Little Henry- 25 weeks

Today we had our 25 week OB appointment.  It was a busy one too!  Since our little man measured small in December (plotting at 19%ile for growth), they wanted to take another peek at him at this appointment.  They also ended up doing my glucose screening and giving me a TDaP shot, which I wasn’t expecting yet.  And speaking of the glucose screening, someone has finally figured out how to make that not so awful!! I’ve always heard the glucose drink they make you chug prior to getting the bloodwork tastes TERRIBLE! Like, seriously, women have said it makes them wanna throw up it’s so bad.  So when she handed me the bottle, I had a moment of hesitation and then started chugging.  Y’all, it tasted like a Sunkist!  It was nothing!  No biggie, at all.  So glad I didn’t spent this next month dreading that.  Anyways, one of my sisters, Katie, came along with us this time.  I was glad there was lots for her to see and experience while we were there.  Usually, we just walk in, I pee in a cup, we listen for the heartbeat, and that’s about it.  But today was full of surprises.

First, we did the ultrasound.  It was fun getting to actually watch the whole thing this time and not have to turn away (like we did at the gender scan).  Henry is still a boy!  He’s not hiding anything 😉  The ultrasound tech took all her measurements, looking at his head, abdomen, and measuring some of the long bones, like the femur.  We had told her we hoped to get a full body picture, or maybe a good profile of his face since in December we mostly got shots of just parts of his body, like his hands, a foot, an arm, etc.  So after she got all the measurements she needed, we spent another good 10 mins trying to make him move around and get into the right position to get a good shot.  He wasn’t cooperating very well.  His face was facing downward, so we couldn’t get a profile shot, just a head-on shot.  We did get to see some really good full body images on the screen, but she didn’t capture them for a picture we could take home.  The best part was sometimes she would hold the probe still against my stomach, and then we would see him squirm on the screen!!  That was really cool.  He would stretch his little arms out or sometimes he’d have them up against his face.  He looks so cute already!! 🙂Jan29-25weeks (3) Jan29-25weeks (4) Jan29-25weeks (5)Today he measures 1 lb 12 oz, and now plots at the 45%ile for growth.  Way to go Henry!  His heart rate was 135-140 bpm.  All my measurements and vitals looked good too.  I’m up 5 lbs from December and about 14 lbs overall.  BP was 119/78 and hopefully all my blood levels on my glucose screen come back normal.  So all in all, it was a great morning.  UPDATE:  I passed my glucose screening! Yipee!  And my CBC looks good, minus the fact that my hematocrit and hemoglobin levels are low (no wonder I feel tired all the time 😉 )  Hct was 33, Hgb was 11.2, both on the lowest level of “normal.”  So, looks like I’ll be adding an iron supplement to my daily multivitamin regimen. 

25 week stats-  There’s really not much to report this week according to the Bump app.  Mainly, Henry is continuing to grow and pack in the fat.  He’s becoming more proportional and hair is growing and developing texture and color.  Grow baby, grow!

Jan29-25weeks (2)

Little Henry- 24 weeks

This is going to be a busy week.  I worked Monday and had clinicals on Tuesday. I took my first exam of this semester today (whew, glad that’s over!).  I have clinicals again on Friday, and then work all weekend.  So far clinicals have been great at Trinity!!  As soon as I walked in the door Monday, we went straight to a c-section.  I haven’t been in a delivery room since undergrad, and I was quickly reminded how much I don’t want a c-section if at all possible.  So. Much. Tugging.  That’s all I’ll say!  But the part after that was great.  Thankfully this baby didn’t need much as far as resuscitation goes.  Just a little oxygen for a few minutes, but also due to her size she got a trip to the NICU for a few hours of monitoring.  Also that day, I got to put in umbilical artery and umbilical vein central lines on a baby!  So TWO new things in one day 🙂  I loved it.  It makes me excited to go to clinicals.

