Nesting Begins

This weekend was my last weekend off from school before starting spring semester.  I knew I wanted to get the future nursery room totally cleaned out and ready to begin decorating for the baby over the next few months.  I knew once school started my free time would be limited again.  When I was telling Greg about my plans, he said “well let’s just go ahead and get it all painted too.”  He also knew if we didn’t do it now, we’d be struggling to tackle the job later.  Life is about to kick into high gear again with me doing school and clinicals, so it was now or never.  haha.  Well, I am SO thankful for the hard work Greg put into this weekend around the house.  We got WAY more done than I ever imagined getting done anytime soon.  Not only did we get the nursery completely cleaned out, but it is painted, and all the furniture that we planned to swap from the guest room into the nursery is done!  And, all of Greg’s items are now officially set up in the guest room.  (He was using the old office/nursery room for all his clothes/shoe storage.  But now, not only have we cleaned out a ton of stuff (which will be going into a garage sale later this spring), but we are super organized and completely ready to fill the nursery with baby items.  It also looks 1000x better than it did before!  Here’s some time lapse “before” shots of the room to show how it’s looked over the past year and Saturday morning right before “nesting day” began…   😉

Apr1-office Nov16-bedrooms (2) Nov16-bedrooms (1) Jan4-Nursery (2) Jan4-Nursery (3)And then workday began!  Since I didn’t need to be in the room with all the paint fumes (although we did get the low-VOC paint), Greg basically did all the painting for the entire room!  His friend Michael came over to help for a few hours, which was hugely appreciated as well.  Everything in the room got repainted- walls, baseboards, the built-in bookshelves, and ceiling.  It needed it!  We knew the room was going to feel brighter with the lighter paint color, but OH. MY. GOODNESS!  The difference is like night and day!  We also installed a new light/fan fixture.  The whole room got a major upgrade.  It looks SO GOOD!!!  Oh, and I should also mention…we picked out a name!!!  🙂

Jan4-Nursery (5) Jan4-Nursery (4) Jan4-Nursery (6) Jan4-Nursery (7)

The other part of nesting weekend was to get Greg’s stuff moved over to the guest room and out of the nursery.  Here’s some “before” shots of that room (that last one is a few years old, but somewhat still accurate of how the closet area looked up until today)…

Nov16-bedrooms (6) Nov16-bedrooms (3)Nov16-bedrooms (7) Mar 10-framing projects (22)Now Greg’s dresser and my desk are in the guest room. The little white dresser and armoire were moved to the nursery.  We also did tons of organizing today!  The desk area still needs some work.  I have tons of frames I’ve been meaning to use to create a gallery wall.

Jan4-Nursery (10) Jan4-Nursery (11)So that does it!  Baby Henry has a room all to his own ready to decorate and fill with baby goodies (below are a few baby items we got for Christmas).  Greg’s setup is more organized and separated into the guest room. And the back of the house is much more updated, which is always a good change.

Jan4-Nursery (1) Jan4-Nursery (13)Jan4-Nursery (12)

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  1. That color looks so good with the white furniture! And I can’t stop thinking about how great “Henry Boggs” sounds!! Love it and him so much.

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