Henry- 1 month

Oh my goodness, talk about being MIA! Our little pumpkin is now 3 1/2 months old and I’m just now getting back to blogging! Yikes. It’s been a crazy busy summer to say the least. It took a while to recover from delivery, and not because of having a c-section. Heck, that recovery was actualyl way smoother than I expected. It was the horrible lower back/tailbone pain I was having that took several weeks to go away. My mom and mother-in-law actually took me to the ER one day it was so bad, but the docs said my xrays looked fine and I probably just pinched a nerve with all the pushing during labor. So, they gave me another week of pain meds and then finally when Henry was about 3 1/2 weeks old it eventually went away. It was AWFUL though. The sharp pain would stop me in my tracks to the point of tears some days. I was so relieved when it finally got better. Henry got a little more fussy and clingy when I came off the pain meds, but I tried to wean off over a few days so it would also be easier on him.

I took 6 weeks off from clinicals, then after my 6 week postpartum check-up, I started back. I wanted to get a lot of hours done before I had to go back to work so that I wouldn’t have to juggle work and clinicals for long. This is my last semester of grad school, and while it’s been easy as far as assignments and tests go (I only have 3 tests and 2-3 assignments for the semester), it’s been incredibly hard to focus on much of it with a newborn at home. I totally thought, “oh, he’ll sleep a lot as a newborn, school won’t be so bad.” HA!  Yeah, that whole sleeping-a-lot-during-the-day-thing lasted about a month. The same month that I was in pain and on lortab around the clock. So, not a lot of school work got done. I was on-campus the first week of June for some on-site lectures and simulation labs we had to do. And now I’ve taken 2 of my 3 tests so far, and done 3 of 4 presentations I had to do this semester. And then for each clinical day, we have to write up a clinical log documenting what we did for the patients we saw that day. Keeping up with those have been the hardest, honestly. They are pretty time-consuming, and considering little stinker doesn’t always nap great during the day, it was very hard to keep up with all the documentation for clinicals.  BUT, as of right now I am 80 hours away from completion. The end of the tunnel is near!!!!  Just don’t ask me how much time I’ve spent studying and reviewing this semester. It’s bad.  I may have to spend the next several months re-learning all the material that I’m pretty sure baby-brain shoved out the window.  Grad school is no joke, people. I can’t believe I’ve survived it, so far.  Let’s pray I finally graduate one day soon 😉

So, Henry man is 3 1/2 months old.  Almost 15 weeks to be exact. He is such a joy 🙂  I seriously love being this guy’s mama.  His laughs and coos these days make my heart sing. But before I go into all the fun he is now, let me go back and recap these past few months. I don’t want to forget all the little joys and accomplishments we’ve experienced this summer.  So here we go….

Henry- the 1st month

Henry’s 1-week appointment went well. We really like our doctor. She takes time to answer our questions and we like her attention to detail when she assesses Henry. At his 1-week appointment he had almost gotten back up to birth weight. He was 8 lbs 10.3 oz (he was 8 lbs 11.9oz at birth).

May 15 (1) May 15 (2)

The first few weeks at home I basically just stared at him and took pictures of him all day long. haha. Kinda kidding 😉  Visitors came by to see us. Greg’s mom came and stayed with us for a week. My mom lives here locally, so she stopped by a lot to visit and help. And from these pictures, Henry obviously slept a lot 😉

May 16 (1) May 16 (5) May 22 (2) May 23 (6) May 23 (18) May 27 (2) May 30 (1)Around 1 month, Henry started sleeping longer stretches at night. He pretty much ate every 3 hours, sometimes every 2 hours for the first several weeks. Then right around his 1 month birthday, I woke up early one morning and realized he had been sleeping for 6 hours! I went and woke him up to feed him, more for my relief than his 😉  After that, he pretty consistently would sleep for one long stretch each night.  If I could make sure he ate one more time late in the evening, around 10 or 11pm, then I could usually get a good 5-6 hours out of him before he’d wake to eat again. It didn’t always work. Sometimes he’d still wake up around 2 or 3am, but for the most part, he was doing pretty good.  And once I realized it was his new routine and not just a one night thing, I made the decision to officially move Henry to the nursery to sleep at night. He had been sleeping by our bed in a bassinet since we brought him home, but since he’d started sleeping a little more, it seemed like the right time to transition him.

I started pumping from the beginning. Not every day, but I would try to at least get 1 pump session a day if I could in the beginning. When Henry started sleeping longer at night, I sometimes was able to just feed him from one side and then pump the other to store. That worked out for a little bit. When he wasn’t breastfeeding, he was taking about 2oz, sometimes 3oz with a bottle at this point.

