Springtime Happenings

Y’all, I am done with another semester!!!!!!  *Cue hallelujah chorus*  As you know, as much as I hate not keeping my blog updated, I just don’t have the time or brain space to regularly post while school is in session. Forgive me for that.  If you used to be a regular visitor to my site, I hope you will continue to check-in occasionally. Because I will update it eventually.  I have no intentions of letting it completely fall off the radar.  So, with that, let’s do a little springtime catchup.

Shortly after my last post, we celebrated a gorgeous weekend together for Callen and Houston’s wedding.  Callen is Greg’s younger sister, and Houston actually was a fraternity brother of Greg’s at Samford.  The two of them got hitched at Gorham’s Bluff in Pisgah, AL on March 8th.  We got really lucky with the weather, cause it was still during that time when we were constantly going back and forth between gorgeous warm spring weather and rainy cold weather.  In typical Alabama fashion, for several weeks it was not uncommon for it to be in the 30s one day then in the upper 50s/60s a few days later.  So considering they had an outdoor ceremony and the location thrives on the beautiful views from the bluff overlooking the TN river, it was truly a blessing that God gave us such beautiful weather for the weekend. And since the location was about 2 hours north of Birmingham, it was a nice little getaway too!  All the bride’s wedding attendants (and our husbands for those of us who are married), stayed in the main lodge.  The rest of the property is full of precious little 2-story cottages that were rented out by family and out of town friends.  The rehearsal dinner was in the lodge, followed by a casual bonfire later that night that close friends and family could attend.  Then Saturday morning we had the bridesmaids’ luncheon in the lodge, followed by an afternoon of primping and getting ready for pictures and the ceremony.  And speaking of dinners and luncheons…all the food for the weekend was phenomenal!  I cannot speak more highly of the cooking staff at Gorham’s Bluff…they know how to cook a good meal.  Anyways, the ceremony took place on the bluff at sunset, and the views were breathtaking.  These were our views from the lodge Friday evening and Saturday morning…photo(16) photo(17)It truly could not have been a better location. It felt so casual yet elegant at the same time.  The reception was just walking distance down the road in a banquet hall.  All the Boggs and Holmes immediate family were able to sit and have dinner together in a loft of the banquet hall. Then we all joined the rest of the guests for a night of dancing and mingling.

Here are a few shots from the wedding day.  Actually, who am I kidding, I’m about to bombard you with wedding pics!  Their photographer, Ann Wade Shreve (Parrish) did an AMAZING job capturing it all. It’s practically impossible to just show you “a few” 😉11 12 13 1 2 15 16 14 22 17 19 18 5 4 3 6 9 7 20 8 10 21photo(14) photo(15)Beautiful wedding!  We are so happy for Callen and Houston.  Two peas in a pod, those two.

In other news, I think spring has finally come to stay here in Alabama. We’ve had some lovely sunny days a lot lately.  We spent a Saturday several weeks ago getting our yard in order (we’re bad to just completely neglect it all winter long).  I didn’t even tidy up the garden last fall.  Oops.  I just left all the wire vegetable cones and stakes up all winter long with dead tomato plants and cucumber vines all over the place.  So although I haven’t started planting anything yet for this summer, I’ve at least cleared last years mess out.  And honestly, I won’t plant nearly as much this year as I have in the past simply because of school this summer. I just know I won’t have time for a lot of garden tending.  I may just stick to tomatoes and peppers.  That’s what we use most of.  I usually end up just giving away most the cucumbers, and we haven’t even eaten all the pickles or salsa I canned from last summer.  Either way though, I’m really excited for warm weather and time spent outside. I’ve made the most of it so far by spending my study hours outside when it’s been nice 🙂photo(4) Greg has been tackling more projects around the house.  He completed the laundry room last fall, and it’s is so much nicer than doing laundry in the kitchen.  The space off the kitchen where the washer and dryer were removed are currently still a work in progress.  The plan is to turn that space into a butler’s pantry, since it’s right off the kitchen, and our kitchen could use some more cabinet and counter space.  For several months it just sat as a big empty space, but a few weeks ago we bought an unfinished bottom cabinet to fit the space.  So progress is being made!  His most recent project though was to add some storage space to the shed.  Shortly after we got married we bought a big shed for the backyard.  It’s been great, but we needed a better space for storing things like the lawn mower, garden tools and other outdoor equipment.  So Greg built an extension off the side, and I have to say, it turned out SO much better than I pictured when he first told me about his plan.  It looks like it was part of the shed all along.  And it was a fun project for him and his friends to conquer together.  Those boys love a good project.photo(11) photo(9)

We celebrated a wonderful Easter Sunday last weekend. It was another warm sunny day.  We went to church together with my family, then Katie and Chuck went to lunch with his family afterwards.  Mom, Dwayne and Emily joined Greg and me at his family’s lunch.  We all gathered at Eric and Jordan’s house, played with the kids for a while, mingled with his cousins, and ate a delicious meal.  And later that evening we met back up with Katie and Chuck, and Chuck’s brother Kyle and his wife Lisa at a Baron’s game.  It was a fun night!

photo(6) photo(7)Barons

And in 2 days, I will be on vacation from work and school-free for a week.  I can not wait!!  Hopefully going to get the garden going, tackle some small house projects, and spend some much needed fun time with Greg.  I just wish it would last longer than a week, but I’ll take what I can get.