String Art

Our cousin Jackson has been doing some really cool things lately.  He’s making string art, and he’s really good at it!  He’s done a few pieces for some family and friends and has decided to start selling them.  He takes pieces of wood and stains them, then creates designs with nails and string.  He made us one for Henry’s nursery that I just love!!  It goes so well with all the other wood and rustic pieces I used in the nursery decor.  He’s about to work on a really big piece for Greg’s new office.  It’ll be the Vehicle Media logo, and I know it’s going to look really awesome and unique.

If you’d like one of these art pieces for your home, contact Jackson Schnell at  Just let him know what you have in mind and he can whip up a design just for you!  Here’s a few pieces he’s made so far…

stringart stringart (3) stringart (2) stringart (1) stringart (4) stringart (6)