Snowpocalypse…Our Story

Do you feel like we’ve beaten this whole “winter storm” thing to death at this point?  Everyone has a snowpocalyse story.  It was a CA-RAZY few days.  I mean, wow.  I told you how I spent my Tuesday (the snow day 2 weeks ago).  I basically laid low, stayed home, and took lots of pics 😉  But SO many people in Birmingham had an insane/horrible/terrifying day.  When I mentioned that some people were abandoning their cars…make that thousands of people across the south!  And Greg who was in route coming home in my last post, finally made it home after 5 1/2 hours.  He works 6 miles from our house.  And even at that, he was one who had to abandon his car 2 1/2 miles from home in order to get here.  And his phone died before he made it home.  So I was pacing by the front door for over an hour not sure if I was waiting on his car to come driving up the road or him to come walking.  Or worse, get stuck and not get home at all!!  And unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to A LOT of people that night.  So many people were stuck on the interstate, highways, or wherever and slept in their cars.  Many many more slept in shelters at churches, rec centers, businesses, and schools.  I think I read that an estimated 11,000 students/teachers slept in schools in Alabama that night (most of those were elementary/preschoolers who’s parents couldn’t make it to their schools to pick them up).  Others slept in their offices around town.  My aunt slept in a Newk’s restaurant booth!  Like I said, CRAZY-TOWN around here.  Here’s a few pics I found on the internet of the chaos that occurred around town.  This first one has been going around a lot.  It’s a shot of Hwy 280.  Due to all the abandoned cars, Hwy 280, I-65 south and I-20 completely shut down till about Wed evening, maybe even Thursday.

Jan28-snowpocalypse (2) Jan28-snowpocalypse (5) Jan28-snowpocalypse (3) Winter Weather Alabama Jan28-snowpocalypse (4) Jan28-snowpocalypse (6) Jan28-snowpocalypse (7)

Wednesday morning some co-workers of mine started posting on Facebook about their work situation.  Only 1 night shift person showed up to work Tuesday night.  She walked to get there!  So Tuesday’s day shift nurses had to start rotating and work 6 hr shifts at a time, meaning half the group worked about 16 hours straight (while the other half went to sleep), then they switched out for 6 hr shifts at a time.  And they rotated like that until Wednesday afternoon when a few of us other nurses could make it to the hospital to relieve them.  So, Wednesday morning I posted on Facebook asking if anyone had a 4WD vehicle that would be willing to drive me to the hospital so I could help my co-workers out!  Thankfully, a friend of ours who is a resident at UAB was heading there as well, so he picked me up.  About 7 other nurses also showed up that afternoon to help out.  We were able to relieve some of the workload for the Tuesday AM shifters, but they still had to rotate shifts throughout the night Wednesday night.  FINALLY, by Thursday AM shift we had enough new faces to allow the Tuesday crew to head home!  They were sooooo ready at that point.  I ended up having to sleep in a recliner in a conference room Wednesday night.  But I was there to report for my scheduled shift Thursday and Friday, and that was my goal 🙂

Here’s Greg and I walking down our street to meet up with my ride to the hospital!  I had a duffel bag packed full of extra scrubs, blankets, food, toiletries, etc.  Anyone from the Tuesday crew would probably kill me for saying this, but it was kind of an adventure.  But I know I would have been super miserable if I’d been going on minimal sleep like they had been doing!
Jan28-snowpocalypse (9) Jan28-snowpocalypse (8)And would you believe by Saturday, we had the most beautiful warm weather!  The highs were in the upper 50s, and the sun was shining all weekend!  It was such a great sneak peek of spring 🙂  That’s Alabama weather for ya…