Thanksgiving 2014

We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  We started our day out with breakfast at Aunt Kim’s house with all the cousins.  Then we headed off to my mom’s house to visit with my family for a few hours.  Then back to Kim’s for lunch with Greg’s family.  I think it was the perfect mix of family time with both sides.  Sometimes it’s hard to balance holidays when everyone lives in the same town.  You feel like you’re running back and forth all day. But it didn’t feel stressful or rushed this time. I think we worked it out nicely.  Emily has been in town all week from college, so I got to see her some this week. She came to join me and my girl friends for our friendsgiving dinner one night.  This is her senior year and she may or may not be living in Birmingham after she graduates.  It’s crazy she’s at the point of making career decisions already.

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My silly family showing off my bump.  Since I didn’t take a bump picture for my weekly blog post early this week, I was told I needed to take one.  So here I am at 16 1/2 weeks.

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At aunt Kim’s house we ate a delicious meal all seated around a giant table.  The food was amazing. I learned how to make my sourdough bread into rolls this week and brought those for Thanksgiving dinner.  That evening we went to see The Hunger Games movie with Tyler, Anna and my sisters and Chuck.  Then Katie and I did a little Black Friday shopping.  By 11pm I was ready to crash into my bed.  I can’t handle this late night/early AM Black Friday shopping.  Luckily there was nothing in particular I was shopping for, but I did pick up a few maternity tops at Target.  Eventually I gotta figure out where to get maternity pants.  If not, I’ll probably just be sporting leggings all winter!

The other exciting this for the week is on Tuesday night Greg surprised me with his Christmas/birthday gift to me.  Well, actually, at first he asked if I wanted to be surprised or if I’d want to be a part of the decision.  I trust him to come up with good surprises, but he said it was a pretty big decision.  Not having a clue what he was talking about, I opted to be included in the decision.  Much to my surprise, he had picked out a new car for me!!!!!  We have somewhat discussed the idea of purchasing new cars.  I’ve driven my rodeo since I was 16 years old, and it has served me well with only minor maintenance over the years.  And get this, when we turned it in at the dealership it only 95,001 miles on it.  And I drove it for almost 13 years!  I get my moneys worth out of things.  For instance, my laptop that I got when I went to college served me well for 7 years, which apparently is crazy.  And I’m still jamming out with my circa 2005 iPod 🙂

So anyways, Tuesday night I was surprised with the news that I would be getting a new car, and Greg would have kept it a total surprise until Christmas had he not needed my rodeo for trade-in purposes.  And since my name was on the title, he was in a jam.  But I’m so excited he went ahead and told me because I am LOVING it!!  He picked out a 2011 Nissan Rogue, and it is full of really awesome features like back-up camera, navigation system, heated seats, leather interior, bluetooth phone capabilities, and key-less entry.  This car is da’ bomb! 🙂

Nov28-car (1) Nov28-car (4)Nov28-car (3)Nov28-car (2)I love her. She’s so pretty.  And she looks especially good with a Christmas tree on top 😉  Here’s to many many years, my new friend.

So that pretty much wraps up our Thanksgiving weekend.  Oh, that and a super intense Iron Bowl last night.  Geez. That game is so freakin’ intense every year!  Glad Alabama pulled out another win!  I have a happy husband 😉

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