the Pumpkin- 11 weeks

Finally, the cat is out of the bag!! No more secrets.  No more little white lies.  It has been such a relief finally telling everyone about our pregnancy.  Had we waited any longer, Greg would have cracked!  He almost slipped so many times to his family over the course of last weekend before we finally were able to share the big news with them on Sunday.  I know he’s glad it’s out 😉

Not much new to report this week, except that it’s nice to finally talk to people about being pregnant.  Granted, several people have slowly found out over the past few weeks, but now it’s fair topic for everyone.  Luckily, my nausea and sickness eased up quite a bit this week.  I had one rough night Monday night, and a little throwing up yesterday morning. That’s been it for this week.  Hopefully, I’m turning the corner as we enter into our 12th week.  I can’t believe the first trimester is almost done!

Oh! There was one really exciting thing that happened this week.  I called my OB office to get some more appointments on the calendar.  I only had my October appointment made, and every four weeks from that fell on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.  So I wanted to go ahead and get the November and December appointment made since I figured those weeks might be crazy.  So now I have my 16 week appointment two days before Thanksgiving, and then the big 20 week appointment where we get our next ultrasound is set for December 23rd.  That means I’ll be counting down the days till Christmas not only out of my pure holiday excitement, but because we get to find out at Christmas if we have a little girl Boggs or little boy Boggs coming our way!!  I’m SO excited!  What a wonderful Christmas gift God has laid out for us this year 🙂

In other news, yesterday the family went down to Auburn to enjoy a Saturday on the plains with Emily for the Auburn vs. South Caroline game.  She’s a senior this year, and we’ve never all gone down there for a game day before (we’re hard core Alabama fans).  It was fun. We ate lunch at Niffer’s, walked all over campus around the stadium and to Toomer’s corner and back for some tailgating with Emily’s beau Johnny and his family.  The weather was amazing. It was a great day, even if we were on Tiger land 😉

Oct25 (1) Oct25 (2)Oct25-Auburn (3) Oct25-Auburn (4)

11 week baby stats- This week our baby reached 1.5 inches in length.  Hands started to open and close and form tiny fists.  It is busy kicking and stretching, although I certainly don’t feel it yet.  It may even be starting to hiccup since the diaphragm is forming.

the Pumpkin- 10 weeks- Surprising the Boggs

October 19, 2014

This week has been another week of ups and downs.  I’ve definitely started getting sick more this week.  Some days it just comes and goes in waves, and then some days it sticks around all. day. long. 🙁  Wednesday was awful.  I couldn’t get off the couch, and most everything I ate came right back up.  But then other days I feel just fine.  No crazy cravings yet, and meat isn’t quite so bad at this point. I’ve eaten chicken twice this week, so that’s progress!

I had a lot of fun starting a baby registry one day this week!  Baby stuff is just OH SO CUTE 🙂   Luckily, I think there is definitely waaaaaaay too much stuff out there on the market that is totally unnecessary.  And I think working with infants as part of my job helps me get an idea of what to expect and what we can do without.  Although, I’ve obviously never brought one home with me, so I may be in for a rude awakening!  I do know I like simple, vintage, classic styles.

The best thing about this week though is we finally were able to tell Greg’s family!!  His parents came into town for the Alabama game, and we had mentioned maybe doing family lunch on Sunday before they headed back to Atlanta.  Well, to our surprise, his mom decided to send out an email to his entire family that lives here in town (cousins, grandparents, aunts/uncles) about doing family lunch!  Obviously, it worked out for us cause we got to share the news with not just his parents and siblings but most of the extended family that lives here in Birmingham.  We debated for weeks on how to share the news with them, and a few days ago Greg came up with the idea of bringing a cake to family lunch with a particular Instagram image printed on top.  So, his mom made an Instagram post several weeks ago, with a picture of a “parking for expecting and new mothers” sign at Publix, and her caption was something to the effect of “I park here, so sue me” and a hashtag about that she thinks those are dumb.  Well, I of course was already pregnant at the time and commented back saying how I love that people actually leave those spaces open a lot of the time!  So, we decided to use that as our inspiration.  Greg did a little photoshopping and came up with this…

