Little Henry- 29 weeks

We are cruising through our last week in the 20s!  I think Henry is definitely going through a growth spurt. My back is constantly hurting these days, which has to mean he’s getting bigger.  I got a massage on Monday, and while it was wonderful, it didn’t do much for the back pain.  The muscles along my right scapula and down the right side of my back constantly feel tight and sore. 🙁  He’s still squirming a lot, and sometimes I actually feel him pushing on my right rib.  I knew he had to be close the way it’s been hurting the past two weeks.  But now I actually feel a more distinct jab at my ribcage sometimes.  Hopefully he starts his movement downward over the next few weeks.  We actually get another ultrasound next week to check his placement. So we’ll see exactly where the little booger is. 😉

No other symptoms to report these days.  No weird cravings.  Although, I have noticed I crave sweets more than I usually do.  Typically, I don’t buy a lot of sweets to have in the house.  I’ll buy the little Debbie Christmas trees during December, and for Valentine’s day I bought some of the pink hearts.  But in general, I don’t keep cookies or such in the house.  I’ve actually held off on buying Girl Scout cookies so far this year only because I’m afraid I’d lose my self-control.  BUT, that being said, when we had our Valentine’s dinner with Greg’s family a few weeks ago, I bought a chocolate mousse pie and a cheesecake, both of which ended up staying at our house once everyone left. So we’ve been enjoying those over the past 2 weeks.  🙂

Nothing new in the nursery.  It’s actually a temporary storage room while this bathroom renovation is going on.  Since the bathroom is directly off the master bedroom, we moved out of the master and have been sleeping in the guest room the past few days.  We knew sheet-rock dust would get everywhere, so we tried to clear as much out of the master bedroom as possible (minus the dresser and bed).  So most of it is dumped in the nursery right now.


Honestly, until we have a baby shower there’s not much progress to be made in the nursery.  So it’s been fairly untouched for the past month.  Eventually I need to go shopping for a large area rug and a glider.  But I haven’t felt in a rush to do that yet.  Probably next month.

29 week stats- Baby boy should be reaching about 2 1/2 pounds and approximately 15 inches from head to toe this week.  Muscles and lungs continue to mature, and his head is growing as his brain matures.  His bones are hardening which means I need lots of calcium intake this trimester.  No worries there. I drink LOTS of milk. MMmmm 🙂  As he continues to grow, he presses up against my diaphragm, which could cause some shortness of breath at times (yes, I can attest to this!).  I feel like I breath really heavily at times.  And when I walk up the stairs at clinicals (between our unit and the ICU), I definitely get winded.  I probably should do some low-impact cardio to help with that.  Maybe when the weather gets nice I’ll take some brisk walks around the neighborhood. I actually kinda miss what little workouts I used to do (mainly Pure Barre).  But with clinicals and school, ain’t nobody got time for that. :/   Hopefully I can get back into it post grad-school!

Feb26-29weeks (7)

Bath Reno- Take 2

I worked yesterday, but Greg kept me updated on bathroom demo!  There was lots of progress made on day 1. All the demo was completed and the plumber moved the bath drain, raised the height of the shower faucet controls and shower head (tall people can now comfortably shower in our home 😉 ), and began prepping the toilet and sink plumbing.  So here’s how the first day of renovations went…

. Feb24-bathreno2 Feb25-bathreno2 (2) Feb25-bathreno2 (3) Feb25-bathreno2 (5)

Today, the guys came back for another long day of hard work.  The walls went back up, the shower floor was prepped and concrete was poured, and the bathroom floor tiles were laid.  It’s coming along!  Tomorrow is tile day in the shower (I’m really excited about that part!).  Greg had a good idea to do a border around the shower walls, so I took a trip to Lowe’s today to get some of the same marble subway tiles we used in my bathroom.  The walls in the shower will be solid white subway tiles with 2 layers of marble tiles around the middle perimeter. The shower floor will be herringbone marble tile.  This project has been such a breeze compared to last time.  Here’s how day 2 unfolded…

Feb25-bathreno2 (1) Feb25-bathreno2 (6) Feb25-bathreno2 (7) Feb25-bathreno2 (9) Feb25-bathreno2 (10)


