R+F- 6 month results

R+FRemember those skin care products I was using and blogging about several months ago?  It was the Rodan and Fields- Unblemish regimen.  Well, I know it’s been a while since I last posted about them, but I have continued using them and I can happily say the results haven’t faded 🙂  I have been acne-free for almost 6 months now!!!  And that’s even with all the crazy pregnancy hormones 😉 I haven’t been able to say that since…well, ever since I started getting acne almost 15 years ago!  I have total confidence in the R+F system, and there’s so many more products I haven’t even tried yet.

If you want to read more about my progress so far with the Unblemish regimen, you can check out these posts (an intro to R+F2-week progress, 6-week progress).  But just for a quick recap, here’s some pictures to show you how it has worked for me…


R&F-before (12) R&F-before (11)


R&F-1week (3) R&F-1week (6)


R&F-6 weeks (14) R&F-6 weeks (9)

And here I am 6 months later 🙂  (if you are viewing this on an a phone/tablet, some pics may be sideways. So sorry! I have tried several things to fix it and cannot figure out why they are sideways.)

Jan21-RF6months (21)Jan21-RF6months (22)  Jan21-RF6months (11) Jan21-RF6months (6) Jan21-RF6months (37)You’ll see that even those pesky red spots that I had lingering at 6 weeks (which I thought was scarring that wouldn’t go away) are now totally gone!  Now with my clear skin, I hardly ever use foundation/concealer.  If I do, it’s usually just under my eyes for those late night/early morning routines I have (thank you nursing clinicals).  So with a little eye shadow (sometimes not even that), mascara, and some powder and blush, I’m done with my makeup routine in about 5-10 mins.  Simplicity people!  And in a few months when baby Henry gets here, and I’ll probably be lucky to even get a shower every day, I will be grateful for clear skin and the ability to not wear makeup and still feel beautiful 🙂

For the most part, I still use all 4 products every day.  Sometimes at night I use a generic over the counter face-wash just to stretch the use of my R+F face-wash out a little longer since it seems to be the product I run out of first.  That allows me to continue getting 2 months’ use out of each regimen pack I order.  One thing I’ve noticed too, is not only is my acne under control, but my skin hasn’t gotten as dry during these cold winter months like it normally does.  In the past, my face would get very dry during the winter, especially around my lips and nose.  I would try just using a light-weight moisturizer but that sometimes wasn’t enough.  And the heavier moisturizers would always trigger my break-outs.  So it was a battle during the winter between dry skin and breakouts.  Not anymore!  The Unblemish moisturizer is light enough that my skin doesn’t feel oily, but rich enough to battle the bitter cold air.

So that’s my progress!!  If you are interested in trying these products, let me know!  The exciting news is, I am now finally a consultant for Rodan and Fields, so I can sell the products.  And there’s so much more than just the Unblemish regimen!  If you want more info, check out my business site (www.amyboggs.myrandf.com).  You can read more about all the products, look at prices, and see others’ before and after results.  And if you sign up as a preferred customer (you can read about it under the PC Perks link), you’ll get some discounts and free shipping!  Just ask me all about it 🙂

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  1. Love love these products. Have used just about all of their lines at one time or another.

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