Laundry Room Fiasco

Remember that laundry room we’ve been working on?  Geez, is that ever gonna end?  Will we ever be done with construction at our house?  haha, welcome to our life these days 🙂  It truly has been quite the experience.  Greg and I didn’t do marriage counseling before we got married, but he has said several times now that surviving months of renovations together has been counseling enough!  If we can survive this, we must be doing something right.

So right as we came to a close on our bathroom construction, we decided to splurge on our laundry room renovations and switch from a tank water heater to a tank-less system.  And honestly, our biggest reason was strictly to save space.  With the water tank in place, we lost a nearly a 3x3ft corner of the already small laundry space.  So by getting rid of it, we opened up the floor space which will allow for more storage room. Mar4-laundryroom (6)

And in our weeks of contemplating this decision we tried to plan it out best we could around our work schedules so that the time between disconnecting and removing the old tank and installing the new one would be minimized (and ideally fall on days I was off from work). We figured 2 days tops.  So on a Tuesday afternoon (while I was already at work that day), they came to disconnect the old tank and put in the tank-less system.  When Greg and I got home Tuesday night we discovered the tank wasn’t working.  We did not have hot water.  I didn’t have to work the following day, so I just skipped my morning shower that day.  On Thursday, they sent the plumber back out to run a new gas line directly to the tank-less system (instead of running the line off the furnace, which also runs by gas). After a few hours of work, and a few troubleshooting attempts, we still didn’t have hot water.  So Thursday, I had to go back to work (just washed my hair in cold water under the tub faucet) and a “specialist” came out to investigate our set-up.  He determined we needed a different vent, which had to be ordered and would take a few days.  So, at this point we started bumming showers from friends. I spent the night Thurs night with a friend so I could get a hot shower Fri morning before work.  We showered at another couple’s house Saturday night while we were invited over for a cookout.  And loooooong story short, our contractor and V&W supply were going head to head trying to get the right parts, blaming each other for this and that, leaving us going ANOTHER FULL WEEK without hot water.  Finally, Greg just ordered the supplies himself, got the specialist to walk him through the installation steps and installed it himself Tuesday exactly 2 weeks from when we’d disconnected the old tank.  I have never appreciated hot water so much in my life!!  I was stressed, tired of showering at others’ houses, angry, and very emotional those last few days.  Greg was very patient with me.

So now that we are back on track with the laundry room, we have made some more progress.  Actually, during the first weekend without hot water is when I spent the whole day Saturday painting bathroom trim, and Greg got started installing the floors and worked on more electrical in the laundry room.  Then two weekends ago, Greg and his buddy Aidan got started installing sheetrock.  The room is coming along.  🙂

Here is the tank-less hot water system. It just mounts to the wall and frees up all that floor space below.May11-laundry (5)May11-laundry (9) May11-laundry (8)May11-laundry (14) May11-laundry (15) May11-laundry (13)May11-laundry (3)May19-laundry (3)May19-laundry (1)May19-laundry (9) May19-laundry (4)

The plans for this weekend are to work on plumping for the washing machine and possibly make some more progress on the floors. 🙂