Here We Go Again…

Remember that other bathroom we have?  The “master” bath…which is so far from being masterly.  We’ve had it on our to-do list to renovate for years.  We did the hall bathroom first (because it’s the one people see the most and the one I use on a daily basis).  But the other bathroom has been needing some attention for quite some time.  We had planned to renovate it during my Christmas break from school (ya know, when things were a little less chaotic).  haha, well, Christmas break came and went and here we are. But our true motivation has been to get it done before Henry arrives so that all major house renovations would be done by the time there was a baby in the house.  So we found a new guy this time.  Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our hall bath from reno #1. It turned out fantastic…but, what was supposed to be a 2 week project really took about 2 1/2 months, and we endured lots of headaches along the way.  And maybe a few crying meltdowns. Yep.  So, new guy, new plan, hopefully a new bath in 1 week! 🙂

We actually did a small update to it in 2011 shortly after we got married. We repainted, installed a new sink, toilet (which is terrible), fixtures, and medicine cabinet.  And while that was ok for a few years, here’s where we stand right now.  It’s embarrassing, please ignore the yucky mold around the bathtub.  I don’t use this bathroom, so it’s the only part of the house I don’t bother trying to keep clean.  It’s the “boy” bathroom…for now 😉  Hopefully that will soon change when everything is fresh and new.  So here we go, the BEFORE pics:

Feb23-BathReno2 (1) Feb23-BathReno2 (7) Feb23-BathReno2 (2) Feb23-BathReno2 (3) Feb23-BathReno2 (6)Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (4) Mar7-bathroomsBEFORE (7)

We took a trip to Lowe’s yesterday to pick out all new tile.  We’ll keep the sink and faucet, but we’re definitely putting in a new toilet.  Other fixtures in the room will get an update but overall, it’s mostly just demo the old tile and sheetrock and start new.  I would love to put in a glass shower door, but for budget purposes, we’ll just do a curtain for now.  Oh and the tub is coming out.  Since we opted to keep a tub in the hall bathroom, we’ll convert this one to a shower space.  Here’s what we picked out at Lowe’s and the other pictures are some of my Pinterest inspiration 🙂  It’ll be similar to the hall bathroom, but with dark tiles on the floor to add some masculinity to it.  The herringbone marble will go on the shower floor and white subway tiles will be on the shower walls.  We’ll update the paint color with a fresher white, not the “antique white” that it is currently (which looks yellow/beige).

Feb23-BathReno2 (8)bath2 bath3 bathfloorglasssubway3

Birmingham Rugby

I’ve talked about it before in a post last fall, so as you may know, Greg started playing rugby.  A few guys he works out with at the gym play and last fall they convinced Greg to come out and give it a try.  Well, I think Greg was hooked!  He only got to play in one game last fall since he didn’t really start until almost the end of the season.  Well the new season kicked in and he’s all in.  He plays with the Birmingham Vulcans rugby team. Oh and shoutout…Greg rebuilt their website 😉  You can check it out HERE.  They practice for 2 hours twice a week and have games on Saturdays.  So far they’ve had 2 games this season and many more lined up over the next 2 months.

Now I could try to explain the game and tell you what positions Greg plays, but I’m sure I would botch that up.  There are scrums, line-outs, 8-man, hookers…I know what some of this means and then some of it is just terminology swimming in my head.  What I do know is it’s basically the marrying of soccer and football.  They play two 40-minute halves, there are no time outs, just a 15-min halftime break.  The ball is essentially never “dead.”  There are plays but it doesn’t reset like downs in a football game. It’s one continuous play of game more like soccer.  You can’t throw the ball forward, it can only advance forward with a kick.  And if you get tackled with the ball, you just have to try to pass it off to a teammate who is standing.  And they don’t have touchdowns. You score points by successfully completing a “try” (but yes, it’s basically a touchdown 😉 ).  So that pretty much sums up my Rugby knowledge.

Greg has really gotten into it!  It’s been more of a time commitment than I expected, but he’s really enjoying it, so I try to be supportive.  And it helps keep him in shape and lookin’ good, so I can’t complain about that 😉  He has learned the game, and he gets out there, and he even scored his first “try” already this season.  I think it brings him back to his love for football and team sports, and that’s why he’s enjoying it so much.  He loves to try something new.  And he’s getting really good at it!  I took lots of pictures at his games the past two weeks.  The first game was against a team from Jackson, MS and then last Saturday they played against the University of Alabama’s club team.  This weekend he’ll be heading down to Mobile to play a team there.  So enjoy the pics! (they are the team in green).

