Pregnancy Time Lapse

I thought it would be fun to put all my belly pics together for a quick time lapse through my pregnancy journey.  I didn’t document as well in the first half of pregnancy, but overall I think I did a pretty good job keeping up with it!  So here it is.  Mine and Henry’s 9 month growth journey 🙂  I didn’t even make it to my 40th week. Henry came at 39.5 weeks!
Sept16- 6 weeks Sept 25- 7 weeks (2) Oct19-10weeks Nov 3- 13 weeks Nov12- 14 weeks (14) Nov27-Thanksgiving (4) Dec23-GenderReveal (9) Jan6-22weeks Jan16-23weeks Jan22- 24 weeks (7) Jan29-25weeks (2) Feb11-27weeks (1) Feb18-28weeks (9) Feb26-29weeks (7) Mar4-30 weeks (3)Mar10-31weeks (3) Mar20-32 weeks (6) Mar27-33weeks (10) April 3-34 weeks (12) April 10-35 weeks (7) Apr16- 36 weeks (8)April 24- maternity (5b) Apr30-38 weeks (8)May 6- 39weeks (7)

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