Merry Christmas- Part 2

Dec26-Christmas (5)December 26th was our day to celebrate Christmas with my family.  We all gathered at my mom’s around 11am and while the turkey finished cooking we opened gifts with everyone.  This is Emily’s last Christmas as a college student, so she still stays at home when she’s in town.  Unfortunately, having sisters who are nurses, she’s gotten used to celebrating Christmas not on the 25th.  It happens.  She’s a trooper about it (although not like she has a choice!).  We began our gift exchange…again, we got several goodies for baby boy Boggs, mostly lots of gift cards that I’m excited to use!  I also got some maternity clothes, which I’ll be needing more of soon.  Greg’s big surprise from everyone was a Yeti cooler.  I knew he would be totally surprised and LOVE it, and of course, he was!

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But the biggest surprise of the day was when Emily’s sweet boyfriend (Jonny) came walking into the living room to surprise Emily at our family Christmas.  Emily and Jonny are both building science majors at Auburn.  His family lives in Tennessee, so he had been home for Christmas, but drove back to Birmingham on the 26th to surprise Emily.  We were about halfway through gift exchanges when he just walked around the corner.  (Mom of course was in on the surprise!).  So he joined us for the rest of the gift exchange.  When everyone seemed to be done opening gifts, Jonny pulled out another gift for Emily.  It was a photo album he had made of the two of them with some sweet Bible verses on each page.  And as Emily was reading through the verses, we started noticing a trend and the last page said for her to “stand up.”  At this point Jonny started saying something really sweet about not spending another Christmas apart, and then he got down on one knee and asked Emily to marry him!!!  Katie and I were squealing!!  No one clued us in on any of these surprises!  Mom had been recording the whole thing and she had told Katie to “be in charge of the camera,” so although Katie didn’t know what was about to happen, she quickly knew why mom had handed her the camera.  Of course Emily said “yes” and we were all so excited for them!

Dec26-GravesChristmas (17) Dec26-GravesChristmas (19) Dec26-GravesChristmas (20)Dec26-GravesChristmas (24) Dec26-GravesChristmas (29) Dec26-GravesChristmas (32)Now, Jonny and Emily haven’t been dating for that long, but I think they’ve been “hanging out” way before we were told anything about him 😉  We just met him a few months ago, but they’ve been casually then seriously dating for probably almost a year now (if I had to guess, haha).  Emily is one who hasn’t dated much in the past, but we’ve always said that she’s one who will probably know pretty quickly when she finds “the one.”  And she and Jonny really seem to hit it off.  He’s a great Christian guy. He’s a year older (so a year wiser?).  He’s very outgoing and energetic.  And he’s so sweet to Emily, which is of course, very important 😉  So yeah…we have another brother joining the Graves family!  The Graves girls are all officially taken. Dec26-Christmas (10) Dec26-Christmas (14)Oh, and we can’t talk engagement stories and not show off the bling.  Y’all, her ring is gorgeous!!!  I mean, really.  Great job, Jonny!

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