the Pumpkin- 7 weeks

Sunday, September 21, 2014

We creep into 7 weeks, and so far I’m happy to say I’m still feeling pretty good!  I don’t feel 100%, but I’m not nauseous or getting sick.  I don’t really know how to describe it, to be honest.  It’s not a queasy feeling, it’s more like the feeling I would get being on night shift when I was so tired all the time.  Or the feeling I get when I wait too long to eat, and although I know I need food, the thought of eating suddenly does not sound so great.  So yeah, that’s not fun right now.  But hey, it’s better than puking, right?! 😉

The fatigue is still wreaking havoc on my studying abilities, which is not cool.  What I used to knock out in an afternoon, now takes ALL DAY LONG because I either have to nap, or take a break to walk around, get some food…whatever it takes to make my eyelids STAY OPEN.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I cut out caffeine cold turkey (although I honestly didn’t drink caffeinated drinks every day anyways).  But recently I read that up to 200 mg is safe, so I think on my study days I’m going to have to start making an exception.

We’ve started discussing when and how we are going to tell our families.  The hard part is my youngest sister Emily is a senior at Auburn, so she isn’t in town a lot.  But I’ve managed to get both my sisters and mom on board for going to the farmer’s market together Oct 10th to get pumpkins, so sometime that day we will find a way to tell them!  Greg’s family is a little trickier.  His parents have a wedding in Tennessee the first weekend in October (which is when we wanted to tell them), and then his mom has an art show planned the next weekend.  They usually come to Birmingham fairly often, but we don’t know when they plan to come again.  And we’re not sure how to un-suspiciously ask them. So we will see what we come up with over the next few weeks.

As far as other planning things go, we decided we needed to get moving on the house updates that have been on our list.  Greg has someone coming out this week to give us an estimate on renovating our other bathroom.  Other things on the list include: finishing the butler’s pantry, rebuilding the porch roof (the tin roof is rusting and leaks water every time it rains), lots of repainting throughout the house, some landscaping in the back (specifically fixing or getting rid of the ever-problematic pond), and lots of cleaning out (aka: we need a garage sale soon!).

That about wraps up any current news.  Our 7 week baby stats are this:  Baby is now the size of a blueberry at 0.5 inches. Paddle-like hands and feet are starting to develop.  It is still very tadpole-like, as the neural tube still extends like a tail, but that will start to shrink.  Both hemispheres of its brain are starting to develop, and by the end of this week the heart will have formed its four chambers.  Aaaand, at the end of next week, we get to hear that little beating heart!! 🙂

One thing I have noticed, which I don’t know whether I should be concerned or excited, is I feel like I’m showing so early!  I mean, 7 weeks, and there’s clearly a bump there.  I’m not eating more than normal (I’m actually eating less cause nothing sounds appetizing most of the time), so I don’t think it’s fat packing in there.  I did get to weigh myself when I was at Greg’s gym watching him workout the other day.  We don’t own a scale, so it’s been probably a year since I last weighed myself, but it said I weighed 120 lbs, which has pretty much been my norm ever since college. But I just feel like at 7 weeks there should not be a bump already.  But at the same time, I’m kinda excited about it.  I may regret that later if it continues to grow at this same rate for the next 33 weeks!! Yikes! Sept 25- 7 weeks (2)

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