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Everyone has insecurities about themselves.  They can be emotional, spiritual, physical…each one is unique to each individual.  Some people hide their insecurities from the world.  It helps them cope.  But it doesn’t mean they go away.

For me, one of my biggest insecurities in life has been my struggle with acne.  I have dealt with acne ever since my middle school years.  My dad grew up with bad acne, and lucky me…I got those genes.  During middle school and high school, I saw several dermatologists who prescribed various creams and face washes- benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, sodium sulfacetamide, etc.  When I was old enough to start seeing a gynecologist, I was started on oral contraceptives that also aided in acne treatment.  And for a while I thought that was the trick.  I was out of my teenage years, my skin was getting better and I thought, “finally, I’ve grown out of this!”  But even that failed with time.  Now I’m in my upper 20s, and I’ve just about worked my way through every product available in the drug store skin care aisle…  (this is just what I currently have, not everything I’ve tried).R&F-before (50)

I wash my face twice a day, never sleep with make-up on, use over-the-counter blemish creams at night, and even with all that I still have ance.  It flares up and has periods of “not-so-bad” to “holy-crap-am-I-13-again?!”  I have pretty much settled on the fact that this is just how it’s gonna be, and I just have to get used to it.  Granted I’ve learned to cover it up fairly well with make-up, but I never feel comfortable without make-up outside the walls of my home.  And who wants to wear make-up every day? To the pool?  The gym?  On vacation?  Ugh, not this girl.  Then I got talking to a co-worker at lunch one day and she was telling me about the products she uses and that they have been the “only thing that has worked for her.”  And she’s done Accutane in the past.  So I figured it was certainly worth a shot!  While I haven’t tried Proactive or Accutane, those options are out for me.  Accutane has such terrible side effects, and Proactive just seems like such a gimmick (but that’s just personal opinion).

The products I’m talking about are Rodan and Fields.  The company has been around for years now, but I’m just now starting to see other people I know use the products.  Maybe it’s just finally gaining popularity, or maybe our age of social media is just putting it out there more, I don’t know.  But I’m jumping on the band wagon and trying it out!  And I’m going to share my progress with you!  I want to post some before and after shots so you can see how they work on an actual person you know.  (I hate reading reviews and shocking results from people I don’t know.  I’m super skeptical.)  And before you freak out about the price (because yes, that almost turned me off from trying it), I’ve been told the package will last you 2-3 months once you get your acne under control.  So while $175 (about every 2 months) might seem CRAZY, I was easily spending around $60/month on various products (face wash, creams, make-up concealers, primers,etc) that didn’t even work!  So a little extra cash for something that actually might work is totally worth it to me.  And as I go through this process I’ll report back on how far these products actually stretch 😉

So, while part of me can’t believe I’m actually showing you these pictures (talk about facing your insecurities!), the other part of me is excited to share my progress!  These are some pictures I took about 2 weeks ago before I started the products.  This is me fresh out of the shower.  All I did was wash my face with the Neutrogena face wash I’ve been using lately.  This is pre-makeup (just some mascara I dabbed on before realizing I wanted to take some pics!)

R&F-before (9) R&F-before (11) R&F-before (2) R&F-before (12)

And really, as far as my make-up routine goes, these are my everyday basics.  I have more than this (various shades of eye shadow and foundations, etc).  But as far as what I do every day, this pretty much covers it.

R&F-before (15)

I’m pretty simplistic when it comes to make-up.  And while this usually covers most of the blemishes I have, it doesn’t work 100% of the time.  These next photos are after I’ve done my make-up routine for the day.  You can still see a blemish or two.

R&F-before (24) R&F-before (25) R&F-before (34)So I’m really excited to try these new products!  (and hint hint: I actually already started, and I’m loving them so far!!)  Check back to see my progress 🙂


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  1. oh my gosh! Ames!!! I’ve been using R & F. You need to start selling it. You could be a great spokesperson. I have a great friend that I’m going to send you to. I’ve tried to get C and J to do it. My friend has wanted me to do it and I just don’t have the time. Great job girl and wonderful that you put yourself out there. Love it!!!

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