the Pumpkin- 9 weeks- Graves Girls Get Surprised

Saturday, October 11, 2014

This week had it’s ups and downs.  Two days this week I felt the sickest I’ve felt since finding out I was pregnant.  I had a close call almost throwing up one morning here at home, and felt miserable most of that day, and napped for about 2-3 hrs that afternoon.  Then one morning at clinicals, I actually did throw up once.  I looked for some nausea medicine at CVS one day based off the over-the-counter list our doctor gave us, but it was only in liquid form.  And that sounds really gross to me. I feel like if I’m nauseous, I’m really not gonna want to drink a liquid medication. So I held off.  If it gets worse I may rethink that decision.

Now for the good stuff 🙂  Wednesday was mine and Greg’s 3-year anniversary.  October 8.  We celebrated on Tuesday since I had clinicals on Wednesday.  We decided to go to Brio Tuscan Grill for dinner and Edgewood Creamery for ice-cream.  We sat outside and walked around Edgewood shops for a bit.  I love the small town feel of these little parts of Homewood.  We talked about some baby stuff for a minute.  I asked Greg what he thought the baby might be- boy or girl.  He said he thought girl.  I’m not picky, but I would kinda like a girl first.  I don’t know what to do with little boys, haha 🙂   About 2 more months and we’ll find out!

Our gifts this year were kinda funny.  We commented the other day how this whole baby thing has totally been the primary thing on our mind, and suddenly our anniversary was like an afterthought.  Neither one of us actually had our gifts in hand to give one another so we both just exchanged pictures of our gifts to each other at dinner.  I decided to give Greg a rifle for hunting season this year.  (I knew I couldn’t pick that out on my own, so we will have to go shopping together one day for that 😉 ).  He’s excited!  And his gift to me was a trip to Nashville to see the Rockettes this Christmas.  I am VERY excited about that!!  I love Christmas celebrations!

The other best part about this week was we finally told my family the big news!  My youngest sister Emily came into town from Auburn Thursday night, and Friday we all had plans to go to the farmer’s market and get some pumpkins for the fall.  Well, I had put together some little gifts to give them when they came by the house to pick me up.  I ordered some “awesome aunt”  t-shirts for Katie and Emily, and had a picture frame with an ultrasound picture for my mom (and actually, I had to make back-up shirts cause their “awesome” shirts didn’t get delivered until that afternoon).  I had my phone setup to record a video when they walked in the door, but to my surprise, as soon as they walked in my mom wanted to show Emily our laundry room that Greg built.  So they take off to the laundry room. Then Katie starts wandering through the kitchen to the back den (and I had our ultrasound pictures hanging on the fridge, which she totally caught a glance at them as she walked by!).  So I was caught off guard trying to wrangle her back into the living room, while also trying to block my phone to keep anyone from seeing it propped up video recording. But Emily saw it and totally called me out on it. (Listen closely to the first few seconds of the video and you’ll hear her). I very suspiciously played dumb and just maintained eye contact with her, and finally just called everyone back over to the coffee table so I could give them their gifts. I cannot believe Katie didn’t put it all together real quick before opening their gifts. And somehow my mom still was clueless about my setup, cause she keeps saying “I wish we had a video camera!”  Anyways…check out the video and you can watch the chaos ensue and the best reaction I could have imagined from my mom and sisters  🙂 Greg has seriously watched the video at least 15 times in the last 24 hours.  It’s hilarious.

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We went to Saw’s BBQ for lunch then headed off to the farmer’s market for our annual pumpkin fun.  It was a great day!  I’m so glad they finally know.  Now we just have one more week till we can tell Greg’s family, then it can finally be public knowledge 🙂  I’m ready for another week to go by fast!

Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (10) Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (9)

Baby stats- Baby is now the size of a green olive, almost 1 inch long.  All the essential body parts are accounted for, and they will now grow and continue to develop.  Heart valves are starting to form, and the eyes are fully formed, but the lids are fused shut.  Since all the anatomy is in place, it is now ready for rapid growth!  oh boy!  (or girl… 😉 )

3 thoughts on “the Pumpkin- 9 weeks- Graves Girls Get Surprised

  1. I’m sure you know this as a nurse, but ginger is used a lot for nausea. There is a cookie product called Susan Snaps, made by a lady for her daughter going thru chemo to help her for the nausea. I found them originally at Wrapsody around the holiday season, but you may be able to Google them to find them online now. Also, I’d bet Earth Fare has ginger products for nausea. Good luck!

  2. Unisom and Vitamin B6, taken together, works well. But it will make you drowsy. Don’t hesitate to ask for phenergan – I had to take it the entire pregnancy with Grayson. Also, take prenatal vitamins at night instead of morning.
    Love the awesome ways you’ve told everyone!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I’m definitely going to ask about some phenergan at my appointment this week. Luckily, the nausea has eased up a little, but I’d rather have it just in case 🙂

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