For the most part we laid low the first month. Greg had to work from home for several weeks due to transitioning offices. That was really hard for him. By about the 3rd week he was starting to go crazy working from our den while Henry and I were also in the house. But it was nice having him here too. Here are some more pics from our first month with Henry!

1 Month Stats:

10 lbs 13 oz (77%ile)

22.5 in. (86%ile)

May 18 (168) May 19 (2) May 30 (3) May 23 (13)May 14 (2) May 14 (5) May 16 (2)June 2 (5) June 5June 4 June 7 (2) June 8 (4) June 8 (10) June 8 (13) June 8 (14)June 9 (2) June 9 (4) June 9 (9)

Our Birth Session

During my process of researching tons of newborn photographers during my pregnancy, I mentioned to Greg one night at dinner about the idea of birth sessions that many photographers are doing these days. I totally didn’t think he would go for it, but he actually loved the idea! He didn’t want the pressure to be on him to take pictures that day, and obviously I would want lots of pictures when our little man finally arrived. So, we talked to a friend of his that he’s worked with a lot and made the decision to go for it. I am SO glad we did. I absolutely love the photos she captured from that day. I’m so happy we have these to look back on.  Her name is Becca Bell and she owns 2b Photography. If you’re considering having a birth photographer, I highly recommend her. Unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed in the OR when we ended up having to do a c-section. But she captured everything leading up to that point and then took tons of photos of Henry afterwards while I finished up in surgery. Check them out! Photo-2-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-008 Photo-9-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-015 Photo-10-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-016 Photo-41-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-047 Photo-47-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-053 Photo-45-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-051 Photo-42-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-048 Photo-46-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-052 Photo-44-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-050 Photo-49-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-055 Photo-36-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-042 Photo-15-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-021 Photo-18-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-024 Photo-20-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-026 Photo-26-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-032 Photo-22-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-028 Photo-24-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-030 Photo-25-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-031 Photo-27-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-033 Photo-29-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-035 Photo-30-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-036 Photo-50-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-056 Photo-62-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-068 Photo-64-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-070 Photo-67-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-073 Photo-98-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-003 Photo-72-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-078 Photo-91-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-097 Photo-82-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-088 Photo-81-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-087 DSC05779-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-260 DSC05781-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-261 DSC05785-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-263 DSC05877-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-304 Photo-103-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-103 Photo-108-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-108 Photo-107-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-107 Photo-114-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-114 Photo-115-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-115 Photo-117-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-117 Photo-119-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-119 Photo-139-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-139 DSC05929-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-334 DSC05928-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-333 DSC05914-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-326 Photo-135-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-135 Photo-146-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-146 Photo-154-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-154 Photo-152-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-152 Photo-188-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-188 DSC06018-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-375 DSC06009-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-370 DSC06014-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-372 Photo-161-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-161 Photo-164-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-164Photo-190-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-190 Photo-179-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-179 DSC06062-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-394DSC06064-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-396 DSC06069-ZF-1071-18299-1-001-400

Little Henry- 35 weeks

Sunday we celebrated Easter!  I was scheduled to work all weekend, including Easter (since it’s my holiday this year), until another nurse at work on Saturday offered to work my shift for me.  She wanted to pick up an extra shift on Sunday and I was happy to have the opportunity to be off for the holiday.  Unfortunately, since I originally was working, my sister Emily was going to TN with her fiance to spend time with his family, and my other sister had plans to do lunch with her in-laws, we had already decided among my family that everyone would just do their own thing.  So my mom and step dad made plans to go to the lake for the weekend (also in celebration of his birthday, which was Wednesday).  So when my plans suddenly changed, I decided to join Greg and his family for the day.  We went to our church service that morning and then to his aunt Kim’s house for lunch.  It was such a pretty day on Sunday.  Easter is sometimes hit or miss with the weather here in Alabama. Some Easters are still a little cool, but the sun came out and it warmed up as the morning went by and turned out to be a really beautiful day.  Flowers are all starting to bloom around town….and yes, that means pollen is out and covering everything.  I don’t usually welcome rain, but thankfully, it is raining all day today and hopefully washing all the pollen away!

