Little Henry- 30 weeks

These weeks are flying by.  I’m getting more and more excited as we count them down.  I feel like hitting 30 weeks was a wake-up call and I’m ready to get into super baby mode.  Too bad school is still a priority (ish) 😉  right now.  Still gotta go to clinicals.  Still have a few more tests to endure.  I’m in survival mode with school right now.  It’s sad, but I literally do what I can to get by and pass.  It’s so hard to focus on school right now, but I can’t slack up.  I’m too close to quit now!

Bathroom renovations are still going smooth. All the tile work is done.  Last night Greg mentioned the idea of putting beadboard on the walls, so that’s our next step.  Then we’ll paint and get the plumber back out to finish up.  So progress is at a halt at the moment until Greg can get the beadboard work done.

In other baby news, I’ve been researching photographers over the past several weeks trying to decide if I want some maternity photos, newborn photos, birth session photos, etc.  There’s several photographers I’ve liked, but dang, photography is expensive!  I decided I wasn’t going to hang a bunch of maternity photos of myself around the house, so I’ll probably just get my sister to take some shots of me one day next month.  And one night while out on a dinner date, I was discussing these options with Greg and I mentioned that some people have the photographer come take pics in the hospital when the infant is a “fresh” newborn and he brought up about having someone do an actual birthing session.  I never mentioned it before because a) those tend to be particularly expensive and b) I didn’t think he’d ever go for it.  I was surprised that he was super pumped about that option!  I was telling him that they usually get shots of the baby fresh out from delivery, dad cutting the cord, the first bath, dad telling the rest of the family, etc. He was like “yes, yes, I want that!”  haha.  Thankfully he knows a friend from his networking group who is a photographer and does these sessions, and he was totally on board with having her in the room during the delivery.  So hopefully we will meet with her next week and get that lined up 🙂   I’m really excited because I think those will be such special photographs.  And I can’t guarantee that Greg won’t be passing out during certain parts of the delivery, so this ensures we will have those photographs and Greg won’t have to be responsible for taking them 😉

My pregnancy symptoms are getting a little more annoying these days. Back pain is still an on-going issue (and I’m pretty sure it won’t go away until this baby is OUT).  But also now my lower abdominal muscles get tight and strained, mostly when I’m laying in bed trying to flip from side to side.  I can tell the weight of my belly pulls on those muscles and causes them to cramp up.  And then early this morning I woke up having some pretty uncomfortable cramping.  I don’t know if it was the Braxton hicks contractions that people talk about or what.  It only lasted about 30 minutes and just felt like menstrual cramping over and over.  Then it went away.  Oh, and I still get short of breath sometimes.  Not even after doing anything in particular.  Like yesterday, I came home from clinical and brought in my stuff from the car and I guess because I was talking on the phone at the same time, I could tell I was trying to catch my breath.  But yet I came home from the grocery store last night and unloaded a trunk full of groceries and it didn’t bother me.  So who knows.  The weather is REALLY nice today (like in the 70s!), so I’m probably going to take a walk around the neighborhood for a little exercise and see if that helps.  Tomorrow it may snow again so I want to take advantage of this warm weather while I can 🙂

Henry’s 30 week stats-  He is probably about 2.75 lbs and almost 16 inches in length from head to toe.  Everything continues to mature and grow and he will start packing on weight over the next several weeks.  Greg asked what he looks like and I said he looks like a normal baby, just only about 2 pounds.  He couldn’t quite picture that so we did a quick Google search of 30 week premies, and sure enough, they look just like a term baby just much smaller and skinnier. I told him most 30 weekers only require minimal oxygen or sometimes even breath on their own after delivery. They cry and open their eyes like term babies.  They can’t bottle feed yet or maintain their body temperatures, but overall, they do really well at this point.  They just need to grow 🙂  I think he thought maybe certain things still weren’t developed at this point, but really everything just continues to mature.  All the pieces are already in place.  I had a set of 30-week twins at work this week, so I have a pretty solid picture of what our baby looks like from here on out (as far as development and size goes).  We have another OB appointment on Friday with an ultrasound, so I’ll be sure to do another update after that.  They will measure him and tell us his current weight, and also give us a prediction of what his weight may be at delivery.  At this point in the pregnancy, doctors can somewhat predict this based on average weight gain per week that is typical for infants.  It seems a little early to me to be making these predictions, but we’ll see what they say. 🙂

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