Dirty Santa Gender Reveal- 20 weeks

So today was the day we finally got to find out the gender of baby Boggs!!  I seriously hardly slept last night I was so excited. I woke up and tossed and turned all night long.  Greg went to work as usual this morning, and I finished up some gift shopping (for our Dirty Santa game tonight).  Our appointment was at 1:40 this afternoon.  First was our ultrasound, then we met with our doctor.  We were so excited!  My heart was racing from the moment we stepped back into the waiting area.  We had a plan for our ultrasound appointment.  We wanted to know the gender, but not yet.  So we had devised a plan for our tech to place the appropriate gendered “gift” into a box we had, and separate the genitalia pics into an envelope to remain sealed until the revealing tonight.  She spend about 15 mins taking all sorts of measurements.  Head, heart, long bones, stomach, everything was looked over with great detail.  Our little pumpkin measured 11 oz today.  When she got to body parts that we didn’t need to see (so as to maintain the surprise), she would tell us to look away.  Talk about self-control.  Greg and I just stared at each other with wide eyes knowing the details were on the screen but we didn’t want to know yet.

My vitals for the day were: HR 104, BP 126/73, and weight jumped up to 126lbs (up 6lb from November).  After the ultrasound, we met with Dr. Hoover. She told us everything looked great. Heart and brain all looked normal. Her only concern was our baby is measuring about 5 days smaller than expected.  So she’s adding an additional ultrasound which will be done at our next appointment in January.  She said it wasn’t anything to be concerned about since proportionally everything looked normal.  It may be that I just will have small babies (which honestly, is totally fine with me!)  As long as they are healthy, I’ll take the small babies 🙂  So anyways, we’ll get another peek at the little one in another month.

After the appointments, I dropped Greg back off at work and I headed home to wrap all the Dirty Santa gifts.  Greg was so worried I was going to cheat and peek in our little box, but I was a good girl!  No peeking 🙂

We all got to aunt Kim’s house this evening, ate dinner and desserts, and then gathered everyone together for our Dirty Santa Gender Reveal game! I brought pink and blue cupcakes, although somehow the “pink” ones still had a lot of blue on them.  Oh well.

Dec23-GenderReveal (1) Dec23-GenderReveal (3) Dec23-GenderReveal (11) Dec23-GenderReveal (12)Dec23-GenderReveal (9) Dec23-GenderReveal (16)Dec23-GenderReveal (15)Dec23-GenderReveal (20) The way we had it planned was Greg and I brought 3 gifts (2 normal dirty Santa gifts, and a baby gender reveal gift).  So we would play the game as normal, and whoever happened to open our gender reveal gift would announce to gender to everyone, including Greg and me!!  It was so intense.  We knew which gift was the gender gift, but no one else did. Greg casually filmed everyone individually opening their gifts of choice so that we would not spoil the surprise when “the one” was picked.  We got halfway through and I stole his mom’s gift (an amazing Restoration Hardware throw blanket), so of course she had to pick another gift.  She picked up the gender gift, and I know mine and Greg’s heart started racing, but we played it cool.  Check our the video below to see how the reveal was unveiled….

At Greg’s birthday party last week, one of his buddies gave him a box of cigars and there were two cigars in their that each said “it’s a boy” and “it’s a girl.”  So, we had our ultrasound tech leave the correct gender in the cigar box and just place to wrong gender back in the envelope.  Then I just wrapped up the whole cigar box not knowing which one was left in there.  And much to our surprise, baby Boggs is a BOY!  I know I’ve been saying “boy” for a while, but deep down I really was hoping it would be a girl.  Of course I’m thrilled, but oh my goodness, a boy?!  I only have sisters and my boy cousins were 10 years older than Katie and me.  So I really have very little experience with little boys.  This is going to be interesting.  Not to mention, we had a baby girl name picked out and on lock-down.  We have NO CLUE for a boy.  Guess we better get the name lists back out!

Dec23-GenderReveal (22)So there ya have it.  We can finally move forward with nursery decor, baby registries, all that fun stuff.  I am definitely excited about that!  Bring on the airplanes, trucks, trains, footballs, tractors…

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  1. I am so excited for you!!! I have 3 sisters and 2 nieces so I would have no idea what to do with a boy. But think of what an adventure it will be figuring it out!! Congrats, and what a cool way to do the reveal!

  2. Congrats ! What a cool way to find out… Merry Christmas to all of you and what a neat way to announce your new bundle of joy. He will look back on it one day and see how loved he was before arriving in his parents arms.

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