Maccabiah Games- Day 5-6

Thursday, July 18-Friday, July 19, 2013

I think I mentioned already that while we were in Israel, the Maccabiah games were going on.  These are the Jewish Olympics.  Jewish athletes from all around the world come together to compete in the games.  It basically functions just like the world Olympics, with opening and closing ceremonies, but on a smaller scale.  Well, the Baptist Village where we stayed during the week and worked the kids camp, was also the site for the baseball games for the Maccabiah games.  USA, Canada and Israel were the 3 competing teams this year.  The games started on Thursday, but before then the fields had to be prepped.  Luckily we had Matthew and Keith with us on the trip, and Keith is a statewide recognized baseball referee for Alabama, and Matthew has grown up playing baseball his whole life.  So they had the field prepping on lock-down.  Greg helped hang all the tarps which provided shade for the spectators.  And all the guys chipped in doing whatever else Callie told them to do 😉  By Thursday morning, everything was set and ready for the first game!

Canada vs. USA.  We did great 😉  Go team USA!  We got to watch the game for just a bit but then had to hurry back to the kitchen to start working on the next meal preparation.  And actually on Friday, they had an official kickoff for the games where they sang both the national anthems for USA and Israel (since they were playing that morning).July17 (54) July18 (9) July18 (12) July18 (14) July18 (16) July18 (18) July18 (20) July18 (21) July18 (22) July18 (34) July18 (36)July19 (1) July19 (2)July19 (25)July19 (13)July19 (29)

Oh, and check out those little parakeets!  They just live in the wild in Israel, and there were so many that lived in the trees at the Baptist Village.  So cute!