Little Henry- 34 weeks

We had our OB appointment this morning.  Everything is still looks good.  He measured right at 34 weeks.  Greg and I both agreed the whole measuring the belly thing is probably a little subjective.  I mean, they just feel for my pelvic bone and the top of the uterus.  So if different people measure from week to week, it’s probably slightly different.  Either way,  the bump measured right at 34 inches today.  My blood pressure was 118/71 and my weight….wellllll, we had another growth spurt apparently.  I jumped up another whopping 8 lbs!  That’s a total of 29 lbs now.  Wow.  She told us that was normal though. She said they usually have a growth spurt around 28 weeks and another about now.  And I definitely feel like the bump is growing significantly week to week.  And my lower legs and ankles are swollen most days now.  But I’m not having any swelling anywhere else, and my blood pressure is good, so all is well.  Henry’s heart beat was in the 130s and he was squirming as usual.  She said at the next visit (in 2 weeks), she could check to see if I was progressing at all if I wanted.  Honestly, this little booger has not dropped at all.  He’s still alllll up in my ribs.  And I haven’t felt any contractions of any sort. So unless that changes in the next 2 weeks, I don’t really see any reason for checking for progress. This little guy is happy right were he is 😉

This afternoon, Katie came over and helped me organize the nursery.  We put drawer liners in the dresser, organized the clothes and blankets, rearranged some furniture, put together a floor lamp, and re-organized the bookshelves.  Now we just need to work on the wall decor and get the crib set up (once it gets delivered).  I have some prints I’d like to order from Etsy.  I was going to post a few pics, but I’d rather just wait for the final reveal 😉  ahhh, the suspense.

But here’s a bump picture for the week!

April 3-34 weeks (12)

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