R+F – Week 1 & 2

R&FThe other day I wrote about my struggles with acne (which you can read about here: R+F). After talking with a co-worker, I bit the bullet and bought the Unblemish package from Rodan and Fields, and I started using it about 2 weeks ago. Now, I am a huge skeptic. I have bought things before based on good reviews and been disappointed in results. I’ve tried nearly everything on the market for skin care and still struggled with blemishes.  But I can honestly say I am loving these products!  My skin is far less oily by the end of the day, my blemishes are clearing up, and my skin just feels smoother!

So here’s what you get in the package:

R+FIt comes with a face wash, toner, acne treatment cream, and oil-controlling lotion with SPF.  I was honestly hesitant about using the step 4 lotion because I hate the feeling of heavy lotions on my face.  Like, it really makes me cringe.  But this one is light-weight and it works wonders for controlling oil.  On days that I work (12-hr nursing shifts), my face would feel so oily by the end of the day.  But this little gem has my face feeling soft and smooth all day long!

So here’s my progress so far, post shower, with NO MAKE-UP! 🙂


R&F-1week (3) R&F-1week (6)

Week 2:

R&F-2 weeks (7)R&F-2 weeks (3)R&F-2 weeks (8)R&F-2 weeks (1)

My skin is smooth, what little blemishes I still have are tiny compared to what I usually get, and they continue to clear up a little more each day.  I’m excited to see what another 2 weeks will do!

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