Little Henry- 31 weeks

Not much to update on this week.  A few new symptoms are starting to evolve.  I’ve been feeling more tired lately. Well, not sleepy tired, but easily winded.  I catch myself needing to sit down and take some deep breaths more in the last few days, otherwise I start feeling light-headed. I haven’t passed out or anything (eh, well I did come close one time), but overall I just feel like I’ve run up a flight of stairs and can’t catch my breath.  It comes and goes at random times.  If it gets worse, or if I do pass out at some point, I’ll call my doctor. Otherwise, I just plan to ask her about it at our appointment next week.  And same goes for my legs.  If I’m walking for any length of time, my legs will start getting really hot and almost numb-feeling.  You know when you’ve been running for a really long time and your legs start burning but you just push through it? That’s what mine will do sometimes.  But I haven’t been running.  And there’s one more new symptom (hello third trimester!!!).  I’ve managed to go my whole pregnancy without getting up in the middle of the night to pee…until this week. Just in the last few days, there’s been two nights where I woke up needing to pee.  So, I guess that’s a thing now.

For exciting news, we have our baby shower coming up in a few weeks!!  I cannot wait! I have done really good about not buying a lot of baby items, so I’m excited to actually start filling the nursery with baby gear. 🙂  Also, I went shopping for a glider for the room over the weekend and Greg’s parents ended up purchasing it for us as their baby gift to Henry.  It won’t be delivered for another 6-8 weeks, but I’m so excited about it. It’s super comfy. I know we will get a lot of use out of it over the next few years.  Heck, my mom still uses her “nursery” recliner in her den from when I was a baby!  So we may have just gotten our forever recliner 😉  You know you have a trusty piece of furniture when it lasts you 30 years!!

Another fun thing this week is tonight we did our hospital tour.  Granted I work at our hospital, sometimes even on the postpartum unit, but I’ve never been to labor and delivery.  Plus, I wanted to make sure we knew what was expected of us when the big day arrives (like who to call, where to report to, etc).  And obviously, I wanted Greg to be familiar with the units.  So we toured the MEU (which is where we’d go first for evaluation), and then L&D (which is where all the fun takes place 😉 ), and then ended in postpartum.  2 more months and we’ll be back again!

Henry’s 31 week stats- So I’ve learned that the measurements don’t seem to be totally accurate on these baby bump apps.  We got another ultrasound last week and know what his actual measurements are, and they don’t line up with the apps’ prediction.  The app says he’s about 16 inches long (which that may still be accurate) and just over 3 pounds.  Well we know from last week our little guy is really closer to 4 pounds. He’s right at the 51%ile though, so he’s not exceptionally large for his age. He’s right where he needs to be 🙂  He just keep growing, which is exactly what he should do.  He’s still tumbling like crazy, but he’s already facing head-down and our doctor said it’s unlikely that he’d flip at this point.  He mostly will just rotate around, but not flip from head-down to head-up.  He seems to get the hiccups a lot lately.  It just feels like little rhythmic spasms in my belly, and yesterday I actually looked down and could see my stomach twitching with each hiccup.

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