Little Henry- 38 weeks

Another week is going by and we’re just hanging in there.  I’m seriously ready to be done with this whole pregnancy thing.  Ever since last week I’ve pretty much taken Tylenol around the clock or Tylenol with Benadryl on some days when my back really starts to hurt.  My feet stay swollen all the time.  I’m seriously worried one of these days I’m gonna get ready for work and not be able to put my shoes on that morning.  I don’t really know what my back-up plan is if that actually happens, but I guess I would have to call-in at work at that point.  I have to wear closed-toe shoes to work, so I have a pair of tennis shoes that I might could loosen the laces on and try that instead, but if that doesn’t work, I’m out of luck.  As of this week, I dropped from my normal 12-hour shifts to 8-hour ones and that has been nice.  Usually by lunchtime my back starts to hurt.  I take my Tylenol and luckily just have a few hours to go at that point.  Right now I’m scheduled to keep working through next week, but I may have to stop before then. For now, I’m sticking it out.

I got all of Henry’s things packed into his diaper bag this week.  Outfits, blankets, pacifiers, boppy, and nursing cover are all ready to go.  I have a list made out for my hospital bag that I plan to start packing tomorrow (I keep putting it off. Ooops!).  We had another appointment this morning. BP is still good despite the swelling (126/83) and I actually didn’t gain any weight this week!  I was hoping to be more dilated though because I definitely feel more pressure in my pelvis than I did last week.  But I didn’t really show much progress when she checked me.  Still hanging out at about 2 cm, but we are at a -1 station which is good.  That means he’s dropped pretty low, but he was low last week as well so I’m not sure that’s much different.  We talked about stripping my membranes, which is a procedure they can do that sometimes will get the contractions going.  They won’t do it until 39 weeks though, so not until next week.  Basically she just runs her finger along the uterus to start loosening it around the cervix.  If the procedure works, she said typically contractions would start within about 24 hours.  If not, then nothing happens and we just keep waiting.  I think it’s worth a shot.  At my appointment next week I’ll be 39.3 weeks.  I’m ready to get this little pumpkin out! 🙂  We haven’t talked about any dates for inducing yet cause I’m really hoping I don’t have to be.  But if we start getting several days past my due date, then I’d seriously consider it.  We have an appointment at 40.3 weeks, so if I make it that far, I’ll definitely be discussing it.

After our appointment, I spent the afternoon hanging out with my mom.  I had lunch with her and my sister Katie.  Then I went by her house for a bit.  She asked if we’d gotten our car seat bases installed yet and when I told her they were out of the box but sitting in our den, she insisted we go take her base to the fire station and get them to show us how to install it.  She’ll be keeping Henry in the evenings after daycare on days I have to work, so we just had them install the base she had bought into my car.  It’s super easy to do, but I was glad we had someone show us so I’d know we were doing it right.  And of course once I got home I wanted to get the car seat in there ready to go.  It’s crazy that I have a car seat in my car. haha.  Now, we are ready to have a baby 😉


In other news, Greg will be working from home these next few weeks.  Good timing, huh?  Turns out the office space he and some other guys have been renting has mold in the air ducts. Like bad mold. Enough that one guy got pretty sick and was hospitalized because of it.  So, they have spent the week searching for new office space and as of today, Greg went ahead and brought most of his stuff home.  They probably can’t move into the new space they found for another few weeks.  But Greg was planning to take some paternity leave when Henry arrives anyways, so in a way, it could be pretty good timing.  And honestly, it works out pretty great because the new office they found is closer to home and between our house and my mom’s (where Greg will need to pick Henry up on days that I work).  So, God has worked it out for the better in the end.  Don’t you love how He can turn a bad situation into a blessing? 🙂

So, for now, we keep on waiting.  It’s a weird feeling to think any day now our lives could change.  It could be tomorrow, next week, or (sigh) a little longer.  But still.  We are in the home stretch.  Soon we will be a family of 3.  I can’t wait to meet our precious boy!

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