Feb7-Rugby (1) Feb7-Rugby (6) Feb7-Rugby (12) Feb7-Rugby (14) Feb7-Rugby (17) Feb7-Rugby (18) Feb7-Rugby (24) Feb7-Rugby (26) Feb7-Rugby (28) Feb7-Rugby (35) Feb7-Rugby (36) Feb7-Rugby (53) Feb7-Rugby (56) Feb7-Rugby (59) Feb7-Rugby (71) Feb7-Rugby (74) Feb7-Rugby (77) Feb14-rugby (1) Feb14-rugby (7) Feb14-rugby (15) Feb14-rugby (21) Feb14-rugby (24) Feb14-rugby (27) Feb14-rugby (29) Feb14-rugby (45) Feb14-rugby (50) Feb14-rugby (54) Feb14-rugby (56) Feb14-rugby (60) Feb14-rugby (63) Feb14-rugby (65) Feb14-rugby (68) Feb14-rugby (72) Feb14-rugby (86) Feb14-rugby (87)

Little Henry- 28 weeks

Welcome THIRD trimester!  I know I just did a 27 week update, but I’m gonna go ahead and knock out week 28 because the rest of my week is going to get busy again soon.  I managed to squeeze in two clinicals days this week, and then will have my two work days later in the week.  And Friday night, we will be attending the Birmingham ADDY awards banquet.  These are very prestigious awards given by the American Advertising Foundation.  Companies submit projects they have done over the past year and awards are given for their achievements.  Greg’s company, Vehicle Media, won an award for the website they created for the Sonnet House.  So we will be attending the formal event Friday night 🙂

We had another OB appt this morning. This one was pretty basic.  Vitals, pee in a cup, listen for the heart beat and measure my belly.  Quick and simple.  Everything still looks and sounds good.  Henry’s heartbeat continues to hang out around the 140s-150s, as expected.  My vitals were HR 99, BP 127/77, and weight…ah-hem, well I had a pretty big jump this time.  Hello 3rd trimester 😉  I jumped 9 lbs from my last appointment 3 weeks ago.  I’m not experiencing any swelling in my legs or face, so thankfully, it appears to be all belly (for now!).  And I know I shouldn’t worry about weight gain.  I mean, it has to happen.  But that one was a big jump for me, so I’ll probably start paying more attention to my eating habits during this last trimester.

We get another ultrasound at our next appointment.  It’s routine and intended to check his presentation (make sure he’s not breech), take some measurements and hopefully get an idea of what he might weigh around his due date (based on growth trends).  It’s only in another 3 weeks, so I’m excited about that.  I also made a reservation today for us to tour labor and delivery in March.  As a CCN nurse, we actually get reallocated to work in the postpartum unit sometimes, so I know exactly what to expect there. But I’ve never actually been over to labor and delivery, so Greg and I will check that out soon.

That’s about it for updates this week.  I’ve got lots of clinical paperwork to catch up on for school, so I’m off to work on that for the rest of the afternoon.

28 week stats- So our baby boy is being compared to the size of an eggplant this week.  He is approx 2.25 lbs and almost 15 inches long from head to toe.  His brain continues to develop more grooves (called gyri and sulci).  Early in development, the brain is very smooth.  But as it grows, matures, and becomes more complex, it develops the ridges and wrinkles that we typically think of when we picture a brain.  He is developing more regular sleep patterns.  His lungs are continuing to mature.  Our baby boy’s testes are starting to migrate from the pelvic region down towards their final location in the scrotum.  His eyes can open and shut, and he can distinguish when light shines in through the womb.

(I feel a lot bigger when I look at this picture below!  Geez.  That baby is growing!  But I’m not wearing a maternity shirt today, which I think makes it look more “stretched.”  Yeah, we’re gonna go with that 😉 )

Feb18-28weeks (9)

Little Henry- 27 weeks

Man, time has gotten away from me!  School has ramped up, assignments are kicking in, clinicals are under way, work is going as usual, and this mama is going, going, going all day long it seems.  Obviously, you can see I missed a 26-week post, and I’m actually going to be 28 weeks as of Monday, so I better squeeze in a 27-week post before I get too far behind 😉

I had another exam for school this week.  Not too bad.  Although, none of them are great.  Thank goodness for bonus opportunities because otherwise I don’t know how anyone passes these tests.  We have to make at least an 80% to be considered passing in grad school.  So far so good, but man, that “B” is hard to hold onto most of the time.  School is a lot different when you’re also balancing a job, married life and pregnancy.  Not that undergrad wasn’t stressful, but at least then I was just a full-time student.  I didn’t have all these other responsibilities to devote my time and energy to.  But anyways, c’est la vie!  With each test, I’m one step closer to being done.  I just keep on trucking through.

