I’m baaack!

Oh friends.  Needless to say, I have quite a lot to catch up on since going MIA about 4 months ago.  I knew grad school would suck up a lot of free time, but whew. So, let’s get straight to playing catch-up.  Again…

I survived my first semester!  And if I’m allowed to toot my own horn, I not only survived but got all A’s.  One semester down, five more to go.  Balancing full-time work and part-time school while trying to maintain some sanity was not always easy.  Poor Greg can testify to that.  I am beyond thrilled for the three weeks off I am enjoying right now until spring semester starts up, on my birthday (unfortunately).  Then it’s back to the grind again.  This semester I’ll be taking pharmacology and research.  I am sooo not thrilled about research.  It’s so time consuming and SO BORING.  And I’m betting pharmacology won’t be a walk in the park.  It involves a LOT of memorizing.  And since I have to take general pharmacology, not just neonatal, I’ll be dealing with anything and everything from infant to adulthood drugs.  Yay :/

Anyways, let’s talk about non-school fun stuff.  Thanksgiving was good this year.  Last year we only celebrated with my family.  The year before that we had 2 Thanksgivings since Greg’s parents were still living at the lake in Georgia.  This year, since both our families were in Birmingham for the holiday, we split the day between both families.  We spent the morning with Greg’s family for a few hours, and then over to Katie’s house for lunch and visiting time with my family.  Katie and Chuck live in my Nana’s house, the house my Grandaddy built and where my mom grew up.  For as long as I can remember until my Nana died 4 years ago, we spent every holiday celebrating in that house.  So when Katie offered to host Thanksgiving this year, we decided it might be fun to celebrate in that house again.  Granted it looks quite different.  Carpet has been ripped up, all the furniture is different, walls and cabinets have been painted.  But it’s still Nana’s house, full of so many great memories.  It was a pretty chill day even though we spent time with both families.  Just visiting, eating, couch laying, dog playing, then back home for the night.

Christmas is just around the corner.  Greg and I are officially done shopping and wrapping for the season.  Our big gift to each other is a new sectional, that we are STILL waiting on unfortunately.  We shopped for it on Black Friday and found a good deal at Ashley furniture.  We were told it would be delivered by Christmas, but we called last week and it’s on backorder.  Boo.  So now we wait till mid-January.  And since I have to work Christmas Eve and Christmas day this year, we are doing our “Christmas morning” tomorrow morning 🙂  Greg is basically off work all week.  He’ll spend Christmas with his family as usual at Jordan and Eric’s house with the kids.  And then we will do Christmas with my family on the 26th, just like last year.  Holidays with nursing careers are not always ideal.  But we make do.  And hey, if you ask me, what’s so bad about spreading Christmas out over a few days?  😉  At least I had all of Thanksgiving, Black Friday AND Iron Bowl Saturday off.  That was nice.

Of course I’m sad about missing most of the celebrations with Greg’s family.  They’re doing a big Christmas Eve dinner and dirty Santa.  But I’m most sad about missing our church’s Christmas Eve candlelight service.  It is my favorite.  We sing Christmas carols, our pastor does a quick Christmas sermon, and we finish by singing “Silent Night” and the whole congregation has candles.  Yes, it’s nothing new. It’s the same every year. But I love it.  And anyways, when my job is to take care of sweet little premies every day, the least I can do is help give them and their parents a good Christmas.  And to be honest, until we have kids of our own to celebrate Christmas mornings with, I don’t mind taking that shift so others can have their Christmas mornings.  I’ll get my turn again one day.

I hope all of you reading (if there’s anyone left out there checking in) have a wonderful Christmas.  It can be a hectic time of the year.  Families can be crazy sometimes.  But savor it all, remember what Christmas is truly about.  A celebration of the birth of a Savior.  So give someone an extra hug.  Tell someone you love them.  Hold a door open for a stranger.  Drop a dollar bill in that bell-ringer’s bucket.  And wish them Merry Christmas.

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