the Pumpkin- 10 weeks- Surprising the Boggs

October 19, 2014

This week has been another week of ups and downs.  I’ve definitely started getting sick more this week.  Some days it just comes and goes in waves, and then some days it sticks around all. day. long. 🙁  Wednesday was awful.  I couldn’t get off the couch, and most everything I ate came right back up.  But then other days I feel just fine.  No crazy cravings yet, and meat isn’t quite so bad at this point. I’ve eaten chicken twice this week, so that’s progress!

I had a lot of fun starting a baby registry one day this week!  Baby stuff is just OH SO CUTE 🙂   Luckily, I think there is definitely waaaaaaay too much stuff out there on the market that is totally unnecessary.  And I think working with infants as part of my job helps me get an idea of what to expect and what we can do without.  Although, I’ve obviously never brought one home with me, so I may be in for a rude awakening!  I do know I like simple, vintage, classic styles.

The best thing about this week though is we finally were able to tell Greg’s family!!  His parents came into town for the Alabama game, and we had mentioned maybe doing family lunch on Sunday before they headed back to Atlanta.  Well, to our surprise, his mom decided to send out an email to his entire family that lives here in town (cousins, grandparents, aunts/uncles) about doing family lunch!  Obviously, it worked out for us cause we got to share the news with not just his parents and siblings but most of the extended family that lives here in Birmingham.  We debated for weeks on how to share the news with them, and a few days ago Greg came up with the idea of bringing a cake to family lunch with a particular Instagram image printed on top.  So, his mom made an Instagram post several weeks ago, with a picture of a “parking for expecting and new mothers” sign at Publix, and her caption was something to the effect of “I park here, so sue me” and a hashtag about that she thinks those are dumb.  Well, I of course was already pregnant at the time and commented back saying how I love that people actually leave those spaces open a lot of the time!  So, we decided to use that as our inspiration.  Greg did a little photoshopping and came up with this…

Oct19-cake (4)We got to aunt Kim’s house and waited for everyone to show up.  Then it was hard to get everyone in the same room together.  The kids were outside playing with Kim’s puppy, some people were in the den, some in the kitchen.  Then his family wanted to do a big family photo together, so we went outside to do that.  Finally, everyone was corralled into the kitchen for a blessing and to start serving food.  Greg had already snuck the cake into the dining room, and he quickly grabbed me to go ahead and pull it out and take it into the kitchen before they began the prayer.  And of course, we got a video 😉

Oct19-Boggs (2)So fun!!  They were all so surprised!  Although Callen and Houston had pretty much figured it out the night before.  Greg has almost spilled the beans to Houston several times over the past few weeks, and they put two and two together when they hung out with Greg last night after the Bama game.  Apparently Greg’s poker face is not so great when it comes to hiding pregnancy secrets 😉


And to wrap up an already great day, Katie and Chuck drove into town from the beach and came to meet us at a field to take some really sweet pregnancy announcement photos 🙂  It’s been a great day and now finally all of our friends and family know our big secret!  I’m so glad I don’t have to hide it anymore!!!

Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (23).CR2

Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (35) Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (42) Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (53) Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (69)Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (64).CR2 Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (81)10 week baby stats-  Our little one is the size of a prune, measuring just over an inch in length.  Tiny nails are starting to grow on it’s fingers and toes, which are no longer webbed.  Arms and legs can now bend and it will start to kick and squirm as reflexes are developing.  All the main organs are in place and starting to function, including the liver which will now start supplying red blood cells instead of the yolk sac.


the Pumpkin- 9 weeks- Graves Girls Get Surprised

Saturday, October 11, 2014

This week had it’s ups and downs.  Two days this week I felt the sickest I’ve felt since finding out I was pregnant.  I had a close call almost throwing up one morning here at home, and felt miserable most of that day, and napped for about 2-3 hrs that afternoon.  Then one morning at clinicals, I actually did throw up once.  I looked for some nausea medicine at CVS one day based off the over-the-counter list our doctor gave us, but it was only in liquid form.  And that sounds really gross to me. I feel like if I’m nauseous, I’m really not gonna want to drink a liquid medication. So I held off.  If it gets worse I may rethink that decision.

