Here We Go Again…

Remember that other bathroom we have?  The “master” bath…which is so far from being masterly.  We’ve had it on our to-do list to renovate for years.  We did the hall bathroom first (because it’s the one people see the most and the one I use on a daily basis).  But the other bathroom has been needing some attention for quite some time.  We had planned to renovate it during my Christmas break from school (ya know, when things were a little less chaotic).  haha, well, Christmas break came and went and here we are. But our true motivation has been to get it done before Henry arrives so that all major house renovations would be done by the time there was a baby in the house.  So we found a new guy this time.  Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our hall bath from reno #1. It turned out fantastic…but, what was supposed to be a 2 week project really took about 2 1/2 months, and we endured lots of headaches along the way.  And maybe a few crying meltdowns. Yep.  So, new guy, new plan, hopefully a new bath in 1 week! 🙂

We actually did a small update to it in 2011 shortly after we got married. We repainted, installed a new sink, toilet (which is terrible), fixtures, and medicine cabinet.  And while that was ok for a few years, here’s where we stand right now.  It’s embarrassing, please ignore the yucky mold around the bathtub.  I don’t use this bathroom, so it’s the only part of the house I don’t bother trying to keep clean.  It’s the “boy” bathroom…for now 😉  Hopefully that will soon change when everything is fresh and new.  So here we go, the BEFORE pics:

Feb23-BathReno2 (1) Feb23-BathReno2 (7) Feb23-BathReno2 (2) Feb23-BathReno2 (3) Feb23-BathReno2 (6)Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (4) Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (7)

We took a trip to Lowe’s yesterday to pick out all new tile.  We’ll keep the sink and faucet, but we’re definitely putting in a new toilet.  Other fixtures in the room will get an update but overall, it’s mostly just demo the old tile and sheetrock and start new.  I would love to put in a glass shower door, but for budget purposes, we’ll just do a curtain for now.  Oh and the tub is coming out.  Since we opted to keep a tub in the hall bathroom, we’ll convert this one to a shower space.  Here’s what we picked out at Lowe’s and the other pictures are some of my Pinterest inspiration 🙂  It’ll be similar to the hall bathroom, but with dark tiles on the floor to add some masculinity to it.  The herringbone marble will go on the shower floor and white subway tiles will be on the shower walls.  We’ll update the paint color with a fresher white, not the “antique white” that it is currently (which looks yellow/beige).

Feb23-BathReno2 (8)bath2 bath3 bathfloorglasssubway3

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