Little Henry- 39 weeks

We are less than a week from our due date!  I can’t believe our baby could potentially be here any day. I sure wish he’d hurry! 😉  Greg and I were so convinced May 6 was going to be our magic day, but it’s not looking hopeful at this point.  Not really feeling many contractions these days. Just a few here and there, but nothing consistent or strong.  I was scheduled to work Monday, Wednesday, Friday this week.  Greg and I had already talked and decided Friday was probably pushing it, and then when I was at work on Monday I asked him what he thought about that day being my last day.  His response was “well, he’s gonna be born on Wednesday anyways, so you’re not going to be working.”  haha.  See?  We’ve been hoping for May 6th.  I don’t know why, it’s just a date we both picked out of the blue (without each other’s input) as our predicted date of arrival.  So at work on Monday I got the charge nurse to make sure they would be ok with staffing on Wednesday if I were to come off the schedule.  It was fine, so Monday was my last day at work.  Good thing too, cause I already couldn’t wear my work shoes anymore.  My last two shifts I had to improvise with my tennis shoes cause my feet and ankles are so swollen these days.

May 4So since Monday, I’ve gotten all mine and Henry’s stuff totally packed and ready to leave for the hospital. I had most of it together last week, but there were still a few things here and there that needed gathering.  So now, besides packing the few things I use day-to-day, we’re really ready.

I also completely finished the nursery.  Again, it’s been ready (as far as functional) for him for several weeks now, but I had some artwork I wanted to get hung on the walls.  Katie came over last week and helped me get a gallery wall done, and then this week I got some frames I needed to complete another wall above his crib.  I’m so happy with how it all came together.  We decided to go with a vintage airplane/toys theme.  Of course, thanks Pinterest for the inspiration.  What did we ever do without Pinterest??  I had originally planned to order some watercolor airplane prints off Etsy for one art wall, but then one day I found an airplane book in some stacks of children’s books that came from the Boggs’ that had been sitting on our bookshelves. I looked through it and it was filled with some cute airplane artwork that all coordinated really well, so I ended up just making copies of those prints instead.  So instead of the $60+ I was gonna spend on 4 prints off Etsy, I got 6 prints copied for $6 at Kinkos.  Heck yeah!  And I love that it’s unique for his nursery.  No one else will have these prints. So here’s a look at our precious boy’s nursery. It’s all ready and waiting on him 🙂

May 6-nursery (38) May 6-nursery (10) May 6-nursery (9) May 6-nursery (11) May 6-nursery (14) May 6-nursery (24) May 6-nursery (28) May 6-nursery (29) May 6-nursery (30) May 6-nursery (31) May 6-nursery (33) May 6-nursery (21) May 6-nursery (39)May 6- nursery

We have our next appointment tomorrow.  Hopefully there will be some progress this time.  Thankfully my back pain has eased up over the past week.  Some days I still take Tylenol, but it’s not around the clock like I was having to do. And I haven’t had to add the Benadryl to it for about a week now.  I do however pee around the clock!  I was doing good only having to get up once a night for weeks, but as of this week, I’m up at least 2-3 times a night.  So that’s been fun.

The summer term for school started back up this week.  Thankfully, all our tests are cumulative now since it is my last semester. So from what I can tell, there’s not any new reading. I just need to re-read and study all the material I’ve learned up until now (which is still pretty intimidating).  We have a few assignments I’ll need to keep up with over the next month or so. But thankfully, I won’t start doing clinicals again until sometime in June.  I’m so thankful for the timing of all this.  I would not be able to survive school and a new baby if this semester was anything like the ones leading up until now.  Luckily, this one seems a little less stressful.  And my teacher was very understanding about me taking some time off.  So for now, I’ll try to knock out a few assignments to stay on track and then I’ll ease into clinicals once we get a little more settled into our new life with a newborn 😉  But until then, we just keep on waiting…

May 6- 39weeks (7)

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  1. Henry’s nursery has come together beautifully! I love your new additions. Can’t wait to see a picture of Henry IN the nursery!!!

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