Now for the good stuff 🙂  Wednesday was mine and Greg’s 3-year anniversary.  October 8.  We celebrated on Tuesday since I had clinicals on Wednesday.  We decided to go to Brio Tuscan Grill for dinner and Edgewood Creamery for ice-cream.  We sat outside and walked around Edgewood shops for a bit.  I love the small town feel of these little parts of Homewood.  We talked about some baby stuff for a minute.  I asked Greg what he thought the baby might be- boy or girl.  He said he thought girl.  I’m not picky, but I would kinda like a girl first.  I don’t know what to do with little boys, haha 🙂   About 2 more months and we’ll find out!

Our gifts this year were kinda funny.  We commented the other day how this whole baby thing has totally been the primary thing on our mind, and suddenly our anniversary was like an afterthought.  Neither one of us actually had our gifts in hand to give one another so we both just exchanged pictures of our gifts to each other at dinner.  I decided to give Greg a rifle for hunting season this year.  (I knew I couldn’t pick that out on my own, so we will have to go shopping together one day for that 😉 ).  He’s excited!  And his gift to me was a trip to Nashville to see the Rockettes this Christmas.  I am VERY excited about that!!  I love Christmas celebrations!

The other best part about this week was we finally told my family the big news!  My youngest sister Emily came into town from Auburn Thursday night, and Friday we all had plans to go to the farmer’s market and get some pumpkins for the fall.  Well, I had put together some little gifts to give them when they came by the house to pick me up.  I ordered some “awesome aunt”  t-shirts for Katie and Emily, and had a picture frame with an ultrasound picture for my mom (and actually, I had to make back-up shirts cause their “awesome” shirts didn’t get delivered until that afternoon).  I had my phone setup to record a video when they walked in the door, but to my surprise, as soon as they walked in my mom wanted to show Emily our laundry room that Greg built.  So they take off to the laundry room. Then Katie starts wandering through the kitchen to the back den (and I had our ultrasound pictures hanging on the fridge, which she totally caught a glance at them as she walked by!).  So I was caught off guard trying to wrangle her back into the living room, while also trying to block my phone to keep anyone from seeing it propped up video recording. But Emily saw it and totally called me out on it. (Listen closely to the first few seconds of the video and you’ll hear her). I very suspiciously played dumb and just maintained eye contact with her, and finally just called everyone back over to the coffee table so I could give them their gifts. I cannot believe Katie didn’t put it all together real quick before opening their gifts. And somehow my mom still was clueless about my setup, cause she keeps saying “I wish we had a video camera!”  Anyways…check out the video and you can watch the chaos ensue and the best reaction I could have imagined from my mom and sisters  🙂 Greg has seriously watched the video at least 15 times in the last 24 hours.  It’s hilarious.

Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (3) Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (5) Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (11)Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (12)

We went to Saw’s BBQ for lunch then headed off to the farmer’s market for our annual pumpkin fun.  It was a great day!  I’m so glad they finally know.  Now we just have one more week till we can tell Greg’s family, then it can finally be public knowledge 🙂  I’m ready for another week to go by fast!

Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (10) Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (9)

Baby stats- Baby is now the size of a green olive, almost 1 inch long.  All the essential body parts are accounted for, and they will now grow and continue to develop.  Heart valves are starting to form, and the eyes are fully formed, but the lids are fused shut.  Since all the anatomy is in place, it is now ready for rapid growth!  oh boy!  (or girl… 😉 )

Springtime Happenings

Y’all, I am done with another semester!!!!!!  *Cue hallelujah chorus*  As you know, as much as I hate not keeping my blog updated, I just don’t have the time or brain space to regularly post while school is in session. Forgive me for that.  If you used to be a regular visitor to my site, I hope you will continue to check-in occasionally. Because I will update it eventually.  I have no intentions of letting it completely fall off the radar.  So, with that, let’s do a little springtime catchup.