Oct19-cake (4)We got to aunt Kim’s house and waited for everyone to show up.  Then it was hard to get everyone in the same room together.  The kids were outside playing with Kim’s puppy, some people were in the den, some in the kitchen.  Then his family wanted to do a big family photo together, so we went outside to do that.  Finally, everyone was corralled into the kitchen for a blessing and to start serving food.  Greg had already snuck the cake into the dining room, and he quickly grabbed me to go ahead and pull it out and take it into the kitchen before they began the prayer.  And of course, we got a video 😉

Oct19-Boggs (2)So fun!!  They were all so surprised!  Although Callen and Houston had pretty much figured it out the night before.  Greg has almost spilled the beans to Houston several times over the past few weeks, and they put two and two together when they hung out with Greg last night after the Bama game.  Apparently Greg’s poker face is not so great when it comes to hiding pregnancy secrets 😉


And to wrap up an already great day, Katie and Chuck drove into town from the beach and came to meet us at a field to take some really sweet pregnancy announcement photos 🙂  It’s been a great day and now finally all of our friends and family know our big secret!  I’m so glad I don’t have to hide it anymore!!!

Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (23).CR2

Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (35) Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (42) Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (53) Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (69)Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (64).CR2 Oct19-PregnancyAnnounce2 (81)10 week baby stats-  Our little one is the size of a prune, measuring just over an inch in length.  Tiny nails are starting to grow on it’s fingers and toes, which are no longer webbed.  Arms and legs can now bend and it will start to kick and squirm as reflexes are developing.  All the main organs are in place and starting to function, including the liver which will now start supplying red blood cells instead of the yolk sac.


the Pumpkin- 9 weeks- Graves Girls Get Surprised

Saturday, October 11, 2014

This week had it’s ups and downs.  Two days this week I felt the sickest I’ve felt since finding out I was pregnant.  I had a close call almost throwing up one morning here at home, and felt miserable most of that day, and napped for about 2-3 hrs that afternoon.  Then one morning at clinicals, I actually did throw up once.  I looked for some nausea medicine at CVS one day based off the over-the-counter list our doctor gave us, but it was only in liquid form.  And that sounds really gross to me. I feel like if I’m nauseous, I’m really not gonna want to drink a liquid medication. So I held off.  If it gets worse I may rethink that decision.

Now for the good stuff 🙂  Wednesday was mine and Greg’s 3-year anniversary.  October 8.  We celebrated on Tuesday since I had clinicals on Wednesday.  We decided to go to Brio Tuscan Grill for dinner and Edgewood Creamery for ice-cream.  We sat outside and walked around Edgewood shops for a bit.  I love the small town feel of these little parts of Homewood.  We talked about some baby stuff for a minute.  I asked Greg what he thought the baby might be- boy or girl.  He said he thought girl.  I’m not picky, but I would kinda like a girl first.  I don’t know what to do with little boys, haha 🙂   About 2 more months and we’ll find out!

Our gifts this year were kinda funny.  We commented the other day how this whole baby thing has totally been the primary thing on our mind, and suddenly our anniversary was like an afterthought.  Neither one of us actually had our gifts in hand to give one another so we both just exchanged pictures of our gifts to each other at dinner.  I decided to give Greg a rifle for hunting season this year.  (I knew I couldn’t pick that out on my own, so we will have to go shopping together one day for that 😉 ).  He’s excited!  And his gift to me was a trip to Nashville to see the Rockettes this Christmas.  I am VERY excited about that!!  I love Christmas celebrations!

The other best part about this week was we finally told my family the big news!  My youngest sister Emily came into town from Auburn Thursday night, and Friday we all had plans to go to the farmer’s market and get some pumpkins for the fall.  Well, I had put together some little gifts to give them when they came by the house to pick me up.  I ordered some “awesome aunt”  t-shirts for Katie and Emily, and had a picture frame with an ultrasound picture for my mom (and actually, I had to make back-up shirts cause their “awesome” shirts didn’t get delivered until that afternoon).  I had my phone setup to record a video when they walked in the door, but to my surprise, as soon as they walked in my mom wanted to show Emily our laundry room that Greg built.  So they take off to the laundry room. Then Katie starts wandering through the kitchen to the back den (and I had our ultrasound pictures hanging on the fridge, which she totally caught a glance at them as she walked by!).  So I was caught off guard trying to wrangle her back into the living room, while also trying to block my phone to keep anyone from seeing it propped up video recording. But Emily saw it and totally called me out on it. (Listen closely to the first few seconds of the video and you’ll hear her). I very suspiciously played dumb and just maintained eye contact with her, and finally just called everyone back over to the coffee table so I could give them their gifts. I cannot believe Katie didn’t put it all together real quick before opening their gifts. And somehow my mom still was clueless about my setup, cause she keeps saying “I wish we had a video camera!”  Anyways…check out the video and you can watch the chaos ensue and the best reaction I could have imagined from my mom and sisters  🙂 Greg has seriously watched the video at least 15 times in the last 24 hours.  It’s hilarious.

Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (3) Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (5) Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (11)Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (12)

We went to Saw’s BBQ for lunch then headed off to the farmer’s market for our annual pumpkin fun.  It was a great day!  I’m so glad they finally know.  Now we just have one more week till we can tell Greg’s family, then it can finally be public knowledge 🙂  I’m ready for another week to go by fast!

Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (10) Oct 10-PregnancyAnnounce1 (9)

Baby stats- Baby is now the size of a green olive, almost 1 inch long.  All the essential body parts are accounted for, and they will now grow and continue to develop.  Heart valves are starting to form, and the eyes are fully formed, but the lids are fused shut.  Since all the anatomy is in place, it is now ready for rapid growth!  oh boy!  (or girl… 😉 )

First Appointment

Friday, October 3, 2014

Today was the big day!  We got to actually see with our own eyes our itty bitty baby!!!  We arrived for our appointment and the first thing we did was go to the ultrasound room.  I laid down on the table, got my belly lubed up and voila….there it was!  At first we weren’t sure if what we were seeing was actually it.  The nurse moved her probe all around and measured my ovaries, then identified the placenta, and then she went back to what we had seen at first.  It wasn’t till we saw the flickering of the heart beat that we knew that was it.  That tiny little blob was our baby 🙂   I have to admit, it was much more of a blob than I was anticipating. I thought surely by now we’d at least see some tiny little arm or leg nubs.  But no, pretty much just a blob.  But it was amazing.  Greg’s mouth was gaping open with shock the entire 5 mins of the ultrasound.  Heart beat was 160-170s, and it measured 2 cm!  We were told I am 8 weeks and 4 days, and our due date is May 11.  We were spot on with our dates 🙂Oct3-8wk

After the ultrasound, we went to the exam room where I got all my vitals taken and peed in a cup.  HR 176, BP 127/80, T 99.6, and weight was 117 lbs.  We don’t own a scale at home, so we’ll just call this my starting pregnancy weight since I don’t know a true “pre-pregnancy” weight.  Next Dr. Hoover came in to talk with us, and we LOVED her!  When I made my appointment a month ago they just assigned me a doctor since I didn’t know or have experience with anyone in particular.  I feel very blessed to have been assigned to her.  She was great!  Short pixie hair cut, retro glasses, very easy to talk to and seemed laid back but confident and professional.  We were both very happy once we sat down and talked with her.

We discussed the optional screening tests we could have performed, what to expect with appointments over the next few months, and all the typical dos and don’ts of pregnancy. Then I had to get a lot of blood drawn.  Thankfully, that kind of thing does not bother me.  Greg on the other hand has some desensitizing to work on over the next 7 months 😉  Someone might have to pick him up off the floor during delivery.

So that was it.  It was a fun appointment.  I can’t believe it’s actually for real.  There really is a little human inside of me. Aaaahhh!  Now I cannot wait to tell my family ASAP.  One more week!!!!!  They are gonna be COMPLETELY shocked.  Since we weren’t “trying,” no one in either family is going to see it coming.  It’s gonna be awesome 😉

the Pumpkin- 8 weeks

Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

Finally, we have reached 8 weeks which means we get to actually see our little pumpkin this week!!  I think I will actually be one day shy of 9 weeks when we go to our appointment on Friday, so I’m going to write my 8-week post today but my picture will come later this week when we have a good ultrasound picture to show off 🙂

The only thing new this week is, I didn’t do a good job keeping my secret at work this week.  There are 4 other pregnant girls at work right now, two of which are just a 1-3 weeks ahead of me, so there is constant pregnancy talk among us when we are on breaks or eating lunch together.  I’ve successfully been able to keep quiet during at least 10 of these conversations over the past few weeks, but this week I got called out on by our charge nurse and my giddy self did not do a good job denying it.  So there’s a handful of ladies at work that know my secret, but I think I did a good job conveying that it is still a secret at this point (since not even our parents know right now).  I sure hope our families forgive us for waiting so long once they find out!!  It’s hard when important family members don’t live in town.  We’ve done our best to coordinate getting them into town so we can spill the beans, and good grief, we are ready now!!

