the Pumpkin- 8 weeks

Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

Finally, we have reached 8 weeks which means we get to actually see our little pumpkin this week!!  I think I will actually be one day shy of 9 weeks when we go to our appointment on Friday, so I’m going to write my 8-week post today but my picture will come later this week when we have a good ultrasound picture to show off 🙂

The only thing new this week is, I didn’t do a good job keeping my secret at work this week.  There are 4 other pregnant girls at work right now, two of which are just a 1-3 weeks ahead of me, so there is constant pregnancy talk among us when we are on breaks or eating lunch together.  I’ve successfully been able to keep quiet during at least 10 of these conversations over the past few weeks, but this week I got called out on by our charge nurse and my giddy self did not do a good job denying it.  So there’s a handful of ladies at work that know my secret, but I think I did a good job conveying that it is still a secret at this point (since not even our parents know right now).  I sure hope our families forgive us for waiting so long once they find out!!  It’s hard when important family members don’t live in town.  We’ve done our best to coordinate getting them into town so we can spill the beans, and good grief, we are ready now!!

For my symptoms this week, I’ve discovered that chicken and me and not friends right now.  I can handle beef and fish, so it’s not all meats, but chicken does not sit right with me.  I still haven’t thrown up, but after about 3 bites I get pretty nauseous with poultry.  So that’s probably off the dinner menu for a while. No crazy cravings right. I will crave certain meals, like Moe’s.  Every night when I leave work I have to walk by Moe’s Southwestern Grill to get to my parking deck, and I usually want to stop in.  But as far as weird out-of-the-ordinary cravings, I haven’t gotten any yet.  The mornings are still rough with fatigue and that weird feeling I described last week. Again, no nausea or sickness, just overall yuckiness.  And actually, the middle part of the day I feel pretty good.  The mornings and evenings are pretty crummy.  Today on my off day I stayed in bed embarrassingly late, so that kinda sucked (but was also wonderful at the same time). I don’t feel very productive on my off days. :/  I have my next exam on Thursday of this week, so today is my crunch day. I can’t wait to get that out of the way so the rest of the weekend can be spent daydreaming about baby 🙂

8 week baby stats- This week we have a little raspberry growing inside, measuring about 0.7 inches.  Webbed fingers and toes are forming on its hands and feet, and the “tail” of the neural tube is almost gone.  Brain waves are becoming active as nerve cells are forming neural pathways. Veins are visible through its fragile clear skin, and the ears are taking shape.

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  1. I couldn’t eat chicken either!! I finally was able to stomach it around the start of the 3rd trimester. Now I love it again 🙂

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