Shortly after my last post, we celebrated a gorgeous weekend together for Callen and Houston’s wedding.  Callen is Greg’s younger sister, and Houston actually was a fraternity brother of Greg’s at Samford.  The two of them got hitched at Gorham’s Bluff in Pisgah, AL on March 8th.  We got really lucky with the weather, cause it was still during that time when we were constantly going back and forth between gorgeous warm spring weather and rainy cold weather.  In typical Alabama fashion, for several weeks it was not uncommon for it to be in the 30s one day then in the upper 50s/60s a few days later.  So considering they had an outdoor ceremony and the location thrives on the beautiful views from the bluff overlooking the TN river, it was truly a blessing that God gave us such beautiful weather for the weekend. And since the location was about 2 hours north of Birmingham, it was a nice little getaway too!  All the bride’s wedding attendants (and our husbands for those of us who are married), stayed in the main lodge.  The rest of the property is full of precious little 2-story cottages that were rented out by family and out of town friends.  The rehearsal dinner was in the lodge, followed by a casual bonfire later that night that close friends and family could attend.  Then Saturday morning we had the bridesmaids’ luncheon in the lodge, followed by an afternoon of primping and getting ready for pictures and the ceremony.  And speaking of dinners and luncheons…all the food for the weekend was phenomenal!  I cannot speak more highly of the cooking staff at Gorham’s Bluff…they know how to cook a good meal.  Anyways, the ceremony took place on the bluff at sunset, and the views were breathtaking.  These were our views from the lodge Friday evening and Saturday morning…photo(16) photo(17)It truly could not have been a better location. It felt so casual yet elegant at the same time.  The reception was just walking distance down the road in a banquet hall.  All the Boggs and Holmes immediate family were able to sit and have dinner together in a loft of the banquet hall. Then we all joined the rest of the guests for a night of dancing and mingling.

Here are a few shots from the wedding day.  Actually, who am I kidding, I’m about to bombard you with wedding pics!  Their photographer, Ann Wade Shreve (Parrish) did an AMAZING job capturing it all. It’s practically impossible to just show you “a few” 😉11 12 13 1 2 15 16 14 22 17 19 18 5 4 3 6 9 7 20 8 10 21photo(14) photo(15)Beautiful wedding!  We are so happy for Callen and Houston.  Two peas in a pod, those two.

In other news, I think spring has finally come to stay here in Alabama. We’ve had some lovely sunny days a lot lately.  We spent a Saturday several weeks ago getting our yard in order (we’re bad to just completely neglect it all winter long).  I didn’t even tidy up the garden last fall.  Oops.  I just left all the wire vegetable cones and stakes up all winter long with dead tomato plants and cucumber vines all over the place.  So although I haven’t started planting anything yet for this summer, I’ve at least cleared last years mess out.  And honestly, I won’t plant nearly as much this year as I have in the past simply because of school this summer. I just know I won’t have time for a lot of garden tending.  I may just stick to tomatoes and peppers.  That’s what we use most of.  I usually end up just giving away most the cucumbers, and we haven’t even eaten all the pickles or salsa I canned from last summer.  Either way though, I’m really excited for warm weather and time spent outside. I’ve made the most of it so far by spending my study hours outside when it’s been nice 🙂photo(4) Greg has been tackling more projects around the house.  He completed the laundry room last fall, and it’s is so much nicer than doing laundry in the kitchen.  The space off the kitchen where the washer and dryer were removed are currently still a work in progress.  The plan is to turn that space into a butler’s pantry, since it’s right off the kitchen, and our kitchen could use some more cabinet and counter space.  For several months it just sat as a big empty space, but a few weeks ago we bought an unfinished bottom cabinet to fit the space.  So progress is being made!  His most recent project though was to add some storage space to the shed.  Shortly after we got married we bought a big shed for the backyard.  It’s been great, but we needed a better space for storing things like the lawn mower, garden tools and other outdoor equipment.  So Greg built an extension off the side, and I have to say, it turned out SO much better than I pictured when he first told me about his plan.  It looks like it was part of the shed all along.  And it was a fun project for him and his friends to conquer together.  Those boys love a good photo(9)