As far as our little baby goes, Henry is now in week 24, which is roughly 5 1/2 months into our pregnancy journey.  He is still kicking and squirming like crazy, some days more than others.  Seriously, some days it feels constant, and then other days I just feel him here and there.  I’m feel like I’m growing at a very slow pace.  Our last appointment was in December, and we were told he was measuring a little small, about 5 days behind. So that keeps weighing on my mind.  And while I don’t think anything is seriously wrong (everything else about his anatomy scan looked great!), I’m very curious to see how he measures at our appointment next week.  I can’t wait to see him on the ultrasound screen again 🙂

On the flip side, I still get by not having to wear all maternity clothes yet.  A lot of non-maternity tops still work for me.  My scrubs on the other hand are getting a little tight, mainly the pants.  I should be getting a pair of maternity scrub pants in the mail soon. If they fit well, I’ll definitely go ahead and stock up on some more!  Sleeping at night is starting to become uncomfortable.  My lower back is the main source of discomfort.  I have a pillow I put behind my back or in front of me to straddle and that helps some. I scheduled a massage for next week, so hopefully that will provide me some temporary relief.

Henry’s 24 weeks stats- He is roughly 12.5 inches long, about the size of an ear of corn and weighs (maybe) about 1 1/4 lbs.  His senses are refining and he should be able to sense what is upside down or right side up.  His respiratory system is rapidly growing, and capillary systems are branching to allow for gas exchange.  He hasn’t begun making surfactant quite yet (a fluid that helps prevent alveolar collapse and important for gas-exchange), but the cells that produce it are nearing their development. His skin is still translucent at this point, but will start to thicken over the next few weeks.

Our nursery is coming along.  I bought a swing, dresser, and cute little vintage wooden chair on a Facebook trading site for a good deal last week! So you’ll start seeing some nursery decor in the weekly pics now 🙂

Jan22- 24 weeks (7)

R+F- 6 month results

R+FRemember those skin care products I was using and blogging about several months ago?  It was the Rodan and Fields- Unblemish regimen.  Well, I know it’s been a while since I last posted about them, but I have continued using them and I can happily say the results haven’t faded 🙂  I have been acne-free for almost 6 months now!!!  And that’s even with all the crazy pregnancy hormones 😉 I haven’t been able to say that since…well, ever since I started getting acne almost 15 years ago!  I have total confidence in the R+F system, and there’s so many more products I haven’t even tried yet.

If you want to read more about my progress so far with the Unblemish regimen, you can check out these posts (an intro to R+F2-week progress, 6-week progress).  But just for a quick recap, here’s some pictures to show you how it has worked for me…


R&F-before (12) R&F-before (11)


R&F-1week (3) R&F-1week (6)


R&F-6 weeks (14) R&F-6 weeks (9)

And here I am 6 months later 🙂  (if you are viewing this on an a phone/tablet, some pics may be sideways. So sorry! I have tried several things to fix it and cannot figure out why they are sideways.)

Jan21-RF6months (21)Jan21-RF6months (22)  Jan21-RF6months (11) Jan21-RF6months (6) Jan21-RF6months (37)You’ll see that even those pesky red spots that I had lingering at 6 weeks (which I thought was scarring that wouldn’t go away) are now totally gone!  Now with my clear skin, I hardly ever use foundation/concealer.  If I do, it’s usually just under my eyes for those late night/early morning routines I have (thank you nursing clinicals).  So with a little eye shadow (sometimes not even that), mascara, and some powder and blush, I’m done with my makeup routine in about 5-10 mins.  Simplicity people!  And in a few months when baby Henry gets here, and I’ll probably be lucky to even get a shower every day, I will be grateful for clear skin and the ability to not wear makeup and still feel beautiful 🙂

For the most part, I still use all 4 products every day.  Sometimes at night I use a generic over the counter face-wash just to stretch the use of my R+F face-wash out a little longer since it seems to be the product I run out of first.  That allows me to continue getting 2 months’ use out of each regimen pack I order.  One thing I’ve noticed too, is not only is my acne under control, but my skin hasn’t gotten as dry during these cold winter months like it normally does.  In the past, my face would get very dry during the winter, especially around my lips and nose.  I would try just using a light-weight moisturizer but that sometimes wasn’t enough.  And the heavier moisturizers would always trigger my break-outs.  So it was a battle during the winter between dry skin and breakouts.  Not anymore!  The Unblemish moisturizer is light enough that my skin doesn’t feel oily, but rich enough to battle the bitter cold air.