Apr5-Easter (6) Apr5-Easter (4) Apr5-Easter (5) Apr5-Easter (7) Apr5-Easter (1)Then Greg and I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and re-organizing from all the construction chaos that has been going on at the house over the past month.  Our front den had become a dumping zone for all things construction related like tools, paint cans, drop-cloths, trim, bead board…you name it, it was in our front den.  We moved back into the master bedroom a few nights ago, but the guest room was left in shambles.  Half my clothes had migrated to the guest room, and the bed linens needed to be stripped and washed.  And the porch was still set-up with Greg’s table saw and all the left over bead board and trim pieces from the project.  So we spent almost a good 4 hours cleaning, putting everything away and a little re-organizing to get the house back in order.  It’s so nice to have things back in order.  I know I’m OCD and crazy when it comes to stuff like that, but I get stressed when things are not organized and in place.  Order keeps me sane 😉  In the bathroom, everything is done and functional, except that once we started trying to hang the shower curtain rod I realized since we had heightened the door-frame and also removed the tub (which resulted in a lower threshold for the shower), a standard shower curtain was going to be way too short.  In order for it to hang low enough to keep water from spraying over the threshold, Greg would almost be able to peer over the top of it.  And it just looked silly with such a tall ceiling height to work with.  So, I got online and found some taller options, but we have to wait on them to ship.  They don’t seem to carry these other sizes in stores.  And since we already bought and cut tags off the rug for the bathroom, I’ll have to keep looking for a tall curtain that will still match.  But as long as we have the liner, the shower will be functional.  And at least we can use the toilet and sink already.  That has become much easier with my nightly trips to the bathroom.  I no longer have to crawl over Greg and walk down the hall to go pee at night. I just roll out of my side and take 3 steps into the new bathroom. 😉  Much better.

Pregnancy symptoms this week….swelling.  My feet and ankles are generally swollen all the time now.  My work shoes the other day felt a good bit tighter than usual, and my fat feet were poking up out of my heels at church Sunday morning.  So far the swelling is still contained to the knees down.  Fingers and face are still doing good.  The other typical symptoms of back pain and just general uncomfortableness are still going on, but that’s been going on for weeks.  Some nights I sleep alright.  And then some nights I toss and turn trying to find that spot where my stomach and ribs are in just the right synchrony that I can sleep comfortably.  I’m getting excited about some more baby stuff that should deliver soon.  I’ve gotten emails that our car-seat and crib have shipped now, so any day they should be arriving on our doorstep.  My mom was so sweet to buy us our crib when we went shopping last week!!  Our parents are awesome 🙂  Then today, I ordered our pack n’ play.  That pretty much finishes all the true necessities we need in order for Henry to arrive.  Granted we need to stock up on a few more packs of diapers, wipes, and little things here and there. But once those items get here and get setup, we’re pretty much ready for him. 🙂  That is really exciting!  It’s crazy to look at the calendar and think we’re in the home stretch.  Next Monday will be exactly 1 month from our due date!  And of course, he could easily come before then….orrrrr after.  But hopefully not too much after 😉  I take my final exam April 23rd, so anytime after that, I say “come on!”  🙂

Sorry, no bump pic today. I’ve been home all day doing some house-work and school-work, and while I did shower, I’m in sweats and a tshirt.  I’ll be sure to snap one later this week 😉

Sunday Showers

It’s been a wet, rainy, weekend, but we had the best kind of showers today.  A baby shower 🙂  Our friends and family gathered to celebrate baby Henry and it was a great afternoon.  Greg’s aunt Kim hosted the shower, and my sister Katie worked hard to plan all the little details.  We had food and drinks, some fun games, and we got lots of great gifts for our little man.  The decor was perfect.  Kim’s house decor worked perfectly with the nursery items I brought and the little details Katie put together.  Everything had that perfect vintage touch that I love so much.

Mar22-babyshower (72) Mar22-babyshower (81) Mar22-babyshower (82) Mar22-babyshower (83) Mar22-babyshower (84) Mar22-babyshower (85)We started off just mingling and eating some delicious snacks and desserts.  Then we had a fun game for the guys to play.  They divided up into two teams and each guy had to diaper a baby-doll blindfolded.  First team to complete the task won a prize!  It was fun cause only 2 guys actually have kids yet. So it was funny watching all the newbies try to change a diaper.  They didn’t do too bad though!!  Then we opened gifts and played another question/answer game with everyone.  Katie had written questions for Greg and me to answer and everyone had to guess whether each answer was mine or Greg’s.  The funny part is we answered the questions independently of one another ahead of time and when we were asked “how much do you think will Henry weigh” and “what date do you think Henry will be born,” Greg and I both answered 7 lbs 4 oz on May 6th.  WHAT?!  We were cracking up this morning when we figured out we had given Katie the exact same answers on those.

