Bath Reno 2- Tile Work

Taking a study break for a quick bath reno update.  So the guys were here working all day Thursday and then all day again today.  We are less than a week into this project and honestly, there’s probably only about 2 more days of work left and it’ll be complete.  Best. Reno. Ever. 😉  My last update was on day 2 of this project and the shower had been prepped, the plumber had adjusted the height of the shower fixtures (since we converted from tub space to shower space), and the bathroom floor tiles had been laid.  The guys couldn’t come Friday since Greg was out of town and I had to work.  So Thursday they started the shower tiles, and today they finished all the tile work (minus grouting, that’s for tomorrow).

Feb26-bathreno2 (1) Feb26-bathreno2 (3) Feb26-bathreno2 (4)There was some debate on the tile for the shower niche.  I originally planned to do the herringbone pattern (which is also on the shower floor) in the niche, but once we got the marble subway border up, Greg felt it would be too busy to mix the tiles.  We took pics of our options and I looked at more Pinterest pictures online for some guidance.  I was a little worried my pregnancy state of mind might be leading me into a bad decision.  In the end, I didn’t have enough confidence in my choice and feared an “I told you so” moment.  So I went with Greg’s choice and did all marble subway tile for the niche.  Thankfully, I love how it turned out!  I still don’t think I would have disliked my choice, but I’m happy with his too. 😉  And actually, I did the same thing with grout options.  I wanted it to be dark enough to see the brickwork pattern in the subway tiles, but didn’t want to go too dark and make it too contrasted  So I sent Greg a picture of 2 colors I had narrowed down and said, “which one?”  Sometimes I like not having to make all the decisions. I like that Greg has an opinion (ya know, sometimes, haha).  It takes the stress off of me when I can just say, “what do you think” and he just makes a decision.  Teamwork. 🙂

Feb26-bathreno2 (2)

So here’s where we stand at the end of work day 4.  Tile work is done.  Grouting will be completed tomorrow along with installing the baseboards.  The rest of the bathroom still looks a little disastrous, but that’s because we didn’t strip the walls down to the studs on that half of the bathroom.  Our plan is to get a painter out to strip the ceiling, sand down and possibly re-mud some patchy spots on the walls, and then repaint.  Nothing major.  After that, the plumber will come back and install the shower fixtures, toilet and sink. And we will pretty much be done! 🙂   I’m pumped!

Mar1-bathreno2 (2) Mar1-bathreno2 (3) Mar1-bathreno2 (14) Mar1-bathreno2 (15)Mar1-bathreno2 (11)

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