So that’s my progress!!  If you are interested in trying these products, let me know!  The exciting news is, I am now finally a consultant for Rodan and Fields, so I can sell the products.  And there’s so much more than just the Unblemish regimen!  If you want more info, check out my business site (  You can read more about all the products, look at prices, and see others’ before and after results.  And if you sign up as a preferred customer (you can read about it under the PC Perks link), you’ll get some discounts and free shipping!  Just ask me all about it 🙂

Little Henry- 23 weeks

Well we are back in the swing of things. School and clinicals are full blown and I’m exhausted already.  I made the mistake of scheduling my 2 days of work back to back, followed by my first day of clinicals at Trinity the very next day.  I wake up at 6:30 for work but had to wake up at 5am for clinicals that third day.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I have slept in till 11am the past 2 days since then trying to catch up on sleep.  I don’t think I’ll be scheduling many 3-in-a-rows like that again.  But the good news is, clinicals went well.  It’s an adjustment being at Trinity because the staff is new, all their equipment is different than what I’m used to at UAB, and some of there protocols and just ways of doing things are a little different.  But my preceptor was great!  Very nice and very educational.  And on the first day I already got to do something new…calculate and order TPN for two babies (IV nutrition).  I know, it sounds thrilling, right?  Not at all, but it’s new and something I’ve needed experience with and that’s what I got.  The other crazy thing is I’m used to a unit with about 50 babies (that’s in my unit alone), not to mention the other 40ish that are in the RNICU upstairs at UAB.  So in total we have about 80-100 premies at UAB at any given time.  At Trinity, there were 9.  NINE babies.  It’s good though. I think I like the change.  I’ll get experience micromanaging a lot fewer babies in greater detail.

Besides school stuff, I haven’t done much this week.  Not much new in baby-planning world.  My scrubs are getting tighter, so I ordered my first pair of maternity scrubs online today.  We’ll see how those work out.  😉  I spoke with my manager about the process of maternity leave and got some details on that.  UAB allows me to take 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.  I just have to use my earned time off hours, which thankfully I accumulated plenty of in my 6 years of working there.  It’s gonna be a fun summer 🙂

Henry’s 23 week stats-  According to the Bump app, our little man is about 1.1 pounds and 11.5 inches long, the size of a large mango.  We have now reached the age of viability.  This means, heaven forbid should we deliver our baby anytime soon, he can now survive (with lots of medical intervention) outside the womb.  Obviously, this would be very traumatic, but at least it’s possible.  I’ve taken care of former 23-weekers…it is not a fun journey to have to go through. Anyways, in other news, our baby is still quite active these days! I feel him moving a lot throughout the day, and Greg usually gets a few good kicks at night when we crawl into bed.  Blood vessels in his lungs are developing which will help him breathe later, and his hearing is becoming more keen.  The cochlea in his ear is now fully formed, so he can hear us if we talk to him.  We haven’t tried this yet, but maybe tonight I’ll get Greg to lean in real close and talk to him and see if we get some fun reactions. 🙂

And in final baby news.  We have decided on a FULL name now!  We were just sitting on the couch last night when Greg said, “let’s nail down a middle name!”  So we brainstormed all the options we have been considering plus a few new ones for kicks, and Greg had us rank them using a point system.  Once we narrowed down a top 4 list, we then ranked them again based on family significance, personal significance, how well each of them flowed verbally and in writing, etc.  It was quite an intense process 😉  Once we each wrote down our votes, he tallied up the scores, and with a whopping 12 point lead, the winner is….


 Henry Harper Boggs

Harper is Greg’s middle name and also his mother’s middle name, but originated as his grandmother’s maiden name. 🙂  It goes way up the family tree.  I’ve always known I didn’t want to use Harper as a girl’s name (it’s too popular right now, and Greg already has a girl cousin named Harper).  “Benjamin” (which is my dad’s middle name), “James” and “Gideon” (both of which have Biblical significance) were also in the running.  But I love that our sweet boy will share his daddy’s middle name.  So while I originally liked Henry just as a favorite without knowing it was also a family name, our little boy now has two family names he will proudly call his own.

Little Henry- 22 weeks

Well, I guess we can stop calling our baby “the pumpkin” now.  It is officially a he and he officially has a name 🙂  So, little Henry it is.  We are now in week 22 and life is about to get crazy.  School started back for me yesterday.  It’s all online, so I don’t attend any actual classes. But  assignments and reading are enough to keep me busy.  That and clinicals.  I will be doing clinicals at UAB and Trinity Medical Center this semester.  Right now all I know is UAB.  I work there. I know all the doctors and practitioners. That is my home.  It will be interesting and a little scary working in a new hospital setting.  But I will gain more variety in my experiences, and that’s what I need.