We celebrated a wonderful Easter Sunday last weekend. It was another warm sunny day.  We went to church together with my family, then Katie and Chuck went to lunch with his family afterwards.  Mom, Dwayne and Emily joined Greg and me at his family’s lunch.  We all gathered at Eric and Jordan’s house, played with the kids for a while, mingled with his cousins, and ate a delicious meal.  And later that evening we met back up with Katie and Chuck, and Chuck’s brother Kyle and his wife Lisa at a Baron’s game.  It was a fun night!

photo(6) photo(7)Barons

And in 2 days, I will be on vacation from work and school-free for a week.  I can not wait!!  Hopefully going to get the garden going, tackle some small house projects, and spend some much needed fun time with Greg.  I just wish it would last longer than a week, but I’ll take what I can get.

Christmas 2013

Once again, I had to work Christmas this year.  Christmas Eve and Christmas day, to be exact.  It wasn’t the most fun way to spend my holidays, but I can’t complain. I still got to spend some time with family, and that’s what matters.  Greg and I decided to do our “Christmas morning” on Monday Dec 23rd.  Then we went to Jordan and Eric’s church candlelight service at Church of the Highlands that evening.  It was lovely.  It’s a much more modern service and church atmosphere than we’re used to, but the preacher gave a great sermon, and I enjoyed the Christmas carols we sung.  There’s just something about singing traditional Christmas hymns that makes me so happy.  Actually, I pretty much love any traditional hymns, Christmas or not.  Our nieces and nephew were there too, being cute and silly as usual.  Evey and Bennett walked in with Greg and I, holding our hands, and at one point sweet Bennett just blurts out, “I love you, Amy” in his sweet little boy voice.  Talk about making your day 🙂  After the service Greg and I went to dinner with his parents at Village Tavern. It was delicious, and we enjoyed spending some extra time with them.

Christmas Eve morning I got up and headed to work. Greg hung around the house most the day, I believe, and then headed to Jordan and Eric’s for the evening family dinner.  All the Boggs plus Aunt Kim and the cousins ate dinner together and played a fun game of dirty Santa.  There were matching PJs involved, as usual.  I joined up with them when I got off work so I could visit with them for a little while and exchange gifts with Callen and Houston (they’d be heading to Dothan for Christmas day).  I especially wanted to give Callen her gift, because I had made her a shadowbox of their wedding venue.  I was pretty excited about it, so I wanted to be able to give it to her in person.  It was a watercolor print of the lodge at Gorham’s Bluff, and I painted a little wooden “H” (for Holmes) and added some twine to go inside. I’m so glad she loved it! 🙂

Christmas morning was the same. I headed to work and Greg headed off to Jordan’s to enjoy Christmas morning with his family.  Christmas day at work wasn’t too bad.  My mom and sister came to visit me, and they made cookies for the nurses and families. It was good to see them on the holiday.  I went back to Jordan’s for Christmas night for dinner and my portion of gift opening.  Yes, I sit and open gifts while all of the Boggs just sit and watch me.  haha.  For two years straight this has been my routine.  It’s still fun though.  It actually makes it a little easier cause I don’t have to pick and choose who’s family to spend Christmas day with.  It automatically gets separated since I’m working.  (You find the blessings in working Christmas day where you can) 😉  The whole Boggs family had their matching PJs again this year.  I hate I had to miss all that fun 😉Christmas (5)

