In recent years I have seen a trend in what is called the “babymoon.”  It is the sister concept of a honeymoon but for parents-to-be.  That’s right. Just like you take a little vacation after your wedding to enjoy one-on-one time with your new honey, a babymoon is meant to be one-on-one time with your partner before the new baby arrives.  Earlier this year I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to get away and do maybe a little beach trip just for the two of us before Henry is born. But when I decided to keep going on my journey through grad school, I knew that opportunity was going to be unlikely.  With clinicals and exams and squeezing in baby-prepping, the plans for a vacation get-away kept slipping away from us.

Then last week Greg came home one night and told me his business partner and good friend Paul had planned a get-away for us at the Ross Bridge Resort and Spa here in town.  I was SO excited!!  Not only did we get to stay at a fancy resort for a night, but we had massages and dinner booked as well.  Well done, Paul and Leah, well done!!  This mama and daddy-to-be were pumped!

Saturday morning we actually already had a big garage sale planned with my mom and sister.  We desperately needed to get a bunch of stuff cleaned out of the house and so did my mom and sister. So we planned to have a garage sale before Henry’s delivery.  I spent a good portion of the week prepping for that and then bright and early yesterday morning we did the sale.  It was pretty successful. Greg and I had some big ticket items that sold, and then a good bit of little stuff here and there throughout the day.  There’s still a lot left over that I need to sift through and either haul off to the thrift store or try to sell online.  Our front room though is finally cleared out!  It’s so spacious now that it doesn’t have a giant pile of garage sale items stored up in the corner.

As the sale died down, Greg and I headed out to make our way to Ross Bridge for the evening.  It was actually really nice to just drive down the street and not have to actually go somewhere far for our little mini-vaca.  We were able to just leave the dogs at home (and Greg’s dad came by to feed and let them out that evening).  We packed a small bag and headed out.  We had massages booked at 4pm and dinner reservations that evening.  Let me tell you, if you have never gotten a massage at Ross Bridge you are missing out!!!  We even have Massage Envy memberships and I have gotten several prenatal massages over the past few months.  I just thought I was getting good massages.  The massage at Ross Bridge was hands down one of the best massages I’ve ever gotten.  And Greg’s experience was no different.  We were so relaxed for the evening 🙂

Apr18- babymoon (1) Apr18- babymoon (3)

We sat out on the patio for a bit sipping on strawberry daquiris then got ready for dinner.  Dinner was delicious!  We enjoyed an appetizer, dinner and dessert.  We even felt like we were in a honeymoon booth of some sort. It was a little half-circle booth, and while we always joke about couples who go to dinner and sit side by side in booths, it was actually kinda nice 🙂  (not that we had a choice in this one, haha).  There was an interesting older couple right next to us that insisted on taking our picture and kept offering parental advice. (luckily they were finishing up their dinner when we arrived 😉 ).

Apr18- babymoon (4) Apr18- babymoon (5)

After dinner we enjoyed some time around the pool and the hot tub (don’t worry, I kept my hot tub time to a minimum).  It seriously was such a great evening!  I mean, once you get onto the resort property, you don’t even feel like you’re in Birmingham anymore.  We could have been anywhere at that point.  It was such a stress-free relaxing evening enjoying one-on-one time with my favorite person 🙂  And the resort was not crowded at all.  So our pool time and dinner time felt very private.  If anyone in the Birmingham area is looking for a simple get-away, I highly recommend this option.  Hopefully we’ll be back to do it again one day 🙂