Little Henry- 37 weeks

Holy crap, 37 weeks is kicking my a**.  What the heck happened to my smooth sailing pregnancy?  I guess I had to suffer at some point.  I cannot handle the horrible back pain I’ve been experiencing the past few days.  There is a muscle on the lower left side of my spine that will tighten up and spasm, and when that happens, I am crippled with pain.  I’ve had several people ask me if I think it’s back labor.  Um, well, having never done this before, I honestly don’t know! But it comes and goes, which makes me think no.  But again, first-time mom here.  What do I know?!

On Monday, my back pain was pretty bad, but thankfully I got to leave work early.  Tues was worse. I kept going back and forth between the sofa, the chair, sitting up, laying down, heating pad, ice…nothing was working. Greg came home and at one point asked me if I was ok and I just lost it. Tears started streaming cause I was so frustrated that nothing was working to relieve my pain.  I just laid in Greg’s lap while he rubbed my back and finally we just went to bed. Then Wednesday was my last 12-hr shift at work, and somehow that day was fine. Yeah, I was a little sore and tired when I got home, but nothing crazy.

Then yesterday, it was pretty awful again.  We had an appt yesterday morning (I’ll get to that shortly), and during the appt I told the nurse the pain was a 4/10, but by the time I got home it had gotten worse again.  I laid on the couch for a bit and tried to do some last minute studying.  Around 1:30 I headed to the library to take my final exam (halleluiah!).  During the 2 hours it took me to take my final, my back was fine.  But then on the ride home from the library, it got significantly worse again.  I swear, I think my seat in the car does something to my back.  By the time I got home I was in so much pain again.  I took some more Tylenol, laid down on the couch again, but over the next few hours it was not getting better. That muscle was SO tight I felt like I couldn’t take in a deep breath without being in horrible pain. I was even starting to get nauseous it was so bad.   I talked to Greg and told him about it. I knew there wasn’t anything he could do about it, and he felt bad that I was so miserable.  He was about to head to rugby practice for the evening, but said to call if it kept getting worse.  He had someone designated to hold his phone if I needed to reach him.  About 30 mins later I sent him a text saying I was starting to get worried and thinking maybe we should just go to the hospital and let them check me.  He started heading home while I called the nurse and told her about my pain. She suggested adding Benadryl and try to time my contractions.  The trouble is I couldn’t distinguish specific contractions. I told her it was just constant back pain that seemed to be creeping around to my sides at this point.  She told me to try eating something and if I felt like I was having contractions 3-5 mins apart for 2 hours then to come in.

Greg came home with Benadryl and some ice-cream 🙂  He stayed home with me for a little bit, did some house cleaning, and once I could tell the Benadryl was kicking in, I knew it was ok for him to leave again.  His rugby playoff game is this weekend and on Thursday nights the team meets up to make selections for who will start for the weekend’s game.  I assured him I was feeling much better and I’d call if things got bad again.  I spent the rest of the evening laying on the couch.  The stiffness of the couch seemed to help too when I was lying on my side.  I even decided to try sleeping on the couch last night to see if that would make things better today. I’m not sure it was any better or worse than the bed though.  Hopefully today will be a better day.

Ok, so back to our appt yesterday.  I’m up another 6 lbs (holy crap!) this week.  I’m pretty sure most of that is in my ankles and feet.  They stay pretty swollen most days now.  My BP was really good though, 117/71, so no worries of pre-eclampsia.  My GBS screen from last week was negative, so that’s good.  I asked her about all the back pain and she said unfortunately there’s not much else to be done for it.  Henry has probably dropped at this point which is why there’s more pain.  I’m beginning to wonder if he’s turned the wrong way. Babies are supposed to come out facing the floor, but sometimes they are flipped where they come out facing up.  This means the back of his head could be pressing against my sacrum causing the pain.  But there’s no way to know that right now.  We asked her to check me since I was in so much more pain this week than I have been.  I’m now 1-2 cm dilated, 75% effaced and his head is really low.  GOOD! Maybe that means he’s coming sooner than later after all.  Come on, Henry! Mommy and daddy are ready for you now 😉

I’m off work until Monday and when I do go back, I’ll just be doing 8 hr shifts.  School is done for now.  The summer term starts back May 5th, so I may work on a few assignments/reading if Henry isn’t here yet, but I won’t be doing anymore clinicals until sometime in June.  Right now, I’m just chillin,’ making packing lists for our hospital bags, finishing up some minor nursery decor and waiting on Henry to arrive. 🙂  And probably taking Benadryl and Tylenol around the clock.  I’ll try to get a bump picture to post later today….