Merry Christmas- Part 1

What a week!  This may have been one of the most exciting Christmases we have had in a while.  We started the week off with our 20-week OBGYN appointment and gender reveal party where we found out with all our family that we are having a baby boy.  I’ve had a few days to let that soak in, and after playing around on our registry and focusing my attention on sweet little boy things, I’m really pumped about our precious little boy now.  Ok, that sounded bad. I’ve been excited about it!  I was never disappointed. I was just truly shocked.  And a little scared, to be honest.  A baby boy…actually, a toddler/little boy is a whole new adventure for me.  Not once during this whole process have I felt nervous or scared about becoming a mom.  I’ve been around babies A LOT.  Heck, it’s the whole premise of my job.  They don’t scare me.  I feel like I can handle them without any worry.  But a little boy…that scares me.  How do I raise him to be sweet, but strong?  To be “all boy” but not a wild terror?  To love God and respect authority?  I mean, in a lot of ways, I guess it’s no different than raising a little girl.  The basics are all the same, right?  Building good character and teaching about God’s love will be the same regardless of gender.  And I’m not in this alone, of course.  I have an amazing husband who is so ready to embrace fatherhood.  I think we will make a great team. 🙂

So we’ve kinda jumped back into baby mode over the past few days.  I’ve had fun adding little boy things to our registry. I’ve spent way too much time on Pinterest looking at little boy nurseries. 😉  And we’ve been looking over baby name lists again.  I think I said it before in my last post, but we had a girl name picked out and ready.  The boy names have been harder for some reason.  But the other night we looked at our list again, played around with some options, and I think we have a pretty solid choice picked out right now.  I don’t want to share it quite yet, but I feel good about it.

This year, I chose to work “the Christmas option” again at the hospital.  I worked both Christmas Eve and Christmas day, but it guaranteed I was off all the other winter holidays (Thanksgiving day, Black Friday, New Years Eve and New Years day).  I’m low enough of the seniority list that if I hadn’t chosen to work both Christmas holidays, I probably would have been stuck on 3 holiday shifts instead of 2.  And it honestly isn’t that bad.  Greg goes and does Christmas with all his family, I meet up with all of them Christmas night, then we do a full day of Christmas with my family on the 26th.  We did the same thing last year.  Now, I can’t guarantee I’ll do that again next year.  I may try my chances and try to be off for Christmas day since we’ll have a bouncing little baby boy to celebrate with.  But if it doesn’t work out, a baby won’t know the difference, and we’ll make it work.

Greg and I ended up doing our Christmas gift exchange on the evening of the 22nd.  We knew the 23rd would be busy with our OB appointment and gender reveal fun, and the rest of the week was already full of other Christmases.  I had already received my Christmas gift…my new awesome car.  But I had some surprises for Greg that he got to open, mostly all hunting related.  I got him a gun rack, a fire starter, rifle case, and some new shoes and sweater.  He had some stocking goodies for me, one of which was a gorgeous diamond cross necklace. 🙂  He’s so thoughtful!

Dec22-Christmas (2)On Christmas Eve, I headed off to work and Greg spent the day running some errands, getting last minute gifts, attending the Christmas Eve service at Church of the Highlands with his family, followed by their tradition of dinner at Ichiban hibachi restaurant (so A Christmas Story, huh?).  I met up with all of them at his sister’s house when I got off work for a quick visit and we exchanged just a few gifts.

I worked Christmas day and Greg headed straight to Jordan’s house again for Christmas with all his family.  I’ve never been able to participate in Christmas mornings at their house with all the kids, but I hear it’s pretty hectic.  But what Christmas mornings with kids aren’t hectic, right? 🙂  That’s the fun of it.  Greg came home for a nap then was back at their house that evening.  I met up with everyone again when I got off work, and we all had a nice dinner together and opened the rest of the gifts.  We got a few items for little boy Boggs this Christmas, so that’s exciting.  All in all, it was another great holiday.  I can’t wait to have our baby boy with us next year to join in on the traditions and joy of Christmas.  He’ll be such a fun age too, about 7 months old.  He’ll be old enough to interact with everyone but still a baby at Christmas.  And what’s more fun than a baby at Christmas 🙂

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