It’s also a big week because today is my birthday.  I turned 29 years old today.  Yep, my last year in the 20s.  Gotta make it a good one, right?  haha.  This will be a year full of new exciting adventures, for sure.  We celebrated mine and Chuck’s birthday (which was yesterday) with dinner with the family at Five Bar downtown.  It was delicious.  Emily’s fiance Jonny was there to celebrate with us also.  They spent the whole day meeting vendors and knocking out all kinds of wedding planning.  They locked in venues for the ceremony, reception and rehearsal dinner and will be meeting with a band tomorrow.  October 24th will be their big day!

22 week baby stats-  Little Henry should be reaching 1 pound this week!  He is roughly the size of a spaghetti squash, haha, whatever that is 😉  Lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are more distinct.  But his eyelids will be fused for several more weeks.  Eyes are formed but the colored irises still lack pigment.  He’s starting to look just like a miniature newborn.  He’s developing fine hair (lanugo) all over his body which helps protect his skin while in the womb.  He’s getting close to the stage where I can actually picture exactly how he’s developing because I see babies at work at all stages beyond 23 weeks gestation.  And here’s our progress on the baby bump.  It’s growing slow, but it IS growing.  I’ve officially nixed all my regular pants.  Glad I stocked up on maternity pants last week, cause I’m never going back 😉  And we also have a new location for baby bump photos…the nursery!


Nesting Begins

This weekend was my last weekend off from school before starting spring semester.  I knew I wanted to get the future nursery room totally cleaned out and ready to begin decorating for the baby over the next few months.  I knew once school started my free time would be limited again.  When I was telling Greg about my plans, he said “well let’s just go ahead and get it all painted too.”  He also knew if we didn’t do it now, we’d be struggling to tackle the job later.  Life is about to kick into high gear again with me doing school and clinicals, so it was now or never.  haha.  Well, I am SO thankful for the hard work Greg put into this weekend around the house.  We got WAY more done than I ever imagined getting done anytime soon.  Not only did we get the nursery completely cleaned out, but it is painted, and all the furniture that we planned to swap from the guest room into the nursery is done!  And, all of Greg’s items are now officially set up in the guest room.  (He was using the old office/nursery room for all his clothes/shoe storage.  But now, not only have we cleaned out a ton of stuff (which will be going into a garage sale later this spring), but we are super organized and completely ready to fill the nursery with baby items.  It also looks 1000x better than it did before!  Here’s some time lapse “before” shots of the room to show how it’s looked over the past year and Saturday morning right before “nesting day” began…   😉

Apr1-office Nov16-bedrooms (2) Nov16-bedrooms (1) Jan4-Nursery (2) Jan4-Nursery (3)And then workday began!  Since I didn’t need to be in the room with all the paint fumes (although we did get the low-VOC paint), Greg basically did all the painting for the entire room!  His friend Michael came over to help for a few hours, which was hugely appreciated as well.  Everything in the room got repainted- walls, baseboards, the built-in bookshelves, and ceiling.  It needed it!  We knew the room was going to feel brighter with the lighter paint color, but OH. MY. GOODNESS!  The difference is like night and day!  We also installed a new light/fan fixture.  The whole room got a major upgrade.  It looks SO GOOD!!!  Oh, and I should also mention…we picked out a name!!!  🙂

Jan4-Nursery (5) Jan4-Nursery (4) Jan4-Nursery (6) Jan4-Nursery (7)

The other part of nesting weekend was to get Greg’s stuff moved over to the guest room and out of the nursery.  Here’s some “before” shots of that room (that last one is a few years old, but somewhat still accurate of how the closet area looked up until today)…

Nov16-bedrooms (6) Nov16-bedrooms (3)Nov16-bedrooms (7) Mar 10-framing projects (22)Now Greg’s dresser and my desk are in the guest room. The little white dresser and armoire were moved to the nursery.  We also did tons of organizing today!  The desk area still needs some work.  I have tons of frames I’ve been meaning to use to create a gallery wall.

