Christmas 2013

Once again, I had to work Christmas this year.  Christmas Eve and Christmas day, to be exact.  It wasn’t the most fun way to spend my holidays, but I can’t complain. I still got to spend some time with family, and that’s what matters.  Greg and I decided to do our “Christmas morning” on Monday Dec 23rd.  Then we went to Jordan and Eric’s church candlelight service at Church of the Highlands that evening.  It was lovely.  It’s a much more modern service and church atmosphere than we’re used to, but the preacher gave a great sermon, and I enjoyed the Christmas carols we sung.  There’s just something about singing traditional Christmas hymns that makes me so happy.  Actually, I pretty much love any traditional hymns, Christmas or not.  Our nieces and nephew were there too, being cute and silly as usual.  Evey and Bennett walked in with Greg and I, holding our hands, and at one point sweet Bennett just blurts out, “I love you, Amy” in his sweet little boy voice.  Talk about making your day 🙂  After the service Greg and I went to dinner with his parents at Village Tavern. It was delicious, and we enjoyed spending some extra time with them.

Christmas Eve morning I got up and headed to work. Greg hung around the house most the day, I believe, and then headed to Jordan and Eric’s for the evening family dinner.  All the Boggs plus Aunt Kim and the cousins ate dinner together and played a fun game of dirty Santa.  There were matching PJs involved, as usual.  I joined up with them when I got off work so I could visit with them for a little while and exchange gifts with Callen and Houston (they’d be heading to Dothan for Christmas day).  I especially wanted to give Callen her gift, because I had made her a shadowbox of their wedding venue.  I was pretty excited about it, so I wanted to be able to give it to her in person.  It was a watercolor print of the lodge at Gorham’s Bluff, and I painted a little wooden “H” (for Holmes) and added some twine to go inside. I’m so glad she loved it! 🙂

Christmas morning was the same. I headed to work and Greg headed off to Jordan’s to enjoy Christmas morning with his family.  Christmas day at work wasn’t too bad.  My mom and sister came to visit me, and they made cookies for the nurses and families. It was good to see them on the holiday.  I went back to Jordan’s for Christmas night for dinner and my portion of gift opening.  Yes, I sit and open gifts while all of the Boggs just sit and watch me.  haha.  For two years straight this has been my routine.  It’s still fun though.  It actually makes it a little easier cause I don’t have to pick and choose who’s family to spend Christmas day with.  It automatically gets separated since I’m working.  (You find the blessings in working Christmas day where you can) 😉  The whole Boggs family had their matching PJs again this year.  I hate I had to miss all that fun 😉Christmas (5)

On the 26th we did our Graves family Christmas.  We got up early and headed to my mom’s house.  We opened gifts first thing this time since Chuck had to work from 12-4pm that day for a charity thing his company does.  After gifts we had breakfast, then Chuck headed to work, and Dwayne and Greg decided to go to the lake property for a few hours.  Dwayne has been seeing deer and coyotes down there, and Greg was dying to get a chance to shoot some coyotes 😉  So while they ran off to the woods for a bit, my mom, sisters and I started working on Christmas dinner.  We also watched The Great Gatsby since Emily got it as one of her gifts.  Everyone came back that evening and we enjoyed a yummy dinner together.Christmas (3) Christmas (2) Christmas (1) Christmas (4) We got some great gifts this year from the family!  Greg got some tools for the Big Green Egg, including cookbook, grilling tower, new mit, and a really cool meat thermometer.  He also got a new rolling duffel bag (his old one is great and huge, but it is just that…OLD!  And pretty dirty!).  Both Greg and his dad got me new gardening/recipe books!  Both of them have tips and tricks for better gardening, plus recipes to use with the produce you grow.  I think everyone knows how much I love my garden 😉  I also got some Hunter rain boots which I am just THRILLED about! My old rain-boots have been inadvertently converted into dirty garden boots, so I’m happy to have pretty new ones (that won’t be worn in the garden 😉 )! I got some new recipe cards and box, some darling owl dishcloths, candles, and jewelry (news flash, I am an owl addict).  We gave both our mom’s jewelry this year.  I found a beautiful jeweled necklace for Kendall, and we got my mom some charms for her Pandora bracelet.  And it was really hard to give away the gifts I got for my sisters (that’s when you know it’s a good gift, right? haha).  I bought Emily some super cute boot socks, and Katie got some cool vintage-inspired coasters with various University of Alabama images on them.  We got some great kitchen items from my mom that I’m pretty excited about…a pizza stone, some enamelware bowls (for my canning endeavors!), and some gorgeous vintage pyrex bowls that I LOVE!  I have been pining for some vintage pyrex for several years, and mom found me some great pieces at a flea market one day.  I can’t wait to display them in our (future) glass-front butler’s pantry (that’s next in the home renovations department). And as usual, everyone got an array of gifts cards from each other for restaurants, gas, and shopping (which are always nice to have!!).  Greg is super pumped about a shopping spree he’ll now get to go on at Harbor Freight Tools here in Homewood (bring on more house projects!).  So many wonderful goodies!  OH! And our big gift to each other arrived just the other day!!  Greg and I took the plunge and bought a new sectional on Black Friday, and it’s finally here.  We love it!!  And can you believe it’s the first piece of new furniture either one of us have ever bought before?  We are moving past hand-me-downs and slowly becoming adults. haha

And with that, Christmas 2013 came to an end.  It was another great holiday, filled with lots of family time, laughs and fun family traditions.

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  1. I love this Ames!!! So glad you’re writing again! AND, thank you for the reminder to order your boots 🙂 I returned the others but was waiting until they were returned to order the new ones!!! xxxooo

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