At work on Friday, some fellow nurses threw all of us pregnant ladies a baby shower.  There are four of us in our unit that are pregnant and we are all about 2-3 weeks behind one another.  Two are due in April and two of us are in May.  They are all having girls, and I am the lone boy pregnant mama of the group.  We had lots of yummy food, and some of our co-workers gave us some really sweet gifts.  We love to throw a good party at work 🙂  I’m so grateful to work with some pretty fantastic people.

I feel as though the bump is definitely growing week to week.  The other day in the grocery store I kept bumping it into my cart.  I haven’t gotten used to my new “wide load” I guess.  I guess it’s still pretty small (mainly cause people still keep telling me that!).  But it doesn’t worry me now as much since I know Henry’s growth is on track.  We hit the 6-month mark this week, which was exciting. 3 months to go!  It’s getting more and more fun to see him squirming around a lot in there.  He’s starting to make movements that aren’t just poking and kicking movements.  We’ve actually felt a few smooth stretching type movements, where an arm or a leg actually moves across the length of my belly.  Friday night while we were sitting on the couch watching a movie, I pulled my shirt up and we just laid there feeling him kick, squirm, and tumble like crazy.  And you can SEE it so clearly now.  I mean, there are some BIG movements going on these days.  For an hour or so we got such a kick out of watching him move.  I’ll have to record it next time.

My only real complaint right now as far as pregnancy goes is my right ribcage always seems sore these days.  Not the left though.  Just the right.  I’ll stretch and move seeing if I can reposition him or something, but I don’t know that it’s necessarily him pressing on my ribs (cause I know he’s still pretty small right now).  It could be more posture related.  Or just the way I sleep or something (although I rotate side to side).  Who knows. But it’s not comfortable.  And I fear it’s only going to get worse as he continues to grow.

Here are some pictures for the week.  The first one is actually from last week.  My mom and I went consignment shopping at the church where she works and this is some of my loot.  We got all sorts of goodies, and for cheap!  Granted I spent $100, but I easily purchased over $200 worth of stuff.  I got a changing table for $4 (a new one was $50 on our registry) and a bathtub for $6 (one was $30 on the registry).  And the tub we found folds up for easy storage unlike any of the ones I could find to register for.  That honestly has been my biggest complaint about baby tubs is that they take up so much room.  But voila, problem solved.  I was pretty excited.  And I love the little wooden toys I was able to find.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to baby and kid toys. I hate how so many are super bright colored, plastic, have flashing lights and sounds…it’s no wonder kids have ADD!  So when I saw some great little wooden toys and puzzles, I snagged them!

Feb6 Feb12Last night for Valentine’s day we didn’t have much planned. It’s too much work to go out to dinner somewhere actually on Valentine’s day.  So Greg and I had already planned to just grill out and eat dinner at home that night and chill.  Well his parents are in town, so we ended up deciding just to make it a family dinner with everyone.  So his parents, Callen and Houston came over to our house for dinner.  We had salad, steaks, green beans, twice-baked potatoes, and 3 different pies for dessert 🙂  It was delicious! I pulled some Valentine’s decorations out and it was a nice little evening with his family.  This is the only picture I took of the night… Feb14Feb11-27weeks (1) 27 week stats- Henry probably hit 2 pounds this week! He is waking and sleeping in more regular intervals and is probably opening and closing his eyes more.  His immune system is maturing, his lungs may be just starting to produce a little surfactant (which helps him breath better later), and he actual practices breathing.  Granted he is floating in fluid, so he’s not really “breathing”, but his body starts going through the motions. His brain is very active these days as his neurons are maturing and beginning to organize.  He definitely moves like crazy still.  I was reading in my textbook the other day that fetal movements are felt the most between 26-32 weeks gestation.  After that, the baby starts running out of room, so he won’t be moving as much.  It kinda made me sad cause I love feeling and watching his crazy acrobatics.  It’s a little sad to think only a few more weeks and he won’t be as active.  But maybe my ribs will be grateful 😉

Will you be my Valentine?

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