Mar22-babyshower (3) Mar22-babyshower (9) Mar22-babyshower (13) Mar22-babyshower (15) Mar22-babyshower (20) Mar22-babyshower (22) Mar22-babyshower (30) Mar22-babyshower (68)Mar22-babyshower (33)Mar22-babyshower (40)Mar22-babyshower (48)Mar22-babyshower (49)Mar22-babyshower (53)Mar22-babyshower (57)Mar22-babyshower (61)Mar22-babyshower (63)Mar22-babyshower (64)Mar22-babyshower (65)Mar22-babyshower (71)Mar22-babyshower (73)Mar22-babyshower (74)Mar22-babyshower (76)Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. We are so blessed to have friends and family that love us so much. An Henry, we can’t wait to meet you 🙂

Merry Christmas- Part 2

Dec26-Christmas (5)December 26th was our day to celebrate Christmas with my family.  We all gathered at my mom’s around 11am and while the turkey finished cooking we opened gifts with everyone.  This is Emily’s last Christmas as a college student, so she still stays at home when she’s in town.  Unfortunately, having sisters who are nurses, she’s gotten used to celebrating Christmas not on the 25th.  It happens.  She’s a trooper about it (although not like she has a choice!).  We began our gift exchange…again, we got several goodies for baby boy Boggs, mostly lots of gift cards that I’m excited to use!  I also got some maternity clothes, which I’ll be needing more of soon.  Greg’s big surprise from everyone was a Yeti cooler.  I knew he would be totally surprised and LOVE it, and of course, he was!

Dec26-GravesChristmas (1) Dec26-GravesChristmas (4) Dec26-GravesChristmas (5) Dec26-Christmas (7)Dec26-GravesChristmas (6)  Dec26-Christmas (6)

But the biggest surprise of the day was when Emily’s sweet boyfriend (Jonny) came walking into the living room to surprise Emily at our family Christmas.  Emily and Jonny are both building science majors at Auburn.  His family lives in Tennessee, so he had been home for Christmas, but drove back to Birmingham on the 26th to surprise Emily.  We were about halfway through gift exchanges when he just walked around the corner.  (Mom of course was in on the surprise!).  So he joined us for the rest of the gift exchange.  When everyone seemed to be done opening gifts, Jonny pulled out another gift for Emily.  It was a photo album he had made of the two of them with some sweet Bible verses on each page.  And as Emily was reading through the verses, we started noticing a trend and the last page said for her to “stand up.”  At this point Jonny started saying something really sweet about not spending another Christmas apart, and then he got down on one knee and asked Emily to marry him!!!  Katie and I were squealing!!  No one clued us in on any of these surprises!  Mom had been recording the whole thing and she had told Katie to “be in charge of the camera,” so although Katie didn’t know what was about to happen, she quickly knew why mom had handed her the camera.  Of course Emily said “yes” and we were all so excited for them!

Dec26-GravesChristmas (17) Dec26-GravesChristmas (19) Dec26-GravesChristmas (20)Dec26-GravesChristmas (24) Dec26-GravesChristmas (29) Dec26-GravesChristmas (32)Now, Jonny and Emily haven’t been dating for that long, but I think they’ve been “hanging out” way before we were told anything about him 😉  We just met him a few months ago, but they’ve been casually then seriously dating for probably almost a year now (if I had to guess, haha).  Emily is one who hasn’t dated much in the past, but we’ve always said that she’s one who will probably know pretty quickly when she finds “the one.”  And she and Jonny really seem to hit it off.  He’s a great Christian guy. He’s a year older (so a year wiser?).  He’s very outgoing and energetic.  And he’s so sweet to Emily, which is of course, very important 😉  So yeah…we have another brother joining the Graves family!  The Graves girls are all officially taken. Dec26-Christmas (10) Dec26-Christmas (14)Oh, and we can’t talk engagement stories and not show off the bling.  Y’all, her ring is gorgeous!!!  I mean, really.  Great job, Jonny!

