the Pumpkin- 10 weeks- Surprising the Boggs

October 19, 2014

This week has been another week of ups and downs.  I’ve definitely started getting sick more this week.  Some days it just comes and goes in waves, and then some days it sticks around all. day. long. 🙁  Wednesday was awful.  I couldn’t get off the couch, and most everything I ate came right back up.  But then other days I feel just fine.  No crazy cravings yet, and meat isn’t quite so bad at this point. I’ve eaten chicken twice this week, so that’s progress!

I had a lot of fun starting a baby registry one day this week!  Baby stuff is just OH SO CUTE 🙂   Luckily, I think there is definitely waaaaaaay too much stuff out there on the market that is totally unnecessary.  And I think working with infants as part of my job helps me get an idea of what to expect and what we can do without.  Although, I’ve obviously never brought one home with me, so I may be in for a rude awakening!  I do know I like simple, vintage, classic styles.

The best thing about this week though is we finally were able to tell Greg’s family!!  His parents came into town for the Alabama game, and we had mentioned maybe doing family lunch on Sunday before they headed back to Atlanta.  Well, to our surprise, his mom decided to send out an email to his entire family that lives here in town (cousins, grandparents, aunts/uncles) about doing family lunch!  Obviously, it worked out for us cause we got to share the news with not just his parents and siblings but most of the extended family that lives here in Birmingham.  We debated for weeks on how to share the news with them, and a few days ago Greg came up with the idea of bringing a cake to family lunch with a particular Instagram image printed on top.  So, his mom made an Instagram post several weeks ago, with a picture of a “parking for expecting and new mothers” sign at Publix, and her caption was something to the effect of “I park here, so sue me” and a hashtag about that she thinks those are dumb.  Well, I of course was already pregnant at the time and commented back saying how I love that people actually leave those spaces open a lot of the time!  So, we decided to use that as our inspiration.  Greg did a little photoshopping and came up with this…

Oct19-cake (4)We got to aunt Kim’s house and waited for everyone to show up.  Then it was hard to get everyone in the same room together.  The kids were outside playing with Kim’s puppy, some people were in the den, some in the kitchen.  Then his family wanted to do a big family photo together, so we went outside to do that.  Finally, everyone was corralled into the kitchen for a blessing and to start serving food.  Greg had already snuck the cake into the dining room, and he quickly grabbed me to go ahead and pull it out and take it into the kitchen before they began the prayer.  And of course, we got a video 😉

Oct19-Boggs (2)So fun!!  They were all so surprised!  Although Callen and Houston had pretty much figured it out the night before.  Greg has almost spilled the beans to Houston several times over the past few weeks, and they put two and two together when they hung out with Greg last night after the Bama game.  Apparently Greg’s poker face is not so great when it comes to hiding pregnancy secrets 😉


And to wrap up an already great day, Katie and Chuck drove into town from the beach and came to meet us at a field to take some really sweet pregnancy announcement photos 🙂  It’s been a great day and now finally all of our friends and family know our big secret!  I’m so glad I don’t have to hide it anymore!!!

Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (23).CR2

Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (35) Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (42) Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (53) Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (69)Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (64).CR2 Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (81)10 week baby stats-  Our little one is the size of a prune, measuring just over an inch in length.  Tiny nails are starting to grow on it’s fingers and toes, which are no longer webbed.  Arms and legs can now bend and it will start to kick and squirm as reflexes are developing.  All the main organs are in place and starting to function, including the liver which will now start supplying red blood cells instead of the yolk sac.


3 thoughts on “the Pumpkin- 10 weeks- Surprising the Boggs

  1. Your initial pregnancy photos make it look like yall are already convinced it’s a girl! Yall are both in PINK!

  2. haha, I know! I totally did not even notice that until I was looking at the pictures once we got home. Greg even asked me before we left if there was anything in particular I wanted him to wear, and I said no, what he was already wearing was fine. Did not even occur to me we were both in pink 😉

  3. I don’t know why but I think boy !!! Just be thinking about what painting/paintings you want !!!

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