Park (another 12 or so blocks away).  Highline Park is a greenway that has been built over an old raised railroad track that used to run along the Hudson river.  They are still in the process of expanding it.  The city views were nice up there and it was nice to walk among green trees and flowers.  This southern girl needed that little dose of nature 😉

Sunday (72)  Sunday (77)Sunday (105) Sunday (81) Sunday (84)Sunday (82)  Sunday (85) Sunday (87)  Sunday (96) Sunday (99)Sunday (88) Sunday (100) Sunday (108) Sunday (115)Sunday (110) Sunday (113)  Sunday (127) Sunday (128) Sunday (129) Sunday (131) Sunday (136) Sunday (137) Sunday (139) Sunday (140) Sunday (142)

Next up….Paul’s concert!

the Girls Do NYC- Night on the Town

Saturday night was our night of bachelorette celebrations!  After our long day of exploring the city, we came back to our hotel to clean up and get fancy for a night out.  We started off the evening with white wine while we got ready in the hotel. Then we hopped a subway towards Washington Square Park, where we then walked to Mario Batali’s Otto Enoteca e Pizzeria.

Saturday (95) Saturday (94) Saturday (96) Saturday (97) Saturday (100) Saturday (102) Saturday (104) Saturday (127) Saturday (106) Saturday (109) Saturday (110) Saturday (130) Saturday (113) Saturday (115) Saturday (118) Saturday (119) Saturday (120) Saturday (121) Saturday (117) Saturday (123) Saturday (124) Saturday (125) Saturday (135) Saturday (138) Saturday (131) Saturday (148) Saturday (149)

The rest of the night was spent singing to our little hearts’ desires doing private karaoke.  Our friend Elissa taught English in Japan after college, and said this is how they do karaoke.  The concept of private karaoke sounded a little weird at first to me, but it was BYOB and all 9 of us had our own private room to sing whatever songs we liked.  It was awesome!  SO MUCH FUN 🙂  I love these girls so much!

Saturday (168)

the Girls Do NYC- Saturday

Since we had a large group, we already decided that we would be relaxed in our plans for the weekend and not try to do everything all together.  Making decisions among 9 women can be a little tricky.  Some wanted to do more museums, some wanted to eat at certain restaurants, others had friends in NYC they wanted to meet up with.  Our group Saturday morning consisted of those going for coffee, some to the Brooklyn Flea Market, and Elissa headed off to the museums (where Lauren, Liz, and Caroline joined her).

Saturday (1) Saturday (3) Saturday (6)Saturday (8)Saturday (11) Saturday (10) Saturday (12) Saturday (15) Saturday (16) Saturday (18) Saturday (21) Saturday (26) Saturday (29) Saturday (30) Saturday (31) Saturday (32) Saturday (36) Saturday (38) Saturday (40)The downside to this plan was that since there really wasn’t a plan, it was hard to know who to meet where or when.  Lauren and Caroline headed off to get coffee together.  Not being a coffee drinker, I opted to make my way towards the Brooklyn market to meet up with those girls.  We were staying at the New Yorker hotel, right next to Penn Station, so I got subway directions and headed off.  Long story short, I got off way too early on the stops, and found myself in Chinatown (not in Brooklyn, as I thought).  I walked and walked and walked before realizing my error.  It was fine, and my own little adventure and eventually I hopped on another subway line to Brooklyn and met up with the Abby, Leah and Dana at Junior’s diner where they had stopped for food.  The cheesecake was to die for!  🙂

Saturday (51)Saturday (42) Saturday (45) Saturday (46) Saturday (47)

Next we started walking towards the Brooklyn Bridge to walk across it, and along the way decided to rent bikes for the day and bike across instead. Great idea!  The city views from the Brooklyn Bridge are amazing!!  So glad I didn’t miss this!  While we biked and explored, the other girls went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Saturday (64) Saturday (65) Saturday (67)Saturday (66)  Saturday (68) Saturday (70) Saturday (78)Saturday (72) Saturday (73)  Saturday (79) Saturday (80) Saturday (81) Saturday (83) Saturday (85) Saturday (87) Saturday (90) Saturday (91)Saturday (75) Saturday (62) Saturday (61) Saturday (58) Saturday (54) Saturday (53)

We all met back up at the hotel to get cleaned up and ready for our night out on the town celebrating one of our bachelorettes, Caroline!  More to come…