Dec26-Christmas (12) Dec26-Christmas (17)

Merry Christmas- Part 1

What a week!  This may have been one of the most exciting Christmases we have had in a while.  We started the week off with our 20-week OBGYN appointment and gender reveal party where we found out with all our family that we are having a baby boy.  I’ve had a few days to let that soak in, and after playing around on our registry and focusing my attention on sweet little boy things, I’m really pumped about our precious little boy now.  Ok, that sounded bad. I’ve been excited about it!  I was never disappointed. I was just truly shocked.  And a little scared, to be honest.  A baby boy…actually, a toddler/little boy is a whole new adventure for me.  Not once during this whole process have I felt nervous or scared about becoming a mom.  I’ve been around babies A LOT.  Heck, it’s the whole premise of my job.  They don’t scare me.  I feel like I can handle them without any worry.  But a little boy…that scares me.  How do I raise him to be sweet, but strong?  To be “all boy” but not a wild terror?  To love God and respect authority?  I mean, in a lot of ways, I guess it’s no different than raising a little girl.  The basics are all the same, right?  Building good character and teaching about God’s love will be the same regardless of gender.  And I’m not in this alone, of course.  I have an amazing husband who is so ready to embrace fatherhood.  I think we will make a great team. 🙂

So we’ve kinda jumped back into baby mode over the past few days.  I’ve had fun adding little boy things to our registry. I’ve spent way too much time on Pinterest looking at little boy nurseries. 😉  And we’ve been looking over baby name lists again.  I think I said it before in my last post, but we had a girl name picked out and ready.  The boy names have been harder for some reason.  But the other night we looked at our list again, played around with some options, and I think we have a pretty solid choice picked out right now.  I don’t want to share it quite yet, but I feel good about it.

This year, I chose to work “the Christmas option” again at the hospital.  I worked both Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but it guaranteed I was off all the other winter holidays (Thanksgiving day, Black Friday, New Years Eve and New Years day).  I’m low enough of the seniority list that if I hadn’t chosen to work both Christmas holidays, I probably would have been stuck on 3 holiday shifts instead of 2.  And it honestly isn’t that bad.  Greg goes and does Christmas with all his family, I meet up with all of them Christmas night, then we do a full day of Christmas with my family on the 26th.  We did the same thing last year.  Now, I can’t guarantee I’ll do that again next year.  I may try my chances and try to be off for Christmas day since we’ll have a bouncing little baby boy to celebrate with.  But if it doesn’t work out, a baby won’t know the difference, and we’ll make it work.

Greg and I ended up doing our Christmas gift exchange on the evening of the 22nd.  We knew the 23rd would be busy with our OB appointment and gender reveal fun, and the rest of the week was already full of other Christmases.  I had already received my Christmas gift…my new awesome car.  But I had some surprises for Greg that he got to open, mostly all hunting related.  I got him a gun rack, a fire starter, rifle case, and some new shoes and sweater.  He had some stocking goodies for me, one of which was a gorgeous diamond cross necklace. 🙂  He’s so thoughtful!

Dec22-Christmas (2)On Christmas Eve, I headed off to work and Greg spent the day running some errands, getting last minute gifts, attending the Christmas Eve service at Church of the Highlands with his family, followed by their tradition of dinner at Ichiban hibachi restaurant (so A Christmas Story, huh?).  I met up with all of them at his sister’s house when I got off work for a quick visit and we exchanged just a few gifts.

I worked Christmas day and Greg headed straight to Jordan’s house again for Christmas with all his family.  I’ve never been able to participate in Christmas mornings at their house with all the kids, but I hear it’s pretty hectic.  But what Christmas mornings with kids aren’t hectic, right? 🙂  That’s the fun of it.  Greg came home for a nap then was back at their house that evening.  I met up with everyone again when I got off work, and we all had a nice dinner together and opened the rest of the gifts.  We got a few items for little boy Boggs this Christmas, so that’s exciting.  All in all, it was another great holiday.  I can’t wait to have our baby boy with us next year to join in on the traditions and joy of Christmas.  He’ll be such a fun age too, about 7 months old.  He’ll be old enough to interact with everyone but still a baby at Christmas.  And what’s more fun than a baby at Christmas 🙂

Dirty Santa Gender Reveal- 20 weeks

So today was the day we finally got to find out the gender of baby Boggs!!  I seriously hardly slept last night I was so excited. I woke up and tossed and turned all night long.  Greg went to work as usual this morning, and I finished up some gift shopping (for our Dirty Santa game tonight).  Our appointment was at 1:40 this afternoon.  First was our ultrasound, then we met with our doctor.  We were so excited!  My heart was racing from the moment we stepped back into the waiting area.  We had a plan for our ultrasound appointment.  We wanted to know the gender, but not yet.  So we had devised a plan for our tech to place the appropriate gendered “gift” into a box we had, and separate the genitalia pics into an envelope to remain sealed until the revealing tonight.  She spend about 15 mins taking all sorts of measurements.  Head, heart, long bones, stomach, everything was looked over with great detail.  Our little pumpkin measured 11 oz today.  When she got to body parts that we didn’t need to see (so as to maintain the surprise), she would tell us to look away.  Talk about self-control.  Greg and I just stared at each other with wide eyes knowing the details were on the screen but we didn’t want to know yet.