For my symptoms this week, I’ve discovered that chicken and me and not friends right now.  I can handle beef and fish, so it’s not all meats, but chicken does not sit right with me.  I still haven’t thrown up, but after about 3 bites I get pretty nauseous with poultry.  So that’s probably off the dinner menu for a while. No crazy cravings right. I will crave certain meals, like Moe’s.  Every night when I leave work I have to walk by Moe’s Southwestern Grill to get to my parking deck, and I usually want to stop in.  But as far as weird out-of-the-ordinary cravings, I haven’t gotten any yet.  The mornings are still rough with fatigue and that weird feeling I described last week. Again, no nausea or sickness, just overall yuckiness.  And actually, the middle part of the day I feel pretty good.  The mornings and evenings are pretty crummy.  Today on my off day I stayed in bed embarrassingly late, so that kinda sucked (but was also wonderful at the same time). I don’t feel very productive on my off days. :/  I have my next exam on Thursday of this week, so today is my crunch day. I can’t wait to get that out of the way so the rest of the weekend can be spent daydreaming about baby 🙂

8 week baby stats- This week we have a little raspberry growing inside, measuring about 0.7 inches.  Webbed fingers and toes are forming on its hands and feet, and the “tail” of the neural tube is almost gone.  Brain waves are becoming active as nerve cells are forming neural pathways. Veins are visible through its fragile clear skin, and the ears are taking shape.

the Pumpkin- 7 weeks

Sunday, September 21, 2014

We creep into 7 weeks, and so far I’m happy to say I’m still feeling pretty good!  I don’t feel 100%, but I’m not nauseous or getting sick.  I don’t really know how to describe it, to be honest.  It’s not a queasy feeling, it’s more like the feeling I would get being on night shift when I was so tired all the time.  Or the feeling I get when I wait too long to eat, and although I know I need food, the thought of eating suddenly does not sound so great.  So yeah, that’s not fun right now.  But hey, it’s better than puking, right?! 😉

The fatigue is still wreaking havoc on my studying abilities, which is not cool.  What I used to knock out in an afternoon, now takes ALL DAY LONG because I either have to nap, or take a break to walk around, get some food…whatever it takes to make my eyelids STAY OPEN.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I cut out caffeine cold turkey (although I honestly didn’t drink caffeinated drinks every day anyways).  But recently I read that up to 200 mg is safe, so I think on my study days I’m going to have to start making an exception.

We’ve started discussing when and how we are going to tell our families.  The hard part is my youngest sister Emily is a senior at Auburn, so she isn’t in town a lot.  But I’ve managed to get both my sisters and mom on board for going to the farmer’s market together Oct 10th to get pumpkins, so sometime that day we will find a way to tell them!  Greg’s family is a little trickier.  His parents have a wedding in Tennessee the first weekend in October (which is when we wanted to tell them), and then his mom has an art show planned the next weekend.  They usually come to Birmingham fairly often, but we don’t know when they plan to come again.  And we’re not sure how to un-suspiciously ask them. So we will see what we come up with over the next few weeks.

As far as other planning things go, we decided we needed to get moving on the house updates that have been on our list.  Greg has someone coming out this week to give us an estimate on renovating our other bathroom.  Other things on the list include: finishing the butler’s pantry, rebuilding the porch roof (the tin roof is rusting and leaks water every time it rains), lots of repainting throughout the house, some landscaping in the back (specifically fixing or getting rid of the ever-problematic pond), and lots of cleaning out (aka: we need a garage sale soon!).

