Little Henry- 35 week updates

So it’s been a busy week as far as baby prep has gone!  Our car seat, crib, pack n’ play and crib sheets were all delivered this week.  Besides installing the car seat bases into our cars, we are literally ready for this little guy to get here. 🙂

35 weeks

Ok, so there’s still some artwork and decor I’d like to hang on the nursery walls, and his crib mobile hasn’t delivered yet, along with our glider…but all the necessities are here.  So IF he were to show up soon, we’d be set.  Not that I want him coming this soon, but it’s nice to know we’re ready for him.  The nursery is looking good these days. We put the crib together Wednesday night.  That was WAY easier than I expected. It was like a 20 minute project.  I’m washing the last bit of baby laundry (I think) now.  There’s more prepping I’d love to do, like the wall decor and making packing lists for hospital bags, but I have 2 weeks of school left this semester.  So I had to stop and focus on schoolwork the past two days.  It’s going to be so hard to get through this last semester this summer once this little guy gets here.  It’s going to take A LOT of determination, that’s for sure.

And as promised, here’s my 35-week bump update.  He still hasn’t dropped at all.  He’s still kicking and pressing against my ribs all the time.  Sleep is getting harder and harder.  But I was telling Greg the other night, as uncomfortable as it is having him pressed against my ribs all the time, the alternative might be worse.  He’s not resting on my bladder or pelvis at this point.  So I might should still be grateful. 😉

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