My vitals for the day were: HR 104, BP 126/73, and weight jumped up to 126lbs (up 6lb from November).  After the ultrasound, we met with Dr. Hoover. She told us everything looked great. Heart and brain all looked normal. Her only concern was our baby is measuring about 5 days smaller than expected.  So she’s adding an additional ultrasound which will be done at our next appointment in January.  She said it wasn’t anything to be concerned about since proportionally everything looked normal.  It may be that I just will have small babies (which honestly, is totally fine with me!)  As long as they are healthy, I’ll take the small babies 🙂  So anyways, we’ll get another peek at the little one in another month.

After the appointments, I dropped Greg back off at work and I headed home to wrap all the Dirty Santa gifts.  Greg was so worried I was going to cheat and peek in our little box, but I was a good girl!  No peeking 🙂

We all got to aunt Kim’s house this evening, ate dinner and desserts, and then gathered everyone together for our Dirty Santa Gender Reveal game! I brought pink and blue cupcakes, although somehow the “pink” ones still had a lot of blue on them.  Oh well.

Dec23-GenderReveal (1) Dec23-GenderReveal (3) Dec23-GenderReveal (11) Dec23-GenderReveal (12)Dec23-GenderReveal (9) Dec23-GenderReveal (16)Dec23-GenderReveal (15)Dec23-GenderReveal (20) The way we had it planned was Greg and I brought 3 gifts (2 normal dirty Santa gifts, and a baby gender reveal gift).  So we would play the game as normal, and whoever happened to open our gender reveal gift would announce to gender to everyone, including Greg and me!!  It was so intense.  We knew which gift was the gender gift, but no one else did. Greg casually filmed everyone individually opening their gifts of choice so that we would not spoil the surprise when “the one” was picked.  We got halfway through and I stole his mom’s gift (an amazing Restoration Hardware throw blanket), so of course she had to pick another gift.  She picked up the gender gift, and I know mine and Greg’s heart started racing, but we played it cool.  Check our the video below to see how the reveal was unveiled….

At Greg’s birthday party last week, one of his buddies gave him a box of cigars and there were two cigars in their that each said “it’s a boy” and “it’s a girl.”  So, we had our ultrasound tech leave the correct gender in the cigar box and just place to wrong gender back in the envelope.  Then I just wrapped up the whole cigar box not knowing which one was left in there.  And much to our surprise, baby Boggs is a BOY!  I know I’ve been saying “boy” for a while, but deep down I really was hoping it would be a girl.  Of course I’m thrilled, but oh my goodness, a boy?!  I only have sisters and my boy cousins were 10 years older than Katie and me.  So I really have very little experience with little boys.  This is going to be interesting.  Not to mention, we had a baby girl name picked out and on lock-down.  We have NO CLUE for a boy.  Guess we better get the name lists back out!

Dec23-GenderReveal (22)So there ya have it.  We can finally move forward with nursery decor, baby registries, all that fun stuff.  I am definitely excited about that!  Bring on the airplanes, trucks, trains, footballs, tractors…

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  We started our day out with breakfast at Aunt Kim’s house with all the cousins.  Then we headed off to my mom’s house to visit with my family for a few hours.  Then back to Kim’s for lunch with Greg’s family.  I think it was the perfect mix of family time with both sides.  Sometimes it’s hard to balance holidays when everyone lives in the same town.  You feel like you’re running back and forth all day. But it didn’t feel stressful or rushed this time. I think we worked it out nicely.  Emily has been in town all week from college, so I got to see her some this week. She came to join me and my girl friends for our friendsgiving dinner one night.  This is her senior year and she may or may not be living in Birmingham after she graduates.  It’s crazy she’s at the point of making career decisions already.

Nov27-Thanksgiving (6) Nov27-Thanksgiving (7)Nov27-Thanksgiving (11)

My silly family showing off my bump.  Since I didn’t take a bump picture for my weekly blog post early this week, I was told I needed to take one.  So here I am at 16 1/2 weeks.

Nov27-Thanksgiving (4)Nov27-Thanksgiving (14) Nov27-Thanksgiving (16) Nov27-Thanksgiving (15) Nov27-Thanksgiving (18)

At aunt Kim’s house we ate a delicious meal all seated around a giant table.  The food was amazing. I learned how to make my sourdough bread into rolls this week and brought those for Thanksgiving dinner.  That evening we went to see The Hunger Games movie with Tyler, Anna and my sisters and Chuck.  Then Katie and I did a little Black Friday shopping.  By 11pm I was ready to crash into my bed.  I can’t handle this late night/early AM Black Friday shopping.  Luckily there was nothing in particular I was shopping for, but I did pick up a few maternity tops at Target.  Eventually I gotta figure out where to get maternity pants.  If not, I’ll probably just be sporting leggings all winter!

