the Pumpkin- 11 weeks

Finally, the cat is out of the bag!! No more secrets.  No more little white lies.  It has been such a relief finally telling everyone about our pregnancy.  Had we waited any longer, Greg would have cracked!  He almost slipped so many times to his family over the course of last weekend before we finally were able to share the big news with them on Sunday.  I know he’s glad it’s out 😉

Not much new to report this week, except that it’s nice to finally talk to people about being pregnant.  Granted, several people have slowly found out over the past few weeks, but now it’s fair topic for everyone.  Luckily, my nausea and sickness eased up quite a bit this week.  I had one rough night Monday night, and a little throwing up yesterday morning. That’s been it for this week.  Hopefully, I’m turning the corner as we enter into our 12th week.  I can’t believe the first trimester is almost done!

Oh! There was one really exciting thing that happened this week.  I called my OB office to get some more appointments on the calendar.  I only had my October appointment made, and every four weeks from that fell on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.  So I wanted to go ahead and get the November and December appointment made since I figured those weeks might be crazy.  So now I have my 16 week appointment two days before Thanksgiving, and then the big 20 week appointment where we get our next ultrasound is set for December 23rd.  That means I’ll be counting down the days till Christmas not only out of my pure holiday excitement, but because we get to find out at Christmas if we have a little girl Boggs or little boy Boggs coming our way!!  I’m SO excited!  What a wonderful Christmas gift God has laid out for us this year 🙂

In other news, yesterday the family went down to Auburn to enjoy a Saturday on the plains with Emily for the Auburn vs. South Caroline game.  She’s a senior this year, and we’ve never all gone down there for a game day before (we’re hard core Alabama fans).  It was fun. We ate lunch at Niffer’s, walked all over campus around the stadium and to Toomer’s corner and back for some tailgating with Emily’s beau Johnny and his family.  The weather was amazing. It was a great day, even if we were on Tiger land 😉

Oct25 (1) Oct25 (2)Oct25-Auburn (3) Oct25-Auburn (4)

11 week baby stats- This week our baby reached 1.5 inches in length.  Hands started to open and close and form tiny fists.  It is busy kicking and stretching, although I certainly don’t feel it yet.  It may even be starting to hiccup since the diaphragm is forming.

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