Little Henry- 35 weeks

Sunday we celebrated Easter!  I was scheduled to work all weekend, including Easter (since it’s my holiday this year), until another nurse at work on Saturday offered to work my shift for me.  She wanted to pick up an extra shift on Sunday and I was happy to have the opportunity to be off for the holiday.  Unfortunately, since I originally was working, my sister Emily was going to TN with her fiance to spend time with his family, and my other sister had plans to do lunch with her in-laws, we had already decided among my family that everyone would just do their own thing.  So my mom and step dad made plans to go to the lake for the weekend (also in celebration of his birthday, which was Wednesday).  So when my plans suddenly changed, I decided to join Greg and his family for the day.  We went to our church service that morning and then to his aunt Kim’s house for lunch.  It was such a pretty day on Sunday.  Easter is sometimes hit or miss with the weather here in Alabama. Some Easters are still a little cool, but the sun came out and it warmed up as the morning went by and turned out to be a really beautiful day.  Flowers are all starting to bloom around town….and yes, that means pollen is out and covering everything.  I don’t usually welcome rain, but thankfully, it is raining all day today and hopefully washing all the pollen away!

Apr5-Easter (6) Apr5-Easter (4) Apr5-Easter (5) Apr5-Easter (7) Apr5-Easter (1)Then Greg and I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and re-organizing from all the construction chaos that has been going on at the house over the past month.  Our front den had become a dumping zone for all things construction related like tools, paint cans, drop-cloths, trim, bead board…you name it, it was in our front den.  We moved back into the master bedroom a few nights ago, but the guest room was left in shambles.  Half my clothes had migrated to the guest room, and the bed linens needed to be stripped and washed.  And the porch was still set-up with Greg’s table saw and all the left over bead board and trim pieces from the project.  So we spent almost a good 4 hours cleaning, putting everything away and a little re-organizing to get the house back in order.  It’s so nice to have things back in order.  I know I’m OCD and crazy when it comes to stuff like that, but I get stressed when things are not organized and in place.  Order keeps me sane 😉  In the bathroom, everything is done and functional, except that once we started trying to hang the shower curtain rod I realized since we had heightened the door-frame and also removed the tub (which resulted in a lower threshold for the shower), a standard shower curtain was going to be way too short.  In order for it to hang low enough to keep water from spraying over the threshold, Greg would almost be able to peer over the top of it.  And it just looked silly with such a tall ceiling height to work with.  So, I got online and found some taller options, but we have to wait on them to ship.  They don’t seem to carry these other sizes in stores.  And since we already bought and cut tags off the rug for the bathroom, I’ll have to keep looking for a tall curtain that will still match.  But as long as we have the liner, the shower will be functional.  And at least we can use the toilet and sink already.  That has become much easier with my nightly trips to the bathroom.  I no longer have to crawl over Greg and walk down the hall to go pee at night. I just roll out of my side and take 3 steps into the new bathroom. 😉  Much better.

Pregnancy symptoms this week….swelling.  My feet and ankles are generally swollen all the time now.  My work shoes the other day felt a good bit tighter than usual, and my fat feet were poking up out of my heels at church Sunday morning.  So far the swelling is still contained to the knees down.  Fingers and face are still doing good.  The other typical symptoms of back pain and just general uncomfortableness are still going on, but that’s been going on for weeks.  Some nights I sleep alright.  And then some nights I toss and turn trying to find that spot where my stomach and ribs are in just the right synchrony that I can sleep comfortably.  I’m getting excited about some more baby stuff that should deliver soon.  I’ve gotten emails that our car-seat and crib have shipped now, so any day they should be arriving on our doorstep.  My mom was so sweet to buy us our crib when we went shopping last week!!  Our parents are awesome 🙂  Then today, I ordered our pack n’ play.  That pretty much finishes all the true necessities we need in order for Henry to arrive.  Granted we need to stock up on a few more packs of diapers, wipes, and little things here and there. But once those items get here and get setup, we’re pretty much ready for him. 🙂  That is really exciting!  It’s crazy to look at the calendar and think we’re in the home stretch.  Next Monday will be exactly 1 month from our due date!  And of course, he could easily come before then….orrrrr after.  But hopefully not too much after 😉  I take my final exam April 23rd, so anytime after that, I say “come on!”  🙂

Sorry, no bump pic today. I’ve been home all day doing some house-work and school-work, and while I did shower, I’m in sweats and a tshirt.  I’ll be sure to snap one later this week 😉

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