On the 26th we did our Graves family Christmas.  We got up early and headed to my mom’s house.  We opened gifts first thing this time since Chuck had to work from 12-4pm that day for a charity thing his company does.  After gifts we had breakfast, then Chuck headed to work, and Dwayne and Greg decided to go to the lake property for a few hours.  Dwayne has been seeing deer and coyotes down there, and Greg was dying to get a chance to shoot some coyotes 😉  So while they ran off to the woods for a bit, my mom, sisters and I started working on Christmas dinner.  We also watched The Great Gatsby since Emily got it as one of her gifts.  Everyone came back that evening and we enjoyed a yummy dinner together.Christmas (3) Christmas (2) Christmas (1) Christmas (4) We got some great gifts this year from the family!  Greg got some tools for the Big Green Egg, including cookbook, grilling tower, new mit, and a really cool meat thermometer.  He also got a new rolling duffel bag (his old one is great and huge, but it is just that…OLD!  And pretty dirty!).  Both Greg and his dad got me new gardening/recipe books!  Both of them have tips and tricks for better gardening, plus recipes to use with the produce you grow.  I think everyone knows how much I love my garden 😉  I also got some Hunter rain boots which I am just THRILLED about! My old rain-boots have been inadvertently converted into dirty garden boots, so I’m happy to have pretty new ones (that won’t be worn in the garden 😉 )! I got some new recipe cards and box, some darling owl dishcloths, candles, and jewelry (news flash, I am an owl addict).  We gave both our mom’s jewelry this year.  I found a beautiful jeweled necklace for Kendall, and we got my mom some charms for her Pandora bracelet.  And it was really hard to give away the gifts I got for my sisters (that’s when you know it’s a good gift, right? haha).  I bought Emily some super cute boot socks, and Katie got some cool vintage-inspired coasters with various University of Alabama images on them.  We got some great kitchen items from my mom that I’m pretty excited about…a pizza stone, some enamelware bowls (for my canning endeavors!), and some gorgeous vintage pyrex bowls that I LOVE!  I have been pining for some vintage pyrex for several years, and mom found me some great pieces at a flea market one day.  I can’t wait to display them in our (future) glass-front butler’s pantry (that’s next in the home renovations department). And as usual, everyone got an array of gifts cards from each other for restaurants, gas, and shopping (which are always nice to have!!).  Greg is super pumped about a shopping spree he’ll now get to go on at Harbor Freight Tools here in Homewood (bring on more house projects!).  So many wonderful goodies!  OH! And our big gift to each other arrived just the other day!!  Greg and I took the plunge and bought a new sectional on Black Friday, and it’s finally here.  We love it!!  And can you believe it’s the first piece of new furniture either one of us have ever bought before?  We are moving past hand-me-downs and slowly becoming adults. haha

And with that, Christmas 2013 came to an end.  It was another great holiday, filled with lots of family time, laughs and fun family traditions.

Swim, Bike, Run- Grandman style

We celebrated another Grandman triathlon with our family athlete this weekend.  Chuck and his friend Robbie have participated in races together several times before, and they both did the Grandman together 2 years ago as well.  The race was in Fairhope, AL (outside of Mobile).  We love Fairhope.  We lived there before we moved to Birmingham when I was 5.  It’s such a cute little town by the bay.

We drove down Friday, and picked Emily up in Auburn along the way.  Chuck’s parents and Robbie’s family came down to watch them race as well.  Friday night we all went to Wintzell’s Oyster House for dinner.  Great food and great company 🙂  Mom, Dwayne, Emily and I stayed with our family friends the Nester’s, so after dinner we went back to there house to get to bed early.  A 7am race Saturday morning meant an early wake-up call for us all 😉  Katie and Chuck brought their dog Rosco with them, so the three of them and Robbie stayed in a hotel.  We met up with everyone bright and early Saturday morning at the Fairhope pier.

