Little Henry- 32 weeks

We are getting to the end of 32 weeks this week, and with that we had another OB appt this morning.  Henry continues to measure great on his growth.  Our doctor just measured my belly today, no ultrasound measurements. But based on that she said he was actually measuring close to 34 weeks!  Yikes! 🙂  I told her that seemed strange to me because so many people still tell me “you’re so small” or “gosh, you don’t look that far along.”  But she said it’s probably because of my height.  I’m about 5′ 6″, and she said my taller torso makes my bump look smaller.  But my fundal height, which is the measurement they take from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus, measures about a week to a week and a half ahead.  So while overall the bump looks small to most people, we are actually measuring ahead of schedule.  Greg of course asked if that meant we would go into labor ahead of schedule, and she said not necessarily.  Since his weight is right at 50%ile, it may just mean he’s going to be bigger lengthwise.  Who knows.

Greg made the comment on our way out that it’s weird to think that while we’ve had May 11th in our minds all this time, he could come at the end of April. or the first week of May, or even after that!  And it’s true.  May 11th is just a suggestion 🙂  I will say, while I’m not really ready for him to get here (we have a lot of things to check-off on our to-list before he arrives), I’m getting more and more ready to not be pregnant! Each week gets a bit more uncomfortable.  But besides that, I am definitely grateful for an otherwise smooth pregnancy.  I have had no health issues to speak of, blood pressures have always been normal, no complications of any sort…so I really can’t complain!  And honestly, the more uncomfortable I get just means he’s continuing to grow, which is what we want.

At our appointment today my blood pressure was 118/71, heart rate 81, and my weight actually didn’t change from our appt 2 weeks ago.  So I’m still at 22 pounds so far for total weight gain.  I’m not having any swelling, but my varicose veins are definitely getting worse.  (But I had those prior to getting pregnant, thanks to genetics, so I figured they’d get worse).  I haven’t been getting light-headed as much this week as I did last week.  I asked our doctor about it, and she said I just needed to eat something of more substance in the mornings before I get going at work.  My breakfast bar doesn’t cut it.  I’ve never really been a big breakfast eater.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE breakfast food!!  I just don’t wake up hungry.  It takes me a little while to want to eat something in the morning, which isn’t a problem when I’m home.  But when I get up and going at work, and suddenly it’s been 3 hours and all I’ve eaten is a breakfast bar….well, then it’s no wonder I get light-headed.  So, I’ve got to do better at eating before work.

In other news, I’m excited about this weekend!  We’ll have our baby shower and I cannot wait!!  I’m so ready to get the nursery organized and really ready for bringing a baby home.  I’m excited about getting a crib soon.  I feel like right now it all still seems a little surreal because the nursery mostly just has an empty dresser, an empty armoir, and a few odds and ends just sitting around.  I did purchase a rug and crib mattress off the Facebook trading sites recently.  So the nursery is slowly coming along.  The real fun will begin when I start organizing and added the decorative touches. I can’t wait 🙂

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  1. I cannot believe that you only eat a breakfast bar in the AM! I am ravenous when I wake up in the mornings! It’s so funny how different pregnancy is for different people. Ha! I’m glad everything is going well for you! Don’t stress about the nursery, it’ll all come together.

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