A Very Busy Productive Week

This has been a busy productive week.  I worked Sunday and don’t work again until this weekend.  I squeezed in two clinicals last week so that I could take a break this week and have several days to study for my test.  Originally, I was going to take it Thursday, but by Wednesday, I was ready to get it over with.  It worked out with my proctor, and I’m really glad I went ahead and took it.  I’ve spent a lot of time doing other things this week too.  We are SO close to finishing the master bathroom. Last weekend Greg hung all the bead-board on the ceiling.  I had to work so he was totally on his own, and although he said it was a very frustrating job, it turned out GREAT!  I thought it would be too busy with bead-board on the ceiling and the walls, but now that we went for it, I think it looks amazing.  This week Greg keeps running into issues with the plumbing, but hopefully one more evening of working on it and it’ll be finished.  I spent a few afternoons touching up paint, cleaning up from the plumbers’ mess, and cleaning the master bedroom.  We cleared the bedroom out for the most part since we knew it would be getting dirty with sheetrock dust and construction mess.  So, I’ve spent the past two nights deep cleaning the bedroom from top to bottom.  Everything had to be dusted. EVERY. SINGLE. SURFACE.  And since I’m notorious for starting a project and taking it to extremes, I went ahead and made some changes to prep for baby time 😉  I switched our nightstands so I can be on the side with more room for a bassinet.  I relocated the dogs’ sleeping area from next to the bed to the corner (cause Henry will get to have the bedside now).  Jack will have to get over it. 😉  I took down some curtains that were super dirty and dusty and washed all the bed linens.  We’ve been sleeping in the guest room for the past month during the renovation, so I’m excited to get back to our normal routine.  And it’ll be nice to get the guest room put back in order.

IMG_4416 IMG_4418 IMG_4417

The other time consuming (but fun!) part of my week has been the nursery prep I’ve been working on.  I went shopping at another consignment market last weekend and racked up on lots of goodies like clothes, bath towels, toys, a precious rocking horse, some linens, bottles, and a few other odds and ends.  Last night I did a few loads of baby laundry and started sorting through everything.  And then this morning, my mom, sister and I went to Buy Buy Baby and bought a few necessities that we still had not purchased yet.  The main thing was the crib and car-seat.  I can’t wait for those two things to get delivered.  🙂  Then I hopped over to World Market and got a laundry basket and some other storage items for the nursery.  Tomorrow will be fun cause my sister Katie is coming over and we’ll really start organizing all the stuff that’s just been thrown into the nursery.  It’s pretty chaotic right now, but tomorrow we’ll start putting things in their place and really getting the room set-up.

Mar28-KidsMarket (1) Mar28-KidsMarket (2)So yeah, it’s been a busy busy week.  Today I may have actually over-done it a little. Oops. I basically was on my feet non-stop from 10am to 9pm.  And now my back and feet are throbbing!!!  My ankles have definitely gotten swollen most nights this week.  I might need to slow it down a little.

Oh, totally off subject, but these little beauties popped up over the past week.  For some reason, last year they came up back from the previous year, but only one or two of them actually bloomed. I was happy to see a lot more blooms this year. 🙂

Mar31-tulips (1) Mar31-tulips (2) Mar31-tulips (3) Mar31-tulips (4) Mar31-tulips (7) Mar31-tulips (8)

We have another OB appointment tomorrow morning.  Nothing special- just checking vitals, measuring my belly, and listen for the heartbeat. Pretty simple.  Greg’s pretty bummed we don’t have anymore ultrasounds scheduled.  I’ve been measuring a week to a week and a half ahead of schedule the past two appointments, so we’ll see if that trend is continuing.  I’ll be sure to update with a bump picture and hopefully some good nursery pics tomorrow 🙂

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  1. I had so much fun shopping with you guys yesterday! Cant wait for the nursery to be all set up!

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