Little Henry- 36 weeks

We have now entered the last month of pregnancy!  These next few weeks are going to be about list-making and preparations for Henry’s arrival.  I take my final exam 1 week from today and then after that, I’m in full final baby prep mode 🙂  I need to make packing lists for hospital bags and get those going, get our car seat bases installed, do a last check on essential inventory like diapers, wipes, and coming home gear for those first few days, and then we just sit back and wait!  I did my last clinical for this semester this week.  It felt good to wrap those up for the time being.  I had originally thought I would get a head start on clinical hours for the summer term, but each week gets more and more exhausting doing those 12-hour shifts.  So I think I’m done for now.  I’ll pick back up with clinicals in June.  If anything, I’d rather pick up an extra day of work these last few weeks to earn a little extra cash before Henry arrives.

I’ve spent a good portion of the week prepping for a big garage sale we are doing this weekend. We have SO MUCH STUFF we needed to get out of the house and the storage unit. So we’ll be combining things with my mom and sister and do a big family garage sale at Katie’s house on Saturday.  Our front room is finally cleared of all the “sale stuff” that’s been piling up over the past few months as I’ve cleaned things out at the house.  We sold our front sofa (which never got used) to my youngest sister and her fiance, and will be making that front area a play area for Henry instead of the sitting area it used to be.  Instead, I’ve bought a piece of furniture from Katie to replace the sofa and will fill it with bins for toys, books, etc.  Henry’s swing and bouncer will be set up in that space as well.  And hopefully all our stuff will sell in the garage sale because it’s not coming back into this house! 😉  It’ll go to the thrift store before it comes back through these doors.

We had another OB appt this morning. Now we are at the point of having weekly appointments.  Everything is still looking good.  BP was 126/78 and I was up 1 pound from our last visit (now 30 lbs total weight gain).  Feet, ankles and legs are still swollen most of the time, but everything else is good. I can still wear my wedding rings.  They did my Group B strep test today, and we’ll get those results in the next few days.  GBS is a bacteria that women can get just from the environment. It’s not really harmful to the general population, but it can be harmful to a newborn who can contract it during the labor process if mom is not adequately treated.  If I test positive, then during labor they will administer antibiotics to me which will protect Henry.  If I’m negative, then we’re all good.

They also did my first vaginal exam at this appointment.  She checked to see if I had started to dilate at all.  I didn’t think I had because I don’t think Henry has dropped much.  He’s still pretty high up, although my ribs have been feeling a tiny bit better the past few days. So maybe he’s beginning his descent.  But sure enough, when she checked, I was not dilated at all yet.  He is just happy and comfy right where he is with no plans of exiting quite yet.  And typically with first pregnancies, babies come later rather than early.  So more than likely, he won’t be making his appearance in April (if I had to guess). I think it’s safe to say he’s going to be a May baby.  She did say that if I do not go into labor by 41 weeks, they would likely consider inducing me.  She didn’t like to go much past 41 weeks, and I don’t want to either.  I know what meconium aspiration can do to a newborn (although it’s not just with post-term babies), and I definitely don’t want to risk that.  Hopefully Henry behaves and comes without needing to be coerced. But we’ll see.

So for 36 weeks, my bump was measuring right on track.  Everything looks good, and Henry’s heart beat was in the 130s, which is normal.  My main focus for the next week is studying for my final exam, knocking out a garage sale, and enjoying a little babymoon retreat (courtesy of Greg’s business partner and sweet friend!) at Ross Bridge resort and spa 🙂  I can’t wait!

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