That about wraps up any current news.  Our 7 week baby stats are this:  Baby is now the size of a blueberry at 0.5 inches. Paddle-like hands and feet are starting to develop.  It is still very tadpole-like, as the neural tube still extends like a tail, but that will start to shrink.  Both hemispheres of its brain are starting to develop, and by the end of this week the heart will have formed its four chambers.  Aaaand, at the end of next week, we get to hear that little beating heart!! 🙂

One thing I have noticed, which I don’t know whether I should be concerned or excited, is I feel like I’m showing so early!  I mean, 7 weeks, and there’s clearly a bump there.  I’m not eating more than normal (I’m actually eating less cause nothing sounds appetizing most of the time), so I don’t think it’s fat packing in there.  I did get to weigh myself when I was at Greg’s gym watching him workout the other day.  We don’t own a scale, so it’s been probably a year since I last weighed myself, but it said I weighed 120 lbs, which has pretty much been my norm ever since college. But I just feel like at 7 weeks there should not be a bump already.  But at the same time, I’m kinda excited about it.  I may regret that later if it continues to grow at this same rate for the next 33 weeks!! Yikes! Sept 25- 7 weeks (2)

the Pumpkin- 6 weeks

Monday, September 15, 2014

Once I told Greg the good news, and he had a day to absorb the reality of everything, he went into super planning mode.  I loved it!  He immediately was tackling the budget, looking into selling/buying a new house, downloading pregnancy tracking apps, talking about baby names, and being so supportive in so many other ways.  I mean, really, he’s been amazing so far!  So we played around with some pregnancy apps and we think I’m at 6 weeks right now based on my LMP and when we think we actually conceived.  So far the only symptoms I’ve had are fatigue, the “girls” are a bit sore, and needing to pee all the time.  The fatigue is the most annoying, especially when I’m in a library for hours trying to study and read the insane amounts of reading I have to do this semester for my class.  I typically can pull 4-5 hours stretches of studying in the library, but last week I could barely make it past 2 hours without literally starting to fall asleep into my textbook.  So I’m worried about my study endurance over the next few months.  Thankfully I haven’t had any sort of nausea yet, but I’ve heard it hits around 6-8 weeks, so I’m nervous about that.

The crazy thing is the week I found out about our positive test, a coworker of mine had just announced her pregnancy (she was about 8 weeks at the time, I think), and then just a few days ago another coworker was telling us she is 7 weeks pregnant!  She was sooooo nauseous at work (another reason I’m getting nervous as we make our way through 6 weeks).  So yeah, that makes 3 on my unit who are just a few weeks apart.  If we can help it though, we are going to hold out until about 9 or 10 weeks before we even tell our parents.  Let’s hope I can hide any sickness until then 😉

Our first appointment is scheduled for Friday October 3rd (2 1/2 weeks away!).  We are so excited!  I can’t wait to actually lay eyes on our little miracle.  While it seems real, it also still feels a little hypothetical.  I know things will really sink in once we see it!  Until then, I have to make sure I don’t get too carried away daydreaming about baby when I need to be studying.  School is still a main priority right now.  We decided I would stick it out this semester, and possibly take off starting next semester.  While I would love to get as much school done before having a baby, by my math we are anticipating a due date around May 11.  My spring semester finals would be the last week of April.  And while I did just drop to part-time (ironically, the week before finding out I was pregnant), with clinicals I’m still at the hospital 3-4 days a week, and doing that at 6, 7, 9 months pregnant just sounds way too stressful.  Especially if we are going to be moving into a bigger house around that time (which is our hopeful plan right now).  So right now my goal is to finish this semester, take a year off, then I will finish spring and summer term in 2016.  I know God will work it all out, and I try not to stress about it.  Yes, taking time off will be hard (actually, that part will be easy. It’s the getting back into it that will be hard).  But we have a little blessing coming our way, and I’m not going to stress myself into a premature delivery because I’m trying to manage 180 hrs of clinicals on top of working.  Sure, it’s do-able, but what’s another year?  I work with premies for a living, I don’t want to experience it from the other side of the story.

So for now, we are excited for what lies ahead, we are dying to start telling people (but are keeping our mouth shut), and it’s fun talking about our little secret each night as we look at pictures of the baby’s progress (from pregnancy apps) and play around with baby names for the fun of it.

And speaking of pictures, I decided to start my weekly pictures this week.  I feel like I’m showing, but I know no one else would notice.  I just feel “pudgy” right now.

Our 6 week stats:  Baby is the size of a small pea and weighs less than 0.04 oz.  It’s nose, mouth and ears are starting to take shape.  It’s heart is dividing into chambers and is slowly beginning to beat!  The lung buds are starting to form as well as arm and leg buds.