The other exciting this for the week is on Tuesday night Greg surprised me with his Christmas/birthday gift to me.  Well, actually, at first he asked if I wanted to be surprised or if I’d want to be a part of the decision.  I trust him to come up with good surprises, but he said it was a pretty big decision.  Not having a clue what he was talking about, I opted to be included in the decision.  Much to my surprise, he had picked out a new car for me!!!!!  We have somewhat discussed the idea of purchasing new cars.  I’ve driven my rodeo since I was 16 years old, and it has served me well with only minor maintenance over the years.  And get this, when we turned it in at the dealership it only 95,001 miles on it.  And I drove it for almost 13 years!  I get my moneys worth out of things.  For instance, my laptop that I got when I went to college served me well for 7 years, which apparently is crazy.  And I’m still jamming out with my circa 2005 iPod 🙂

So anyways, Tuesday night I was surprised with the news that I would be getting a new car, and Greg would have kept it a total surprise until Christmas had he not needed my rodeo for trade-in purposes.  And since my name was on the title, he was in a jam.  But I’m so excited he went ahead and told me because I am LOVING it!!  He picked out a 2011 Nissan Rogue, and it is full of really awesome features like back-up camera, navigation system, heated seats, leather interior, bluetooth phone capabilities, and key-less entry.  This car is da’ bomb! 🙂

Nov28-car (1) Nov28-car (4)Nov28-car (3)Nov28-car (2)I love her. She’s so pretty.  And she looks especially good with a Christmas tree on top 😉  Here’s to many many years, my new friend.

So that pretty much wraps up our Thanksgiving weekend.  Oh, that and a super intense Iron Bowl last night.  Geez. That game is so freakin’ intense every year!  Glad Alabama pulled out another win!  I have a happy husband 😉

the Pumpkin- 16 weeks

It’s Thanksgiving week, and we’ve already been pretty busy around here.  This past weekend Greg and I went to Atlanta since Greg had a rugby game on Saturday.  We decided to stay with his parents in Atlanta Saturday night since we’d be driving to Lannet, AL on Sunday for some family Thanksgiving anyways (which is about halfway between Atlanta and B’ham).  So Saturday morning we hit the road, and I got to see him play rugby for the first time.  He just got into playing the sport about a month ago, and this was his first game to play.  His parents came to watch him too.  It’s an interesting game, for sure. There’s a lot of rules and strategies I’m still learning.  Greg really enjoys it, and it was fun seeing him play!

rugby (6)

Saturday evening we were all exhausted.  Greg of course was exhausted from rugby.  I was exhausted cause I worked 2 days, had clinicals for 2 days, and then the early morning wake-up call to drive to Atlanta that morning. I was desperate for a morning to sleep in.  We just chilled at the condo for the evening. I did a little bit of studying. His parents grilled steaks for dinner, and we watched the Samford v. Auburn game on tv.  Samford is our alma mater, and they are a much smaller team than Auburn.  Samford is part of the Southern Conference, where Auburn is of course in the SEC.  But Samford held their own for a while.  They didn’t get slaughtered which is good.

Sunday, we all got up and made our way to Lannet, AL for Thanksgiving with Greg’s dad’s side of the family.  Mimi and Daddy Bob drive down from the mountains in N.C., and there are cousins from Birmingham and Nashville area that join the gathering.  The feast was delicious!  Seriously, all of it was so good.  After a few hours in Lannet, we headed back home.Thanksgiving

Yesterday Greg and Aidan did some hunting up at the Clifford cabin in TN, and this time Aidan shot his first deer on the property!  (not his first deer ever, just the first on this new land they own)  His family has been building a cabin up there and they’ve been hunting the land for 2 seasons now, but haven’t shot anything yet.  This time he got a buck.  It’s being processed now and they’ll pick up the meat in 2 week when they return to the cabin.

Yesterday I had another OB appointment.  It was another simple one.  Just pee in a cup and listen for the heartbeat.  This time my vitals were BP 118/71, HR 99, and weight was up about 3lbs to 120lbs.  Baby’s heartbeat came in around 145-150.  It’s slowing down a bit with each appointment.  According to those wives tales, maybe we’re hearing a little boy hiding in there 🙂    December 23rd cannot get here fast enough!  We’re dying to know what baby Boggs is!!  But for now, everything still looks good, so we just have to wait.