Jan4-Nursery (10) Jan4-Nursery (11)So that does it!  Baby Henry has a room all to his own ready to decorate and fill with baby goodies (below are a few baby items we got for Christmas).  Greg’s setup is more organized and separated into the guest room. And the back of the house is much more updated, which is always a good change.

Jan4-Nursery (1) Jan4-Nursery (13)Jan4-Nursery (12)

Welcome 2015

It’s 2015!  The year I (hopefully) will still graduate from grad school.  The year we will welcome our first baby into the family.  The year my youngest sister Emily will graduate college and now also get married!  Wow.  We have a crazy year ahead!

Since I’m still out of school for Christmas break right now, I finished out 2014 trying to work a little extra.  I hate going into the new year each year with bills piled up from Christmas shopping.  But at the same time, it’s the easiest way to do it.  I try to put about half of Christmas spending on a credit card and let half get pulled from our spending account.  It keeps that credit card bill from getting out of control while at the same time not depleting our account with all the extra spending.  It works for us.  And it’s a lot less painful to pay it off over the first few months of the new year rather than all at once in December.  Plus I had a really great assignment at work with a sweet family that I have loved getting to know over the past month during their stay in the NICU. So it made working an extra day a little easier. 🙂

New Years Eve was pretty chill again this year.  Greg worked part of the day.  Then he came home and grilled ribs and corn, and we had twice baked potatoes all for dinner.  Katie and Chuck, and Michael and his girlfriend Audrey came over to hang out for the evening.  We watched the ball drop in NYC, and just had a low-key night at home.  It was nice.

For Christmas, Greg bought tickets to the Sugar Bowl for his dad and himself.  So they left New Year’s Day morning for New Orleans for the Alabama vs. Ohio State game that night.  I won’t go into much about that.  It wasn’t a great performance by Alabama, and the loss kept us from going to the National Championship game.  I know Greg was pretty disappointed.  He’s pretty die hard in his support for the Tide. But it is what it is.  They did at least get to watch the game from some really awesome suite seats in the stadium.  They found a guy selling tickets for cheap for suite seats, so they bought those and sold the ones Greg had originally bought.  So I know they at least had a good time still.  And Greg loves hanging out with his dad, so it was a great little trip for the two of them to enjoy together.

While Greg spent the day in New Orleans, I got a kick start on baby prepping.  Since we didn’t know the gender of baby Boggs until right before Christmas, I haven’t bought the first baby item or done anything to get a nursery ready (besides cleaning out a bunch of stuff).  Then of course we celebrated Christmas, and then I worked 3 days in a row.  So, on New Year’s Day, I wanted to really get going in prepping for our baby boy.  That morning, Katie, my friend Christine (who has 3 kids already) and I went to BuyBuyBaby to add some more things to our registry.  Since Christine has been through baby raising a few times, I wanted to get her opinion on a lot of things, like strollers, carseats, and various baby items.  After some well spent time in BuyBuyBaby, I then spent the afternoon doing some maternity clothes shopping.  I’ve bought a few tops over the past few months (not really out of necessity yet, since I have a lot of regular tops that still work). But I haven’t bought any maternity pants up until now.  I haven’t been able to wear jeans since about October, but my corduroys and leggings have been working.  Until last week.  My cords are getting quite uncomfortable, and so I knew it was time to venture into buying maternity pants.  Um, all I can say is, why did I wait so long?!?!  Those things are so dang comfortable!  I stocked up and now I think I’m good for a little while.  I also got a lot of maternity clothes from a sweet co-worker of mine, but hers are mostly all spring/summer wear. So I’ll have to wait a little bit to wear those.  She also gave me a good supply of baby boy clothes, mostly 3-6month and then some 9month and older items.  It’s so fun having baby items in the house now!  🙂

So I can’t wait to get this year going.  I dread starting back school again, but I’m excited about what the next few months holds for us!  I am now 21 weeks pregnant.  Our baby boy is squirming quite frequently now. We can even see his movements sometimes across my belly.  That’s been fun to see!

21 week baby stats-  Baby boy is now almost 13 oz and about 10.5 inches long.  He’s about the size of a banana, according to “the Bump.”  He’s very active (yep, I can attest to that!).  He is likely beginning to swallow amniotic fluid and because of this, he may start having hiccups.