Girlfriends Beach Reunion

Last weekend my girlfriends and I took a beach trip like the good ole’ days.  Our friend Brit grew up in Orange Beach and we’ve been doing girls beach weekends almost every year since college.  The group has changed here and there over the years, but it’s a tradition we’ve tried to keep up and we’ve done pretty well with it considering it’s been 5 years since we all graduated college!  And don’t even get me started on the fact that we have known each other for almost 10 years now!!!  Most of us met freshman year of college and the rest of us have tagged along since sophomore year.  I mean, 10 years???  Crazy.

Aaaaanyways.  We have pretty much cemented our group now amongst the 10 of us, all Samford graduates, all different in our own ways but friends just the same.  Unfortunately, all 10 of us couldn’t make it for this trip.  It’s hard getting 10 people that don’t all live in the same city anymore or have the same jobs to coordinate schedules.  But we do the best we can.

It was a fun weekend.  It rained a good bit, but we still got some time in the sun.  It’s funny how different our beach weekends have gotten as we’ve gotten older.  We realized at the end of the trip we literally only took 2 photos the whole weekend.  We used to take photos of every little thing we did.  Photos on the boat, photos on the pier, photos jumping in the water, photos at dinner….we’ve gotten pretty chill as we’ve grown, I suppose.  We also did not consume anywhere near the amount of alcohol we have put away in the past.  We’re a bunch of old lazy bums now with 11pm bedtimes 😉  hahaha!

One of the girls who couldn’t make it was our dear friend Christina.  She actually was supposed to fly into Birmingham and then drive down with some of us for the weekend, but the day before her flight she got really sick and couldn’t make it.  We were so bummed cause she’d been talking about the trip and how excited she was to see everyone again! (She lives back home in Texas now, so we don’t get to see her often.)  But while we were at the beach we decided to pack her a box of goodies and letters, and we shipped it to her in TX!  Dana even whipped up this ADORABLE little drawing of us all.  I totally love it!  It captures characteristics we all have, and I love that she made me a farmer 🙂  I might just frame it 🙂


Here’s our only two pictures from the weekend, one of which we took to show our love for Teensy!June29-OB (2) June29-OB

And to give you an idea of how far back our friendships go….here’s a little sample of our fun times over the past several years!  Love these ladies so much!!!GregAmy_Wedding_475June1-VagueWedding rehearsal (3)friends13 friends2friends14 friends1friends9friends15 friends5friends3 friends12 friends4friends11friends6 friends10friends8friends17 friends7

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  1. I love this!!! Looks like so much fun!!! and by the way….Dana is quite the artists!!! I’m thinking she may have a future!!! xoxo

    • Well, she’s a graphic designer by profession, so yes…that’s exactly what she does! Not drawing, but she uses her artistic talents in creative design 🙂

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