Welcome 2015

It’s 2015!  The year I (hopefully) will still graduate from grad school.  The year we will welcome our first baby into the family.  The year my youngest sister Emily will graduate college and now also get married!  Wow.  We have a crazy year ahead!

Since I’m still out of school for Christmas break right now, I finished out 2014 trying to work a little extra.  I hate going into the new year each year with bills piled up from Christmas shopping.  But at the same time, it’s the easiest way to do it.  I try to put about half of Christmas spending on a credit card and let half get pulled from our spending account.  It keeps that credit card bill from getting out of control while at the same time not depleting our account with all the extra spending.  It works for us.  And it’s a lot less painful to pay it off over the first few months of the new year rather than all at once in December.  Plus I had a really great assignment at work with a sweet family that I have loved getting to know over the past month during their stay in the NICU. So it made working an extra day a little easier. 🙂

New Years Eve was pretty chill again this year.  Greg worked part of the day.  Then he came home and grilled ribs and corn, and we had twice baked potatoes all for dinner.  Katie and Chuck, and Michael and his girlfriend Audrey came over to hang out for the evening.  We watched the ball drop in NYC, and just had a low-key night at home.  It was nice.

For Christmas, Greg bought tickets to the Sugar Bowl for his dad and himself.  So they left New Year’s Day morning for New Orleans for the Alabama vs. Ohio State game that night.  I won’t go into much about that.  It wasn’t a great performance by Alabama, and the loss kept us from going to the National Championship game.  I know Greg was pretty disappointed.  He’s pretty die hard in his support for the Tide. But it is what it is.  They did at least get to watch the game from some really awesome suite seats in the stadium.  They found a guy selling tickets for cheap for suite seats, so they bought those and sold the ones Greg had originally bought.  So I know they at least had a good time still.  And Greg loves hanging out with his dad, so it was a great little trip for the two of them to enjoy together.

While Greg spent the day in New Orleans, I got a kick start on baby prepping.  Since we didn’t know the gender of baby Boggs until right before Christmas, I haven’t bought the first baby item or done anything to get a nursery ready (besides cleaning out a bunch of stuff).  Then of course we celebrated Christmas, and then I worked 3 days in a row.  So, on New Year’s Day, I wanted to really get going in prepping for our baby boy.  That morning, Katie, my friend Christine (who has 3 kids already) and I went to BuyBuyBaby to add some more things to our registry.  Since Christine has been through baby raising a few times, I wanted to get her opinion on a lot of things, like strollers, carseats, and various baby items.  After some well spent time in BuyBuyBaby, I then spent the afternoon doing some maternity clothes shopping.  I’ve bought a few tops over the past few months (not really out of necessity yet, since I have a lot of regular tops that still work). But I haven’t bought any maternity pants up until now.  I haven’t been able to wear jeans since about October, but my corduroys and leggings have been working.  Until last week.  My cords are getting quite uncomfortable, and so I knew it was time to venture into buying maternity pants.  Um, all I can say is, why did I wait so long?!?!  Those things are so dang comfortable!  I stocked up and now I think I’m good for a little while.  I also got a lot of maternity clothes from a sweet co-worker of mine, but hers are mostly all spring/summer wear. So I’ll have to wait a little bit to wear those.  She also gave me a good supply of baby boy clothes, mostly 3-6month and then some 9month and older items.  It’s so fun having baby items in the house now!  🙂

So I can’t wait to get this year going.  I dread starting back school again, but I’m excited about what the next few months holds for us!  I am now 21 weeks pregnant.  Our baby boy is squirming quite frequently now. We can even see his movements sometimes across my belly.  That’s been fun to see!

21 week baby stats-  Baby boy is now almost 13 oz and about 10.5 inches long.  He’s about the size of a banana, according to “the Bump.”  He’s very active (yep, I can attest to that!).  He is likely beginning to swallow amniotic fluid and because of this, he may start having hiccups.

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