First Appointment

Friday, October 3, 2014

Today was the big day!  We got to actually see with our own eyes our itty bitty baby!!!  We arrived for our appointment and the first thing we did was go to the ultrasound room.  I laid down on the table, got my belly lubed up and voila….there it was!  At first we weren’t sure if what we were seeing was actually it.  The nurse moved her probe all around and measured my ovaries, then identified the placenta, and then she went back to what we had seen at first.  It wasn’t till we saw the flickering of the heart beat that we knew that was it.  That tiny little blob was our baby 🙂   I have to admit, it was much more of a blob than I was anticipating. I thought surely by now we’d at least see some tiny little arm or leg nubs.  But no, pretty much just a blob.  But it was amazing.  Greg’s mouth was gaping open with shock the entire 5 mins of the ultrasound.  Heart beat was 160-170s, and it measured 2 cm!  We were told I am 8 weeks and 4 days, and our due date is May 11.  We were spot on with our dates 🙂Oct3-8wk

After the ultrasound, we went to the exam room where I got all my vitals taken and peed in a cup.  HR 176, BP 127/80, T 99.6, and weight was 117 lbs.  We don’t own a scale at home, so we’ll just call this my starting pregnancy weight since I don’t know a true “pre-pregnancy” weight.  Next Dr. Hoover came in to talk with us, and we LOVED her!  When I made my appointment a month ago they just assigned me a doctor since I didn’t know or have experience with anyone in particular.  I feel very blessed to have been assigned to her.  She was great!  Short pixie hair cut, retro glasses, very easy to talk to and seemed laid back but confident and professional.  We were both very happy once we sat down and talked with her.

We discussed the optional screening tests we could have performed, what to expect with appointments over the next few months, and all the typical dos and don’ts of pregnancy. Then I had to get a lot of blood drawn.  Thankfully, that kind of thing does not bother me.  Greg on the other hand has some desensitizing to work on over the next 7 months 😉  Someone might have to pick him up off the floor during delivery.

So that was it.  It was a fun appointment.  I can’t believe it’s actually for real.  There really is a little human inside of me. Aaaahhh!  Now I cannot wait to tell my family ASAP.  One more week!!!!!  They are gonna be COMPLETELY shocked.  Since we weren’t “trying,” no one in either family is going to see it coming.  It’s gonna be awesome 😉