Katie, Emily, and I are ready to watch the boys!June1-Fairhope (5)They started the race off a 1/3 mile swim (they jumped off the pier and swam into shore), then a 18 mile bike ride, and finish out with a 3.1 mile run.  Both guys did well. Chuck beat his time from last year and placed 4th in his age bracket.June1-Fairhope (3)June1-Fairhope (2) June1-Fairhope (4)June1-Fairhope (7)June1-Fairhope (6)June1-Fairhope (10)June1-Fairhope (11)June1-Fairhope (8) June1-Fairhope (9)After the race Chuck and Robbie’s parents headed back to Birmingham.  Katie, Chuck and Robbie stuck around for the award ceremony while mom, Dwayne, Emily and I went roaming around downtown Fairhope.  We went into a few antique shops and then down to another little pier down the road just killing time until we would meet Katie, Chuck and Robbie for lunch.

June1-Fairhope (1) June1-Fairhope (12) June1-Fairhope (14) June1-Fairhope (15)For lunch we found this really cool place.  It’s Windmill Market.  It’s an organic market with local fruits and veggies, 3 cafe’s you can order food from, and there’s all kinds of outdoor seating with live music.  There’s a giant windmill outside the building which uses wind to generate power, and I found some rain barrels scattered around which they use to collect rainwater to water the plants on the property. It was a very cool!  Birmingham totally needs something like this.  Here’s mom and Dwayne sitting out on the patio 🙂June1-Fairhope (16)After a long day on Saturday we went back to the Nester’s house to visit and get ready for dinner.  We went out for Italian at this pizzeria in Daphne.  Rachael met up with us at their house with her silly boy Lucas and they joined us for dinner.  It’s always fun seeing them again and catching up.  We’ve been family friends since before any of us kids were born.  They’re really like family actually.  Distant family, and we just pick up where we left off each time we see each other 🙂

So it was a wonderful weekend.  Another race in the books, and great times with family and friends.  Who could ask for more?

Memorial Day by the Lake

Boy did we need a day to relax, and this past Saturday provided just that!  Memorial day was one of my holidays to work this year.  But, somehow I also was scheduled to work 5 out of the last 6 days.  That’s right, I worked Thurs, Fri, Sun, Mon, Tues.  It was rough.  So when I knew I was off Saturday for the holiday weekend, I wanted to make the best of it.  Since the weather has been mild lately, I really wanted to have a day in the sun.  So Greg and I decided to go to my grandaddy’s lake with my mom and Dwayne and enjoy a peaceful day with the dogs down there.  What better way to spend Memorial day than enjoying the lake my Grandaddy (a veteran) built and remembering him.  It was great! The sun was shining all day, the dogs had a blast as usual, and I finally got to put on a bathing suit for the first time this season. 🙂May25-MemorialDayWknd (1) May25-MemorialDayWknd (3) May25-MemorialDayWknd (17)May25-MemorialDayWknd (26) May25-MemorialDayWknd (25)Me and mom pretty much hung out on the dock all day, listening to music and reading magazines.  We brought our friend Michael with us, and he and Greg spent hours out on the water fishing.  Michael caught a huge catfish!! Definitely the biggest fish I’ve seen out there, although Dwayne does a LOT of fishing out there and he’s caught a few big ones too!  Of course this was the most exciting part of the day…we decided to filet the fish and take it home to cook later 🙂  I have several memories of my Grandaddy skinning fish that he caught and brought home from this lake.May25-MemorialDayWknd (7)May25-MemorialDayWknd (8) May25-MemorialDayWknd (10) May25-MemorialDayWknd (11) May25-MemorialDayWknd (12) May25-MemorialDayWknd (14) May25-MemorialDayWknd (20)

May25-MemorialDayWknd (16)We grilled burgers that night and sat by the camper after a long day in the sun. We were all so content 🙂  Such a great day!May25-MemorialDayWknd (28)May25-MemorialDayWknd (22) May25-MemorialDayWknd (29)

Blessed Easter

Crown him with many crowns, the Lamb upon his throne, Hark! how the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own.  Awake, my soul, and sing of him who died for thee, and hail him as thy matchless King through all eternity!

