Bath Reno- Take 2

I worked yesterday, but Greg kept me updated on bathroom demo!  There was lots of progress made on day 1. All the demo was completed and the plumber moved the bath drain, raised the height of the shower faucet controls and shower head (tall people can now comfortably shower in our home 😉 ), and began prepping the toilet and sink plumbing.  So here’s how the first day of renovations went…

. Feb24-bathreno2 Feb25-bathreno2 (2) Feb25-bathreno2 (3) Feb25-bathreno2 (5)

Today, the guys came back for another long day of hard work.  The walls went back up, the shower floor was prepped and concrete was poured, and the bathroom floor tiles were laid.  It’s coming along!  Tomorrow is tile day in the shower (I’m really excited about that part!).  Greg had a good idea to do a border around the shower walls, so I took a trip to Lowe’s today to get some of the same marble subway tiles we used in my bathroom.  The walls in the shower will be solid white subway tiles with 2 layers of marble tiles around the middle perimeter. The shower floor will be herringbone marble tile.  This project has been such a breeze compared to last time.  Here’s how day 2 unfolded…

Feb25-bathreno2 (1) Feb25-bathreno2 (6) Feb25-bathreno2 (7) Feb25-bathreno2 (9) Feb25-bathreno2 (10)


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  1. Looks wonderful! You manage to work on every demo day for your bathrooms!! Glad this one is going smoother!

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