Surprising Daddy

Monday, September 8, 2014

While I was home alone for 3 WHOLE DAYS with the knowledge that I was indeed pregnant, I came up with a fun little way to surprise Greg with the news.  He was in Tennessee with some guys working on the Clifford family cabin, and wouldn’t be home till Sunday afternoon.  So in the meantime, I did a little internet search, and was surprisingly underwhelmed with the way people were telling their husbands. But I did find one idea that I thought would be fun.  “Big brother” and “big sister” bandanas….for our dogs 🙂   I knew as soon as he walked in the door they would all three run to greet him, so what better way than to use them as the grand gesture?!  So I dug through my stash of fabrics and picked out a blue, pink, and neutral pattern.  I used a sharpie to decorate them- “big brother” for Jack and “big sister” for Sophie and Lily.  I may have had a little fashion show with them Saturday… 😉

Sept6 (1) Sept6 (3) Sept6 (10) Sept6 (17) Sept6 (19) Sept6 (28) Sept6 (40)Sept6 (31)Sunday morning I went to church, sat next to my sister and brother-in-law (man, it was so hard to keep quiet!).  Sunday afternoon I did some studying/napping waiting on Greg to get home. I was SO antsy!  I couldn’t wait! I kept texting him trying to see when he’d be home.  Finally, when I knew he was getting close, I excitedly watched for his car to drive down the road.  The dogs had their bandanas on and I had my phone set to record a video.  And here’s what happened….

Big BIG News!


And so it began…

(I’ve been writing secret blogs for the past few many weeks!  Stay tuned, cause there’s lots of catching up to do 😉 )

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I have the biggest secret I’ve ever kept balled up inside of me right now.  I could explode!  And here it is…. I. Am. Pregnant!!  It is taking so much restraint to keep quiet about it, but I have to because Greg has been out of town the past few days.  So for over 48 hours now, I have been keeping this huge secret from the entire world.  It’s a weird feeling, I have to admit.  I mean, I literally am the only person on this planet right now that knows that our lives are about to totally change.  Greg comes home tomorrow and I’m jumping up and down on the inside ready for him to walk through our front door!  But before I start talking about how I’m telling the unsuspecting daddy-to-be, I want to go back and reminisce through the details leading up to this exciting moment. (Don’t worry, I’m not writing about those details 😉 ).  But this journal is for me, and I want to remember all the little moments that begin this journey.

So, way back in January, I stopped taking the pill.  We had our reasons, but it wasn’t because we wanted to start “trying.”  We were still preventing in our own way.  I’ve been in grad school for a year now, and I have one year left (I finish August 2015).  So having a baby has not been on our top priority list (not on mine at least).  I’ve pondered thoughts of when might be ideal to start having babies….while I’m still at UAB?, right after I graduate?, after we possibly move to a new city and a new home and a new job for me?  I always stop myself because I quickly imagine that God just laughs at me and my “planning.”  Who am I to try to map out all the details of my life?  Do I not know God already has it all planned out, and God’s will will be done regardless of my chronic OCD desire to time it all just right.  I mean, who am I to even know what is just right?  So anyways, for several months now we’ve just been doin’ our thing, being rather careful but not totally freaking out if something were to happen.  I mean, we’d kinda freak out, for like 3 seconds, and then we’d just shrug it off.  I actually even told Greg a few weeks ago that I’d never be able to surprise him even if I did get pregnant, because my cycles have been like clockwork even since coming off the pill.  It has been almost spot-on to the day every month for the past 6 months so he’d obviously know almost as soon as I would when I missed a period.

Well…..September 2nd rolled around and no visit from Mother Nature.  I shrugged it off initially and thought well, sometimes it is a day later.  September 3rd came and went.  In the back of my mind I was starting to grow suspicious, but I didn’t say anything to Greg yet.  I figured I’d give it one more day.  Well, then Greg’s plans for going out of town on Friday got bumped to leaving town on Thursday.  And by Thursday at work, when I was still showing no signs of Mother Nature paying me a visit, I was convinced this time might be the real deal.  I thought about it all. day. looooong.  It felt like the longest day in history.  My first thought was to get some pregnancy tests and just wait and take it on Sunday once Greg was back in town.  But by the end of the day, I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I just had to know.  So on my way home from work I stopped and got a 2-pack of tests.  I got home, fed the dogs, ate dinner, didn’t rush taking the tests because part of me still thought, “I can wait.”  Then I caved.  While getting ready for bed, I took the test.  It says it takes 60 seconds to result, and even the faintest double pink line should be considered a positive.  Holy crap, I watched those pink lines appear before my eyes in a flash!  And boy was it positive!!  There was no question.  PREGNANT!