The only pregnancy symptom I have now, for the most part, is a growing belly.  Yesterday I had to pull a pair of jeans out of the closet because they no longer fit.  I get by mostly by wearing my LOFT corduroy pants.  They have a bit more slack to them than jeans.  But I have a feeling December may be my month to start shopping for maternity pants.  Leggings are definitely my go-to if I’m just going to be hanging around the house most of the day.  Oh, and I have had a few mornings where I think I’m experiencing the “round ligament pain” I’ve heard of.  It’s a ligament that gets stretched as the uterus grows, and it feels like a slight pinch or sharp pain across the sides of my belly.  It hasn’t been bad, just uncomfortable at times.  All part of the process 🙂

As far as non-pregnancy symptoms, I’ve been sick the past few days.  It started the end of last week as just a little nasal congestion, but since Sunday, it’s now developed into a nasty cough, nasal and head congestion, and my voice has almost gone today.  Thankfully I’m not limited to just plain ole acetaminophen now.  After trying to find Tylenol cold and sinus (which neither Greg nor I have had success doing), I asked a pharmacist at CVS for a recommendation and he said I could take Mucinex DM.  So, I got some of that in my system now. Let’s hope it does the job tonight.  Everything is the worst when I wake up in the mornings. I can’t hardly breathe I’m so congested and the cough is killing my throat.  Not to mention poor baby Boggs is probably getting jostled all around with this coughing all day long.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving week so far!  We will be feasting with the Boggs this year on Thursday.  Not sure if I’ll participate in any Black Friday shopping this year.  There’s nothing we really need right now, so I may pass that up.  I’d like to get our Christmas tree on Friday  🙂  Maybe I’ll just decorate all day Friday.  That sounds like a great plan to me!  I’m working all weekend, so it would be nice to have the house ready for Christmas by then.

16 week baby stats-  Our little one is now the size of an avocado measuring about 4.5 inches (head to rump) and 3.5 ounces.  It is gearing up for a growth spurt over the next few weeks, and it’s weight will double.  Legs are more developed, the head is more erect, and eyes are continuing to move closer to the front of the head.  The skeletal system is developing more as calcium is being deposited into the bones.

(sorry, no bump pic today. I’ll try to post one later this week when I’m feeling a little better).

the Pumpkin- 11 weeks

Finally, the cat is out of the bag!! No more secrets.  No more little white lies.  It has been such a relief finally telling everyone about our pregnancy.  Had we waited any longer, Greg would have cracked!  He almost slipped so many times to his family over the course of last weekend before we finally were able to share the big news with them on Sunday.  I know he’s glad it’s out 😉

Not much new to report this week, except that it’s nice to finally talk to people about being pregnant.  Granted, several people have slowly found out over the past few weeks, but now it’s fair topic for everyone.  Luckily, my nausea and sickness eased up quite a bit this week.  I had one rough night Monday night, and a little throwing up yesterday morning. That’s been it for this week.  Hopefully, I’m turning the corner as we enter into our 12th week.  I can’t believe the first trimester is almost done!

Oh! There was one really exciting thing that happened this week.  I called my OB office to get some more appointments on the calendar.  I only had my October appointment made, and every four weeks from that fell on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.  So I wanted to go ahead and get the November and December appointment made since I figured those weeks might be crazy.  So now I have my 16 week appointment two days before Thanksgiving, and then the big 20 week appointment where we get our next ultrasound is set for December 23rd.  That means I’ll be counting down the days till Christmas not only out of my pure holiday excitement, but because we get to find out at Christmas if we have a little girl Boggs or little boy Boggs coming our way!!  I’m SO excited!  What a wonderful Christmas gift God has laid out for us this year 🙂

In other news, yesterday the family went down to Auburn to enjoy a Saturday on the plains with Emily for the Auburn vs. South Caroline game.  She’s a senior this year, and we’ve never all gone down there for a game day before (we’re hard core Alabama fans).  It was fun. We ate lunch at Niffer’s, walked all over campus around the stadium and to Toomer’s corner and back for some tailgating with Emily’s beau Johnny and his family.  The weather was amazing. It was a great day, even if we were on Tiger land 😉

Oct25 (1) Oct25 (2)Oct25-Auburn (3) Oct25-Auburn (4)

11 week baby stats- This week our baby reached 1.5 inches in length.  Hands started to open and close and form tiny fists.  It is busy kicking and stretching, although I certainly don’t feel it yet.  It may even be starting to hiccup since the diaphragm is forming.