What a wonderful Easter we had yesterday!  Oh how I love this holiday.  It does my heart good to be reminded of God’s beautiful story of the resurrection.  What a miraculous story!  Our LORD Jesus was beaten, mocked, spit on, yelled at, forced to carry his own cross and then nailed to it to die.  But He did not fight it.  He did not yell back.  He was silent, like a lamb to the slaughter.  Bearing the sins of the world so that we may have salvation.  Someone had to pay for these sins, and Jesus, who was perfect and without sin, took the burden upon Himself as God commanded, so that we could be saved.  But death was not the end.  After 3 days, He rose and walked and was alive!!  God gave Him life again.  He lives eternally as our Savior, on His throne with our Heavenly Father.  And what a blessing that we can join Him one day when our time comes.  Happy Easter, indeed!

We started our Easter morning out with a great service at church.  I love singing the older hymns.  They just fill my heart with happiness.  After church Greg and I went to my mom’s house to meet up with the rest of my family.  We all enjoyed lunch together and had a good time.  My mom is the best. She cooked dinner, set a beautiful table and even still had some Easter goodies for us 🙂IMG_5474 Mar31-Easter (11) Of course we took family pictures.  Nothing new 😉  Considering we grew up wearing Easter dresses my mom hand-made every year until we were probably 10 years old, we’re used to the family portrait sessions!  And the guys are quickly learning 😉IMG_5477 IMG_5467 IMG_5468 IMG_5469 IMG_5470 IMG_5473IMG_5482After lunch, Katie and Chuck scooted out to go spend time with the Abbey family and Greg and I did the same with the Boggs.  But not before having some fun watching these baby squirrels that hang out in mom’s kitchen window sill a lot these days (the mama is in the tree nearby)!  Seriously, HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!  Every year there seems to be a new set of babies hanging around 🙂

Mar31-Easter (25) Mar31-Easter (28) Mar31-Easter (29) Mar31-Easter (30) Mar31-Easter (31)

Then we were off to hang out with the Boggs and these babies 🙂  Greg’s extended family all met up at aunt Kim’s house for yummy desserts.  It was fun to see them and love on these sweet babies!

Mar31-Easter (24) Mar31-Easter (20) Mar31-Easter (22)Mar31-Easter (21) Mar31-Easter (23)

Happy blessed Easter everyone!

Baby Cate turns 1!

Our sweet little niece Cate turned 1 year old yesterday.  Boy, does a year go by fast!  I remember waiting and waiting for her to arrive….over a week after her due date she finally decided to join us in this world 🙂  And as she grows, she just keeps getting cuter and more fun.  What a difference a year makes…

Cate’s birth day 😉

Mar 2-Cate (8)Cate is ONE!

Mar2-Cate1stbday (11)Jordan planned a “You are my sunshine” party for the birthday girl.  Had it not been 40 degrees and snow flurrying today, it would have been a party at the park!  But, we had so much fun (inside with the heat on!) at New York Pizza in Homewood.  All of Jordan and Eric’s friends and their kids came, and the kids had fun running around eating pizza, pink cupcakes, and yellow and pink peeps!  Everyone’s kids are all about the same age, so they have fun together! (Please forgive my terrible quality photographs…I’m thinking I may ask for a new camera next Christmas.  Most of these are from my phone.)

Mar2-Cate1stbday (2) Mar2-Cate1stbday (3) Mar2-Cate1stbday (5) Mar2-Cate1stbday (7) Mar2-Cate1stbday (16)Sweet Elkins family

Mar2-Cate1stbday (4)

Cate loved her cake and cupcakes. And Evey was a giddy little party planner of the day, helping handing out cupcakes and party favors.

Mar2-Cate1stbday (10) Mar2-Cate1stbday (14) Mar2-Cate1stbday (17)I LOVE this picture Kendall captured of me and Evey-loo.  I got to babysit these kiddos Thursday night, and I love getting sweet hugs and kisses from them 🙂

Mar2-Cate1stbday (19)Such a fun morning.  Happy birthday baby Cate!  You’re growing up so fast!