sept4 (2)My stomach hit the floor, and my heart started racing and I just started grinning from ear to ear.  Pregnant.  I even said the word out loud to myself in disbelief.  Lily (one of our dogs) was sitting right outside the bathroom door staring at me and I started jumping up and down squealing to her, “oh my gosh, I’m pregnant! We’re gonna have a baby!  Oh my gosh, I’m gonna have a baby!”  I was glad the dogs were at least all there to get excited with me  😉

So after that, it took me quite a while to calm my nerves and go to sleep. I still had work the next day.  And an ENTIRE WEEKEND ahead of me before I could share my news with Greg.  All day at work on Friday I thought about ways to tell him, ways to tell our families, what to do about bring a baby into this house (because I’ve been saying for years, it’s way too small for when we start having kids…)  Haha, see…God is laughing again.  I even went ahead and called the OBGYN office here at UAB to make my first appointment.

So for 2 days now I’ve carried on conversations with everyone, just screaming inside wanting to blurt it out!  I’ve also had to play it cool talking to Greg the past 2 days 😉  I can’t wait to see his face when he finds out!  He will be shocked, but SO excited, I know.  He’s told me before he can’t wait to be a dad.  Let’s just hope we can contain our excitement a little bit longer!

Beast of Birmingham

Greg has been working his tail off getting into shape this past year, and part of that has been the result of finding a gym routine that he really enjoys and wants to participate in throughout the week.  He ran the New Orleans half marathon 2 years ago, but he really hates running.  So when his office-mate invited him to check out his weight-lifting gym, Greg decided to give it a shot.  He ended up really enjoying it, and in January he joined Agoge Fitness which is downtown just a few blocks from his office.  In addition to finding an exercise regimen that he enjoys, he also participated in the Advocare 24-day Challenge.  And since his gym focuses on weight-lifting, and they have competitions every few months, he also started taking supplements specifically geared for muscle strength and fitness recovery.  And with Greg’s permission, I’ll give you some stats.  Before he started his gym routine and Advocare in January, he weighed 255lbs. And now, he is down to 219 lbs. and has replaced a lot of weight with muscle!  The pictures below on the  far left are from January 2014. The pics on the right were taken tonight. front


He is actually starting another 24 day challenge tomorrow! If you want to join him, you can order your challenge here: Advocare 24 Day Challenge (Greg can also explain it a bit more if you want more information).

Anyways, so every few months his gym has a strong-man competition where they all compete against each other in various events according to their weight-class. This past Saturday, Agoge Fitness joined forces with another Birmingham gym, and there were about 25 competitors in all.  It was called the Beast of Birmingham competition.  The first event was a tire flip.  Each competitor had 30 seconds to flip a 500 lb. tire as many times as they could for points.

IMG_0155 IMG_0156 IMG_0161 IMG_0162

Next, they had to carry 2 giant logs 20 meters and dump them into the back of a pickup truck, then push the truck another 20 meters.  And the fastest time got points.IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0174 IMG_0177

Next was a tire throw.  Each competitor had 3 chances to throw a tire as far as possible.IMG_0181IMG_0184  IMG_0185 IMG_0183Next was a press medley.  The had to lift and press an 85 lb. keg, then press a 70 lb. weight bar, and then do one-handed 55 lb. dumbbell presses as many times as possible.  They received points for every dumbbell press they did.

IMG_0191 IMG_0193 IMG_0197 IMG_0199 IMG_0201 IMG_0202 IMG_0189

Then lastly, they did a sled pull.  The had to run to a “sled,” load it up with weights, pull it towards them from a sitting position, then again from a standing position (approximately 20 meters).

IMG_0203 IMG_0205 IMG_0207 IMG_0208 IMG_0211 IMG_0213 IMG_0216

And of course at the end of the morning, they added up everyone’s total for a fun little medal ceremony.  Greg won for his weight-class!  (This was actually his 2nd win! He won for his weight class in this summer’s competition as well!)IMG_0220 IMG_0225 IMG_0229 IMG_0219 IMG_0221 IMG_0234

I am so proud of him.  I’ve wanted him to get into shape for years, and I’m so glad he’s found something he really enjoys and it keeps him healthy at the same time. 🙂