Weekend celebrations

Saturday night we celebrated Greg’s cousin’s wedding.  Leslie and Mason were married at Bentley’s On the Bay.  It was this precious little boat house type place right on the water.  The weather had been nice all morning long.  The sun was shining.  We went to lunch in Seaside.  Then around 3 o’clock it started pouring down rain.  Luckily the rain broke just in time for the ceremony at 4.  It was a little chilly, but not terrible.  Mr. and Mrs. Boggs, Greg, Evey and I attended the ceremony, then Eric, Jordan, Bennett and Cate joined us for the reception.  We have determined that Evey LOVES weddings.  She had a ball at ours, talked about it for months afterwards, and called it “Amy and Bubba’s dance party.”  Well at this wedding, she was obsessed with the bride.  I’m pretty sure she thought Leslie was a princess.  She would just stare at her and wanted to go meet her and talk to her like a real princess.  It was so cute!

(Kendall, I’m sorry, but I just had to snag another photo or two from you!  My camera card was left at the house all night, so all I had was my phone for taking pictures, which is not the best).

Winter weddings

This is a packed weekend!  First of all, today is my brother-in-law Chuck’s birthday!  So happy birthday brother 🙂  Secondly, we actually have two weddings we were invited to this weekend.  One of Katie’s best friends, Cameron, is getting married today in Birmingham, and Greg’s cousin, Leslie is getting married at Watercolor beach here in Florida.  Wish we could be in two places at once, but family comes first, so we’re beaching-it this weekend.  No offense to those of you who may have had a winter beach wedding, but what’s the point?  I understand not wanting to do a beach wedding in the heat of July, but it’s January.  Unless you’re getting married on the beaches of Jamaica, it’s not warm.  It’s 54 degrees here right now.  Like I said, no offense, but what’s the point?  Anyways.  Luckily what we expected to be a cold and rainy day today has so far been sunny and nice…but not warm 😉

Last night we attended the rehearsal dinner at Cafe’ 30A.  It was such a cute location.  Very elegant but beachy at the same time.  I wish I had gotten better pictures.  They had these big white beams all on the ceiling and giant white canvas beach umbrellas that hung upside-down overhead.  And dinner was DELICIOUS!!  And it was so nice to get to meet more of Greg’s family that I’ve been hearing about over the years.  I’m sure we met several of these people during our wedding festivities, but unfortunately, it’s so chaotic when you’re in the spotlight, that I didn’t necessarily remember everyone we met.

Ironically, I went to high school with the bride and her twin sister.  Leslie and Allison graduated 2 years before me.  What’s funny awkward, is that all this time (I’m talking almost 2 years now) I’ve been hearing about these cousins, and I’ve been picturing a totally different set of twin sisters that were older than me in high school.  So last night when I was talking to Leslie (mind you, I didn’t know that’s who it was), I introduced myself and then asked her her name.  Yes, I stood there talking to THE BRIDE at HER OWN rehearsal dinner that Greg and I had been invited to, and asked her who she was!  Someone please pull my foot out of my mouth.

Evey saw me taking pictures, and wanted to take some as well.  So I showed her which button to push, and she took pictures of each of us 😉

This little girl (on the left) is one of Greg’s cousin’s kids.  I always hear about “the premie” in their family, and how she was about 1lb. 4 oz when she was born.  Well, here she is 🙂  Having a ball coloring with Evey.

And I had to snag this picture from my MIL Kendall’s blog.  Little Miss Evey is connected to my hip this weekend.  She was so sweet this morning!  When we were in the kitchen making some peanut butter crackers, she looks up at me and says, “I just love spending time with you.”  Melt my heart 🙂

And check out this cutie!

Well, it’s almost wedding time.  Let’s hope the rain stays away!!